Blood Signs Off with an Inexplicably Nonsensical Ending, Capping Critical and Ratings Flop Run

Blood mercifully ended today, wrapping up a 20-episode run that was probably 20 episodes too long. This drama can best be described as the narrative crap equivalent of Hyde, Jekyll, Me but without good acting from at least one of the leads. Ji Jin Hee probably feels like he did the best he could for the paycheck, but I want nothing more than for male lead Ahn Jae Hyun to go back to supporting roles for the foreseeable future until he learns how to up his acting game, while Gu Hye Sun confirms for me that she’s about as hit-or-miss depending on role and story as it gets.

After quitting in episode 6, I checked back into Blood to watch the final episode and actually understood everything when it came to the vampire virus and whatnot. It still didn’t make the drama good but what boggles the mind is the production electing to go with an ending that makes Hyde’s lame ending look like a masterstroke of sense and logic. In the eternal drama telling struggle between a sad ending with tears and death and a happy ending with smiles, the drama chose both and never bother to explain why or how. Now that’s a bitch slap if I ever saw one to the remaining loyal Blood viewers. Oh KBS, way to join SBS in the fail department to start off this year.

At the end of Blood, Ahn Jae Hyun’s male lead dies in the arms of Gu Hye Sun’s female lead, complete with the vampire poetically watching the rising sun on the rooftop before expiring so very dramatically. Cut to sometime in the future and Gu Hye Sun’s character is in the fictional Eastern European country of Kochenia, where she encounters vamps and is saved by none other than Ahn Jae Hyun’s character. He smiles and reaches out his hand, she smiles back takes his hand without a word. THE END.

No explanation of how he’s suddenly alive, or this was a figment of her imagination, or his doppleganger or twin, or anything that could pass for providing a reason however far-fetched. Maybe the Blood team got confused in the very end by how very bad the writing has been for this drama and thought it was a story about zombies. I’m so glad this drama is over, this year alone both Hyde and Blood have shown how low K-dramas can possibly go in terms of producing utter waste of celluloid and the audiences time.


Blood Signs Off with an Inexplicably Nonsensical Ending, Capping Critical and Ratings Flop Run — 242 Comments

      • I guess a lot didn’t really understood what happened. Luckily I did. I’d love to explain if necessary. Lol.

    • The reason I think he came back to life is, remember when he was cut and his wounds healed I think his body slowly was healing when he was shown and instead of being dead he was actually unconscious or he was in fact dead however his cells were slowly healing him but the girl thought he was dead which was in fact not true so actually long story short his cells healed him because he is a mutation of the infection

      • U want to see him alive or ur mind is not ready to accept that he was gone… that’s why ur mind wants to convey you that nothing happened yet… but honestly we all are know he can’t be back…

      • @Salma I’m sorry but she is kind of right…Actually the truth is that because he is a pure infectee and his blood is stronger that normal infectees he can live even without a heart.

      • One of the doctors found that his cells (at the end) can make hum stronger when his blood turns green 30 mins before he dies or something like that. So maybe he recovers and start looking for the other vampires to convert them.

  1. “An ending that makes Hyde’s lame ending look like a masterstroke of sense and logic.” Ouch! Whenever I give up a show because it makes no sense, my one comfort is looking forward to Koala’s post-mortem. When a show is this bad, you tell it like it is. Thank you!

    • I, personally LOVED the whole drama and even the ending… I would like a season 2 to explain it but it was a great and unexpected twist!! Idk.. maybe I’m just weird, but if you’re a loyal Kdrama watcher… You’ll get!!!

      • It really teaches the value of life. Though it’s a bit fantasy it really works and it’s not at all bad.I loved it

      AND ALL THE OTHER CHARACTERS LIKE THE FUVK WAS THAT A FUNERAL ?!?! And then all of the sudden out of nowhere
      He’s alive yaay
      Or probably she’s on weed
      Fsfbsfbdfn im so mad ugh I wasted my time on nothing

      • Regretfully I have to agree with you. I thought the plot and acting was okay, and I liked it except for the fact that the romance was almost non-existent, and of course the weird ending. What is it with these writers, about 25% of the time, the ending is terrible. So disappointing. Sigh………

  2. Hahaha.

    What happened to the JJH character? He had grey hair in the photos.

    I don’t think we care about spoilers in this drama. Who’s going to actually watch from ep 1 now?

    • Finally! Someone actually enjoys the drama. The drama is the first ever drama where I never felt the urge to leave and watch other stuff cuz sometimes the characters gets too annoying but obviously I get over it and move on. Blood has a very interesting storyline and even though I’m 4 years late, I’m happy that I watch the drama!

      • I just finished the drama and the ending got me confused, that’s why I tried to search for an explanation. But then it hit me! At some point, Dr. Jung (I hope i didn’t butcher his name) said that he could live even without a heart, that’s how powerful his blood is. The weapon was carefully chosen haha. I even enjoyed watching the scenes filmed in Romania (it’s Kochenia in the movie) and the heartwarming letter for the kid.

      • I loved the drama and I hate how these people talk trash about it.Also I finally get the ending now…WOW I cried for 10 minutes to find out that he stayed alive.

    • so true… the thing that makes it unique and special is that even though it is a drama about vampires and yet they are talking about their minds, intelligence and hearts and not just their sexual urges or thirst for blood…. so I could watch it without worrying about forwarding every few seconds…the acting was very understandable as well since they were vampires and not normal human beings ….

  3. Have you ever heard anything of open endings? Open endings where the writer leaves it to the audience’s imagination and mind to decide what really happens at the end…in fact the writer gives them a choice and respects their productive minds…but I guess there may be some audience without the slightest power of mind or imagination who just want the ending to be completely written and lucid for them so that their lazy minds don’t have to do anything ….In that case the the writers of Blood weren’t made for this world of cliche and boring plot lovers…seriously if you guys here were the critics of literature half of the literary genres would have been dead by now, you leave no way for new ideas whatever they maybe

      • haha. Everyone’s fighting over the ending. IF YOU REALLY WATCHED THE DRAMA you’ll see that they really gave the reason why Ji sang was alive! in episode 20 Doctor Jung said “Ji Sang’s blood is very unique he can even live without a heart, cos its his blood that makes his heart beat”
        That’s why he resurrected again bitches. stop commenting if you didn’t even watch the drama. cos you know nothing . 🙂

      • Spoiler!!!

        Yes!! I agree!! During the drama chief gave the reason as to how Ji Sang’s blood is super specia…also before Ji Sang left to save his girlfriend he said he was confident and didn’t need luck because he was sure he was going to come back alive…he most likely new he had special blood! 😀

      • it was his blood. he can live without a bleeding heart because he is unique. he didn’t have any worries that he’d die. so rita knew she would see him again at some point in the future and told him that they must meet again (whenever he recovers)

      • If u watch well u will know the heroin is in love with ji sang so well. Then later when dhe went to her trip she was attacked by vampires and saved by ji sang. In my prospective i think she was saved by a nice vampire who must have existed through jjh making vampires and he probably was kind hearted and saved the herione but in her imaginations it was ji sang that saved her again. Think about it

    • @ Negin

      Your argument is so flawed I can’t even. Just because there is something called an open ending doesn’t mean any and all open endings are necessarily done well and therefore deserving of praise. You conflate not liking THIS open ending to viewers not having the intellectual heft to appreciate a well crafted open ending.

      An open ending means the foundations have been laid so the viewer needs to do certain critical jumps to reach a conclusion that isn’t explicitly explained but with enough previous clues rendered plausible. That did not happen here. Writing an open ending without any well laid markers is the very definition of fail. It’s even worse that writing a definite ending that is so obvious as to be ringed by blinking lights.

      Let me illustrate for you:

      The equation of 1 ( ) 4 ( ) 5 is an a good open ending because we normal people would fill in the missing but logical gaps within the parenthesis of 1 (+) 4 (=) 5.

      Having ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 5 is not a good open ending because too much information is missing so even if I see the final number is 5 it means nothing to me. How do you not see that and then proceed to attack viewers who disliked this terribly laid open ending as incapable of imagination is beyond me.

      • But how do you know that the foundation for you to fill in the blanks hasn’t been laid if you skipped 13 episodes leading up to the finale? I haven’t and don’t intend to watch the drama so I can’t argue the clues do exist, just wondering.

      • If we were talking about an intricate, complex plot with many players and fully explored, complex characterizations, then yes, maybe skipping the middle episodes would mean you missed some clues. But this is obviously a cartoon, a haphazard, ill-constructed plot with cardboard characters acted with nuance. When there is only two dots on a page, it is easy to draw the straight line between them. It is also easy to pick out a scenario that come out of left field, such as this one.

      • As I said, I haven’t watched the drama and it doesn’t interest me. I do like reading most posts and comments here, those related to K-ent. It struck me that Koala missed more than half the drama and could assert that there was nothing that may have linked to the open ending at some point. I like her style and I never meant to defend Blood. It was just an observation with no animosity at all behind it. It may very well be that the ending came out of left field but I found it odd to be sure about that if you haven’t been following for more than half of its run.

      • i just finished watching the entire drama. no clues provided in any of the episodes leading up to the finale. hated the ending (still not as terrible as doctor stranger though). hated Ahn Jae Hyun’s acting too. so your review is surprisingly accurate haha. but to be fair, apart from these two (major) aspects, Blood was quite decent imo.

      • Well, in fact we DO know why he’s alive.

        Just by watching the 20th episode you would normally be able to tell that there was data let by Park Ji Sang’s friend before he died and that the Dream Team discovered that Park Ji Sang wouldn’t die even if his heart was to get broken. This is explained by the fact that the heart isn’t the one to make the blood circulate but that it’s the blood that makes the heart beats.

        So everybody would die from a stab in the heart since all the blood would be lost. However there’s one exception: Park Ji Sang. The Dream Team discovered that Park Ji Sang’s blood was regenerating so fast that even if his heart was to get stab, he wouldn’t die.

        Of course it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t get GREATLY injured by it.
        In fact it’s what we don’t know. What will happen to Park Ji Sang when he gets stab in the heart? Is he only loosing consciousness? Does he ”die” and resurrect? Does he become human? Maybe his vampire blood will fortify himself and he will not only be the only pure vampire but also be a brand new type of vampire. Who knows.

        This is why the dramatic response to the ”death scene” of Yoo Ri Ta was kinda itchy for me, since I thought she knew that he wasn’t suppose to die.

        This is when your (1)( )(4)( )(5) equation comes in handy. There’s a lot of possibilities that can enter those ( ). I don’t like that much open ending and I would way prefer a season 2 to explain what the fuck was going on. But since I have no idea if there will be a season 2 or not, I made up my mind on the ( ) missing.

        Firstly I would like you to remember that when she was chased by the vampires she didn’t look really frightened at all. And when she saw Park Ji Sang, she clearly wasn’t surprised. Meaning: She knew that he was alive and she knew he was there with her, which means that they probably came to Italy together.

        (1) would be the discovering of Ji Sang’s blood.
        (2) would be the reason x Rita reacted dramatically: in my case I think it’s because of the medecine Ji Sang took before dying. When they came in the office of the doctor, Rita asked him to save Ji Sang and Ji Sang asked him the medecine [to die probably]. In my opinion, the doctor did gave medecine to Ji Sang, but I don’t think he gave him the medecine he was asking for but made the couple think it was so Park Ji Sang would actually take it and believe he would die no much longer after. Because I’m sure that Park Ji Sang wouldn’t cooperate if he was to get healed by the doctor and that he would just go die by himself.
        (3) would be the death scene when Ri Ta reacted quite dramatically.
        (4) would be the moment when he regains consciouness. Of course, I do have a lot of ideas in this part. Did his vampire blood and body just regenerate themselve and got immuned to the sun? Did he loose conciousness? Did he actually die from his wound and then resurrect? They are all possible, but what I stick with is him loosing consciousness because his body was too tired from the blood lost, sun burns and fights. Very simple, but the simplicity is sometimes the best answer!
        (5) would be when Ri Ta saw Ji Sang, not suprised at all.

        Finally, I would like to apologize for all my spelling mistakes since I know I did a lot of them. I did my best since it’s my second language…

    • Hello,International fans is here too.
      @Negin, this is her (koala’s) playground. So let it be her thought play in here. Thou, tbh, its way too harsh for someone who’s only skipped to watch the finale.
      Well, i never expect much from blood (say, i never love GHS work before and didnt know much AJH), but suprisingly, i love the storyline. Later,im become enggage with the cast, the acting, ost. Love it all..up till the end (not so much in 7 last minute thou).
      So, chill, be happy. For we’ve 20 epd to rewatch.
      Hoping for season 2 in here? or special eps will do.

      • Hello Kuaci, Negin,
        1) Let’s talk about the negative parts first. It started off with pretty awful reviews on the actors’ lack in some aspects so sadly, some viewers didn’t watch the rest of the episodes. It also needs a bit of tightening on the plots, directing and flow.
        2) Now the positive parts:
        – the ‘vampire’ concept is pretty original and they stay consistent to the concept of viral infection rather than some jumbo jumbo curse – so the title is very much spot on – Blood
        – the actors may not be your typical OTPs but there’s something very sweet about the two socially awkward individuals sharing, giving and caring.
        – I have not seen the last two episodes yet but without the subtitles dawn I still find dying clip to be very very touching. For the moment the last clip of Park Ji Sang look alike appearance probably does not make sense as I missed key elements in Ep 19 and 20 but somehow it was greatly “comforting” to know RiSang won’t be alone…
        – And I strongly believe the Park Ji Sang lookalike rescuer is not a figment of Rita’s imagination but whether he is a man/vampire – I will discuss that after watching the final 2 subtitled episodes

    • You never read reviews and recaps on dr-myri-blog.blogspot isn’t it? You gonna be surprise how they recapped Blood. hehe

    • Yes. Thats true. Another thing is that did they really watch the ending of hyde jekyll me? How come they said that its low, for me it was very good. And they keep saying bad things to ahn jae hyun.

      • Hi Paula,
        Yeah I dunno why so much negative things are said about ahn jae hyun. He took the challenge offered to him and he did well. Lots of other first timer leads performed badly but they don’t get such poor treatment…
        Anyway it’s a good thing that he is being acknowledged by others on his efforts and talents.

      Jeong Ji-tae (Kim Yoo-seok) had previously mentioned about Park Ji-sang’s blood “His blood is unique with its self-vitality, he might be able to survive even without a heart”. As Jeong Ji-tae had predicted, Park Ji-sang resurrected even after he had lost his heart. And it led to the reunion between Park Ji-sang and Yoo Ri-ta.

      • Yes totally true I agree with the explanation I was totally thinking of what is going but I could not find it out this was helpful. It’s my mistake that I didn’t notice his saying

      • And you missed this part when Dr.Jung ji tae mentee ask Dr. Jung to check the the microscope in which he had put jae sang decomposed blood but it was most old decomposed one .. so it reacted with the infected bloods and form most powerful capusle or whatever.. and evn when jae sung goes to save yu rita that time Dr. Jung give tell jae sung to take something with him .. and that somthing was jae sung much older decomposed blood which he inject in jae wook. So hence jae wook come back to being human … And died becoming old…and jae

    • Thankyou!! I totally agree…I loved this drama and even though it ended on a total cliff hanger it wasn’t that cliched crap like they live happily ever after or he dies and she is forced to move on. It was different and creative, and I really liked the way they mirrored what happened when they were children.

      • Sir/Mam this is called an “Open ending” meaning they leave us on a cliffhanger and we decide what happens,which is better than having them do an ending that nobody likes.

    • Its not only about main about patient in ward 21a..are they cure from those vaccine n how about their own original illness..its it cure or what..or their experiment just fell apart..if those patient cancer cure by those vaccine n then those vaccine cure by vth17 then it is a new drug that can be use director did success..there r so many thing left unfold…if they want us to imagine it ourself..why bother to make it to 20 just waste of for ji sang i get that he can live even without his heart..but they did use his decompose blood to make vth 17..what happen in those process come rita doesnt know he still alive n just met him at they just threw his body after take his blood..they should elabote it a bit..for me its not just a love story between rita and ji sang but their strugle to find a cure…

  4. Oh come on ockoala that’s an unfair assessment. I think you better watch your language you are too critical. We international fans believe this is a well made drama.

    • However I agreed Koala’s words is very bold whether she love the actors or not I have to agree that this is not a good drama. Beside we are international fans. However im amazed how loyal and rabid ghy and blood fans are. That is some dedication since Blood has become among top watched dramas in most streaming online.

      • You could also say, “some international fans,” because I am not sure that it is easy to know for sure how many international fans love or like a drama. Not all of them write on blogs, or on forums like Soompi.

      • I am also an international fan and I thought Blood sucks as well as the acting.

    • Actually I and a lot of international fans I know who checked this drama out hated it, fyi. I think, may be most GHS fans?

      I won’t comment on ending because I don’t even know what happened, just wanted to see if this drama managed to end on a high note…

    • Why she has to watch her language?! If Koala doesn’t like a drama, she doesn’t and it is her right to express her opinion: freedom of speech and such.

      • She has to watch her language because it is common sense that swearing is rude. And honestly I don’t even know why she is swearing and criticising this drama if she hasn’t watched all of it. Yes, her opinion is her freedom, but others shouldn’t have to listen to her swear about the bad things and it is true that she was being a little too negative. Her statements were kind of offensive to any fans of this show and her rude remarks and insults to the actors, as people, are unjust and harsh. It’s true that Ahn Jae Hyun isn’t as good or professional actor as others in the industry but it was pretty much his first time getting a lead role and I think he did an excellent job. He is originally not an actor so he did not have much experience. As for the ending, I guess they could have been clearer, but they did give out an open ending so people could imagine and take things their own way, make up their own versions of the ending and actually think about it later on instead of going ‘well, I see. So he died. Well, that’s sad. Moving on!’ or going ‘That was a cheesy ending. Happily ever after? Yeah yeah. Let’s watch another show’. The audience can decide what they want to believe happened and I think that’s a great technique. My version of the ending is that he did survive the ultraviolet light of dawn and did live without his heart, therefore giving off a kind of resurrection. Sacrificing and living for himself. It’s a very clever trick that the writers used. But, I guess, for people with set endings and not much imagination, it could look like a faulty ending. I completely understand.

    • I’m an international fan too and I really loved the drama! I must admit I wasn’t all that fond of the last couple minuets though… The ending was a bit confusing and disappointing, but I have followed the drama with excitement from the very beginning so not even the ending can make me dislike the drama ^^
      I really liked the storyline and the characters as well, especially Ahn Jaehyun and his best friend.

    • Whaaaa? “we” international fans most certainly DO NOT think this is a well made drama. Most international fans, along with Koreans apparently, dislike it, at least to me it seems that way. Also, it’s not unusual for sucky dramas to be on the top streaming list. In case some haven’t noticed a pattern, usually ALL currently airing dramas top those lists because….they’re currently airing lol. I know some say Koala is too harsh but I don’t think so. Plus, I generally find international fans to be harsher, sometimes unfairly, with dramas because we are use to a different level of quality/style in shows. (depending where you are from) DO NOT GET ME WRONG! I am not saying one country’s shows are better than another. I’m just saying it’s a matter of perspective for some people. That being said. Blood sucked. This ending was worse than Hyde, Jekyll, and Me. And I didn’t even think that was possible! However, the actors presumably worked hard for this show so I hope it’s at least comforting for them that some people liked it. It’s a tough blow to Ahn Jae Hyun’s status as a leading man (I presume he will be doing supporting roles for a while now) but I hope he takes it as learning opportunity and comes back in his next role better and improved!

    • We international fans?
      I’m an international fan. For me, Blood sucks big time thanks but no thanks to crappy acting by GJS and AJH!

      • I’m an international fan and I LOVED the drama and I LOVED both leads. I thought they had great chemistry and the fact that they got married in real life made me very happy. The drama aired on DramaFever in the US and had high ratings, it also aired on Viki and also had high ratings and the majority of the comments on youtube are positive, so I believe that MOST international fans loved the drama. You international fans here that hated it are the minority. As far as the ending, I think he was able to recover and live without his heart. It people would pay attention when watching instead of brain farting though the drama, they would have been able to figure out the ending. Also the review written by the OP was poor. Skips a lot of episodes and has the nerve to write a review. It’s like a food critique writing a review when he didn’t eat the food. The acting was good IMO and I that jae Hyun did a great job for it being his first leading role. GHS never disappoints me.

    • The only swearing she had in the article was in reference to the type of slap the ending felt like. Would it appeal to you more if she had used “a backhand in which one is struck with thoughts of female dogs”?

  5. I enjoyed watching Blood from the very beginning to the end ….kudos to all actors and crew…After such a long time I saw something different in drama land

    • Hi negin,
      I like the drama blood too. Could you help to analyze the ending for us? What would be the reason that park ji sang has a lookalike at the end of the show? Is there any indication of a twin? A clone? A revived Park Ji Sang (he did die in earlier episode after the “injection” but he came back alive) thanks negin

      • Ji Sang died because he was shot in the heart but if you can remember in episode 20 Doctor Jung said “Ji Sang’s blood is very unique he can even live without a heart, cos its his blood that makes his heart beat”
        That’s why he resurrected again 🙂

  6. While I don’t think this was a great drama, it wasn’t that bad. I can spell out for you the layout of this (admittedly not great) open ending.

    Guy dies heroically, presumably ending the outbreak of VBH-2358721 in Korea. Woot! She tells him she’ll be joining him soon. We all assume she means eventually after she dies and imagine the next scene will be her as an old woman successfully running the hospital and thinking back on her lost love. Nope! Girl goes off to made-up Slavic state as she had promised him she would (he’s totally there in spirit) and gives weird looking doll to the inexplicably significant blond girl. Some Kochenia vampires show up, suggesting that the research was not for naught because there are some infected people in the world left to kill/cure, but hero has already “killed” them by sacrificing himself! Unfortunately for Girl, the cure is back in the lab with Second Fiddle Doctor, so these vampires kill her while he symbolically kills them, and she rejoins her love in death just like she said she would. Fin. And we all sigh and wonder why they didn’t do Vampire Prosecutor 3 instead.

    • Did the PD filmed that scene to imply that Gu Hye Sun’s Rita DIED? Really? Not that he magically came back to life? Okay, if that’s the case then I buy it and it’s not nearly as stupid. But the execution is really really bad because in no way shape or form did the sequence allude to the random vamps killed her and that revived Ahn Jae Hyun was just her dead imagination come to save her or welcome her to the afterlife where they can be together.

      Also, wouldn’t this interpretation give Blood fans even more of a brain hemorrhage, thinking that Rita also died? XD

      • That was the only way I could make sense of it.

        And to the next comment, yes I know she was the girl he saved, but she made absolutely no other difference in the plot, thus she was inexplicably important to him. Why wasn’t it one of the many other people he miraculously saved in the first half of the show? Or the nun who didn’t want to be saved? They were all much more important to the plot.

      • I agree with @Negin… are getting famous for your harshness and criticism. Just like on the the show you enjoyed – PINNOCHIO. I wonder why you didn’t learn from that drama ??

      • @ Jamie

        I like the Rita died option more than the Ji Sang magically was still alive interpretation of that scene. But it felt so random that she had to go to Kochenia and die, if she had jumped off the side of the building after Ji Sang expired it would have continued the emotional momentum from all the tears shed moments before. A time jump with her off to Kochenia truncates the moment of her dying to join him. It felt like the production shipped Gu Hye Sun off to Romania with Ahn Jae Hyun before the drama started for the overseas shoot and needed a reason to use that scene at the end. That scene would have worked better if it was the other interpretation, that Ji Sang was NOT dead and was alive to save her in that moment. But that interpretation flies in the face of the rooftop death scene thereby making the Rita is dead option more likely. Sigh, it’s like someone was supposed to slice carrots and ended up dicing it and now it just doesn’t fit in the intended dish.

  7. @ockoala
    The real attacker is you here. you will finally pursue your idea no matter what others believe or feel…there are many out there who love this drama, that means it has something good to offer but you write your articles in such an offensive and bitter manner and never care maybe there is only one person reading this that loved this drama…your article is written in a way that invokes one to reply just like I did. The reason I wrote the comment was your own writing.
    I’m not telling you cannot criticize it but to criticize is one thing and to DESTROY a team’s hard work and effort(however you dislike it) is another.
    I hope you reconsider the way in which you write. no matter how much you dislike something or find it nonsensical, respect those who may not think like you.
    And I know what and open ending is, since I’ve been studying Eng Literature for 4 years and have passed numerous courses on post modern literature which is the house of open endings.Each genre was once considered nonsensical and absurd by some people but those few who supported it made it live on forever.
    and by the way thanks for reading the comments.

    • My article is written in a way that explains my criticism by laying each element. That’s called a review. It does not correlate to whether viewers watching personally liked or disliked Blood. Folks who liked Blood can feel free to keep on liking it, I never said anything about that. Why do you feel so unable to accept that people who don’t like something have a right to say so and explain why? That’s the very nature of an opinion and the very underpinnings of valid discourse. My dislike of this drama is not an attack, that’s fundamentally the very concept that seems to elude viewers who like Blood. I find the leap hard to wrap my mind around. Just because a reviewer who disliked a movie I happen to like doesn’t make that reviewer’s criticism in any way invalid or an attack. It’s just a different point of view.

      By the by, you still haven’t explained why you think Blood is a good open ending, an opinion that is different then saying it’s good JUST BECAUSE it’s an open ending.

      • Well said ms.ockoala. I have been a long time lurker here never having posting anything but most of all I have really enjoyed your writing. Well I may not always agree with some of your opinion but I respect it as this is YOUR blog and opinions which some people dont seem to get.

        It seems recently you’ve been getting a lot of trolls or antis lol. You must be getting famous hahaha. Anyway, I find it irrational of people to think your blog somehow has the power to affect the success of a drama or actors/actress.

        Anyway keep up the good work and always write honestly about what you feel because I always enjoy reading a different opinion, good or bad.

      • Lol! Couldn’t agree more. Why some people unable to accept others’ personal preferences. Weird!

    • LOL!! Negin, I have to laugh, because I’ve got two degrees in Eng. Lit and over 25 years spent in the writing business. I of course know all about post-Moderism, deconstruction, and so on – and the thing is, You have to master the craft of structure before you can tear it down. Before you can leave holes, you have to fully imagine the whole so that your audience may also follow your thought process, see beyond the open space to the imagined completeness. Did Blood do this? Uh, no. You might as well say your child’s crayon scrawl is as good as a Jackson Pollack – in your fond eyes, perhaps, but in no one else’s.

  8. I Liked the drama,it is the first drama after a long time that has captured my attention, I got sick of repetitive plots in Kdrama so i stopped watching them for a while, but Blood had a story that was new and tempting and I like those people who dare to make something new in such a country as Korea with those love triangle plots and all. And I like the ending because I can think of different endings and fill in the gap from the rooftop scene that Ji sung Died until the last scene of the drama, I can write it with my own mind in my own way so can every other person who cares to do.
    And still if you read your “reviews”from another person’s point of view you can find that they are bitter and biased.
    Starting from the title:Nonsensical Ending,Blood “mercifully” ended,
    and at the so called “review” part you are totally mocking everything:
    At the end of Blood, Ahn Jae Hyun’s male lead dies in the arms of Gu Hye Sun’s female lead, complete with the vampire poetically watching the rising sun on the rooftop before “expiring” “so very dramatically”. Cut to sometime in the future and Gu Hye Sun’s character is in the fictional Eastern European country of Kochenia, where she encounters vamps and is saved by none other than Ahn Jae Hyun’s character. He smiles and reaches out his hand, she smiles back takes his hand without a word. THE END.

    My point is people care about the words you choose. You could express your criticism in a way that is clear and at the same time doesn’t hurt the feeling of those who enjoyed the” so very dramatic” scene and the whole drama,too.
    but if you don’t want to accept it , you just don’t. I told you the feeling I got(and some others might get too) after reading your reviews.

    • I’m happy to read WHY you think this opening ending worked for you. Thanks for getting to a substantive point.

      As an aside, I gather you’re very piqued with HOW I write, in which case I suggest the more logical solution is for you to not read my posts rather than telling me to write it differently to suit your tastes for how you think criticism should be expressed. I write in a very snarky tone, it works for me.

      • You chose the right road , keep the hard work, it is paying off(getting famous because of the harsh and cruel criticism) As for your suggestion for solution I GLADLY accept it.

      • You are very condemning and attacking in your reviews. I can only read part of our reviews and find myself checking out. Also, I find myself shaking my head when I read your comments about how much you dislike some actors and actresses. I find reviews on so much more pleasant to read.

      • I do find Koala’s comment harsh, but that’s what I like about it. She’s not afraid to voice her opinion since this is one of the avenue where she’s totally allowed to do that.
        If some of you only like websites who only say positive things, good for you, keep reading those websites. Just stop criticizing her opinions, coz there are many of us here who comes here to read her honest opinions and not the sugar coated version.

      • Koala, well said. I enjoy reading your blog and find your critiques honest and insightful. Whether I agree or disagree with what you say, I still respect your RIGHT to say it. Thanks for taking the time to update us daily on news and views. It’s much appreciated. For the group of unhappy “netziens” start your own site great learning adventure for you.

      • the 18 episodes? It’s okay for a story or whatever you called it. But the last two episodes? Bad. Really bad for an ending. open ending? Okay. But please open your mind also. that’s her opinion. I watched the drama till the eeenndd (its driving me crazy) and I agree with koala. Its not enough for korean drama ennding. Bad acting good story I absoultely agree and a good story with so baaad ending.
        Someone said we international fans? Im an international fans and I thought it was horrible for and ending. Just for the ending, the 18 episode are okay. Just okay. “okay” isnt enough for korean drama. Its disaster bcs they can better story.
        And for the haters, open your mind. Its an opinion, and do not compare. recpect her. For @Negin if you said that koala’s harsh, your comment are more hars really. If you’re not agree then get off, dont avange with the same act.

        Forgive my very poor english.

      • Um, yeah I’d have to say that I agree that your review is completely and totally biased. Not only are you close-minded from the very beginning, but also you don’t accept accurate constructive criticism about your review. I suggest you fix your attitude if you want any happy commentators; if that’s too hard for you, at least fake some openmindedness.

      • Reviews, blog posts, opinion pieces will inherently present the writer’s bias. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with disagreeing either, or not liking the writer’s writing style. The readers have the choice to not read, or they can post their differing opinions. But to expect or tell the writer to change her writing style, her views, her personality or whatever just so to please you or pander to your opinion is overstepping it and I feel a reflection of your own lack of open-mindedness.

    • Negin, just please excuse yourself from here. I have to say Koala is snarky and she even hurt my fav drama but I come to accepted her way of writing and enjoyed it nonetheless. She love Hyun Bin but critisized Hyde and nobody jumping like your blood or GHS fans.

    • @dfin Dramabeans didn’t even make reviews for blood lol. they always ignore dramas they don’t like. at least koala tried to watch it and give her opinion on it

      • Not everyone have the time to write reviews especially of dramas they don’t like. Makes a lot of sense to me.

  9. talking about failures? I agree Blood and hyde unfortunately took a dive here.. But the future shows look more scary specially with the scholar who walks the night? there is alot of red flag castings in yet another vampire drama..

    KMHM is seriously getting overpraised average show is average nothing more or less.. KSH is next on the table and I have my fears regarding producers. If producer takes the ultimate dive then it becomes clear that trendy concepts work much better then example the usually DID shows, vampires, or even healer failed on the ratings(now thats scary). the korean viewers can’t be fouled easily these days. what they need is something trendy that catches the eye from far to deliver ratings success and possible produce another YWCMTS. Daaaamn!! I wish sometimes that I was a movie-director or drama. I know what the audience need on before hand or predict must of the time what interest them.

    • Honestly, I don’t think Blood is a failed drama. It is a experimental drama that did not appeal to mass audience. I sit through 16 episodes until i decided the story is too predictable and I already see the ending coming. I actually like the new way of execution because it seems like a American mixed with Korean Drama. Of course I don’t agree with what she said everything about Blood. I like Gu Hye Sun’s acting in the last episode, she is very good at the emotional scenes but unfortunately, I agree with Ms Koala about the ending. I don’t know what is the purpose of the ending — or maybe the production team trying to show the viewers that in alternate universe, everyone stay alive? But HOW?

      As for the new drama, Vampire Scholar walks in the night, it’s another historical drama. Since it haven’t staring airing yet, it is not even a concern to viewers. As for KMHM and other drama, it is unnecessary to pull it here because it has nothing to do with the article here.

    • Sorry! I just realized my mistake. Please ignore my previous comment. I took your comment offensively ( I literally took Producer (Drama) as producer of Blood). But please don’t drag other dramas which are not related to Blood into the argument. The focus of the article is about Blood.

      A unsuccessful drama based on ratings may not imply the next similar drama will be unsuccessful too. I thought they made Blood as part of the blockbusters in the hope that TV station can make a trendy story like mental disorder (2014) and time traveling (2012-2013). But clearly, this drama is not appealing to Korean TV audience.

  10. Being honest, I didn’t watch the drama but I saw few clips since I got curious about Go Hye Sun and the lead actor’s actings. I’m not film ctirics so I don’t know exactly how good actings supposed to be but both leads’s acting are pretty watchable. Be honest, I like Go Hye Sun’s acting because she seems type of naggy girl in here. I just watched few clips though. Not interested with vampire story. I mean not my cup of tea. So, what’s the next drama?

  11. Hahaha I actually enjoy Blood, because to me the story overall is quite engaging despite some glaring ridiculous plot holes. Even though the leads are not good actors but I do think they improved over time, but not to the point of becoming impressive actors. But nothing is more enjoyable than watching the supporting characters in this drama though! They’re all awesome in their own accord!

    And I’m saying this as a casual audience of Blood. This show never makes me fall in love, but it’s at least interesting enough to watch till the end.

  12. Don’t. Know about other viewers, but I definitely enjoyed blood,I guess it was somewhat different from other kdramas… And things like open ending is still not acceptable..
    Thats why it wasn’t favourite of many people… Bt I enjoyed the show very much..

  13. not to be rude to any blood fans out there but i’m glad this drama is over. the acting was bad IMO and the story was meh. and miss koala you are right that at least hyde had better acting… *cough cough binnie*. here the leads are not strong and their acting is just border line funny at times. and what the heck is with the ending! huh? i had to read other people’s interpretations to understand it. the writer did such a bad job in setting up the stupid ending. oh well, yay its done!

  14. When I saw the last few minutes…I thought maybe GHS was actually imagining AJH like how Bella went off rockers and kept imagining Edward. Who knows maybe his blood turned her and she went delusional :p

  15. Well, Koala – you keep saying what you like cause the quality of kdramas isn’t all that great to begin with and maybe just maybe it will spur them to get better. The heyday is over and they need to revamp themselves cause I have lived long enough to see that these things come in waves and if you don’t change, the next hottest thing will come along.

    I watched this for JJH and but honestly, it barely kept my interest and the ratings speak for themselves. I’m not at all attacking it as it just wasn’t my cup of tea and the quality, esp acting was lacking IMO. I can forgive crappy acting and enjoy a show but since it really wasn’t my cup of tea, so I’ll leave it at that.

    Blood fans – it’s really ok if Koala doesn’t like your show. Why care?? We all have, Capt K, myself, everyone ripped Hyde to shreds on this blog but I still enjoyed it overall. It can be done 🙂

    • agree. i also watched hyde and welcomed any criticisms made on this blog. the show really had its flaws and disappointments so why bother denying it. i still kept watching the show and suffered for binnie of course lol. so same here, blood is certainly not the best in terms of quality and the fans don’t have to stop watching it and loving it but they need to accept that not all share the same sentiments ughh.

  16. miss Koala, please don’t dissapoint me any further. Now I know the feeling of karma. last when I watched Dr.Stranger and loved Jin Se Yeon character I was delighted reading you reviewed the show with positive comments regarding her character even when you disliked Kang So Ra character and made numerous negative comments regarding it. I was ok coz JSY is the one i like not KSR. so I don’t really care about the feeling of KSR fans reading your negative comments about her. but now, when it’s the other way around, I can finally say, it’s really not a good feeling at all to read your review. I for once enjoy Blood. not crazy about it but it was a pleasant watch for me. Although I don’t vouch much for the storyline but rather for the romantic development between the 2 leads coz I just find them cute with all the giddiness they have when they were together. the acting…I agree with the Ahn Jae Hyun part, he’s awkward but watchable and he’s getting better towards the end. I know it’s your right on how you want to review a drama, it’s your blog, I get it. and who am I to question you when I’m just some insignificant lurker in your blog. I will not make a request for you to not write negatively about any drama that you find unpleasant to watch, but pleaseeeee lower your harshness level bcoz for me, it’s at least the minimum level of mannerism you have to kept towards your precious reader regardless of wether they’re fans of your review or not. Please be understanding towards those who questioned your review, coz I get where their argument came from. It does took away the validity and credibility of your argument when you don’t even watched the whole drama. (just like when you suddenly decide you have to comment about their kissing scenes and find it awkward when we who’ve watched it from the beginning thought it was supposed to be awkward given how the relationship between the two unfold). Thanks for reviewing though.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Hannasj, I agree on your brief review of the show. AJH certainly got better throughout the series and GHS delivered well in the emotional scenes. I also thought the kissing scene was done well true to their characters. I would love to hear your analysis on the final episode…esp. on the endings and the characters of Dr lee Jar Wook, RiTa and Ji Sang..

  17. I, for one, find your snarky reviewing style hilarious and refreshing, so keep up the good work! 😉

    It amazes me that people with such thin skins can last longer than 5 minutes on the internet. Come on, guys, grow up and learn to recognize an opinion when you see one.

    • Exactly!!! It’s a drama review!!! Nothing for you to get your feelings hurt about. No one kicked any puppies!! And if you think the review was being harsh and critical to the cast and crew and we should just appreciate their effort, do you really think the financiers and television studio involved is patting them on the head and telling them job well done. I am sure the blood letting going on behind the scenes due to the poor ratings make Koala’s review seem like a love letter in comparison.

      • Haha good point. I’m sure they have other things to worry about than opinions on a blog written in a language they don’t even speak, that has nothing to do with their actual life. Like, they’re probably more worried right now about getting paid for their work in this drama. We all know what happens to paychecks for actors and crews when the ratings tank like this.

      • This is quite a eye opening comment! So true! I’m sure the ratings would have disappointed the sponsors, production team, TV station and the cast. Even though I find Ms Koala’s review is harsh, but it could be much worse behind the scenes.

  18. Don’t even compare her to Dramabeans. Her blog is like Daily Mirror and Dramabeans like Wall Street journal. See the difference???

  19. It is up to you guys on how you are going to perceive the review that ockoala is doing. Why let yourself be affected if you don’t like her reviews? hmmmmmm

  20. Unni,

    Love your review on Blood. At least you lasted till episode 6 and came back for the finale. I could not even get pass episode 4. Haha, it was really bad. i did like Ahn Jae Hyun in YFAS but i agree he is not yet ready for a male lead. Heck i am not even sure if he is ready for second. Maybe supporting for now. He does have a pretty face though but boy must he work hard at improving his acting skills.

    As for Gu Hye Sun, she is always a miss in my opinion. I am sorry. i never really liked her. or maybe its the dramas that i don’t like.

    AND finally for the drama Blood, it was just baddddd.

    For all the koala haters, just leave. why bother reading the post. If you have been reading koala’s post/reviews for a long time, you know that she always writes with a hint of snarky tone. That does not mean she is wrong. She is free to write what she thinks, and you are free to whether you choose to read it or not.

    Stop comparing koala with dramabeans. Yes, i am also a huge fan of dramabeans. But every writer is different. Everyone has their own style of writing. so if you prefer dramabeans style go check them out.

    Koala unni, continue ur hardwork 🙂

  21. Just to lighten up the mood after reading the comments. Personally, I like this drama but I wasn’t expecting the weak ending. They should have done better than that. To the credits of the actors/actresses particularly the leads I could say they did pretty well. Maybe the pairing of the female and male leads are not that good. Well, I would just like to think that there would be a sequel of this drama to clear things out (reviving the death of PJS and what happened to the research result). In fairness to the owner of this blog, it’s your opinion to say and write whatever comes your mind because it’s your opinion and I find it fait though maybe not for all. As one of those who watched it from the very beginnibpng to the end, hope there would be a season 2. And it’s everyone’s prerogative to like it or not. 😉

  22. I like Koala’s blog because she provides pretty fast some informations that we couldn’t find in Dramabeans such as rumours, gossips, etc (since Dramabeans mostly write abour drama recap). I saw her favorite actors/actresses and I totally understand the sytle of her writing. Actually guys, it’s common thing when we have our own blogs that we would support no matter our bias/ favorites or recap our favorites dramas or giving critics/ negative reviews to something that we don’t like. One thing I hope from Koala next time, since her blog is gaining reviewers, she could deliver positive or negative reviews with more ‘smooth or sweet’ writing so it couldn’t induce hating or war and could place her blog in the neutral positions as the writer. It would be so wondeful if Koala could act as the moderator that direct the readers in some topics of discussion. That’s just my input as one of the reader in Koala’s blog.

  23. I like Ms Koala’s writing style & criticism humor. A comment states “my point is people care about the words you choose” Care with no respect is just B-S! Stopping saying you “care” when the whole comment was to tell the writer to shut up. Why would feelings got hurt so easily by reading poor reviews? After all it is just a drama! Was that person the writer-nim? 🙂

  24. agree with @candycane

    Blood failed for me in every detail. Acting was weak, poor production und the worst for me is the writing. Ratings they it all!
    I´m in a circle of international fans and i know nobody, that liked this drama. But, i don´t have a problem, when some people like Blood to death. Everyone’s tastes are different, what´s the problem?
    I feel also not attacked, if you post, that blood is the best drama ever or how great was the acting, when i only think what, what, what?

    I like the fresh and sarcastic humor in this blog very much. i not always agree, but it always entertain me. when some guys feel hurt reading critics on a blog, then you have far more serious problems in your life, as many people don´t like your favorite drama.

  25. Haters said they hate this blog but they keep coming back… even comparing with dramabeans and yet keep coming back.. some people just plain dumb.. like really really dumb.

  26. I am really disappointed, I really do not understand what the writer wanted to do, for me these last two episodes were a total inconsistency, moments that are useless if not try to force the tears using a large map . All drama deserves to be seen as what pleases one may not please others but I am on my frustration, the subject left all the doors open and interesting possibilities and in the end it nothing happens.

    20 episodes for a sloppy history and poorly conducted, when we see that some do miracles with 10 episodes

    For those who are not opened of mind
    Subtler technique, it is a refined form of beef release. The idea is, once again, to insult the author of the article with which you do not agree but strongly growing your level of language to give the impression of being smarter than you the art in reality!

    Miss Ockoala unnie continue your hard work Fighting !!

  27. I enjoy Koalas and her criticisms on her blog because she doesn’t sugar-coat everything. She may be harsh on some matters but she stay honest. And I love honesty. Yea, it hurts like a b*tch but it’s her opinions and I respect that. I never watched Blood so I can’t comment on that but I will say that I am surprised that this drama is finally over. I mean, what took so long for it to be over? i totally forgot that this drama exists.

  28. There is nothing should be debated here. If you like Blood, that’s okay. If not, doesn’t matter too lol. If you like or not Koala’s blog, it’s your choice.

  29. Blood sucks!!!
    Bad endinf is okay for me if the rests of eps were decent but this drama already sucks in all aspect: acting, logic, cast, awkwardness, chemistry , and ending

  30. I think is a good drama although the acting has a flaw in the beginning but the acting and chemistry of the lead are getting good with the development of the drama. People likes or dislikes this drama is a subjective matter.not all people likes this drama but not all dislikes this drama…maybe the title of this article a little harsh for fans that like blood….

    Regarding to the ending, the people that watch this drama from the start can accept the ending because there are the explanation regarding male lead death

    It just my opinion…sorry to the admin:-):-)

  31. People have different opinions.

    The banner shows “A Koala’s Playground, I’ll talk about dramas if I want to”. It’s her blog, she can write whatever she wants. If readers don’t like it, then they should just leave the site or write their own blog. It’s as simple as that. lol.

    • Maybe Mz Koala should change her banner to “A Koala’s Playground. I’ll talk about dramas THE WAY I want to” just to give readers a clearer warning of what they might read 🙂

  32. Very disappointed with Blood. It seemed to want to do too many things. Js turned from a confident doctor in the first episode to some what weak guy. bad villian to take over the world, Vampire virus, human virus, cure, serum that covers vamps,love story. It seems like they were making it up as they go. Then they go and kill off likable characters. Ending that makes no sense. good luck with the next.

  33. Wow I didn’t expect such strong reaction to this post. Ms. Koala, I REALLY enjoy reading your reviews and I’ve never once thought that they are harsh! Seriously, people need to grow up! Life isn’t kindergarten where everyone claps and smiles at whatever you do. Review writers aren’t in the business of making sure nobody’s feelings is hurt. They are there to provide honest opinions. Please don’t change the way you write because of some haters’ comments. And thanks for your hard work, as always 🙂

  34. How could you so harshly criticize the ending and its logic if you weren’t there for more than half of the ride and then presume to attack viewers’ opinions when they were actually there for the show’s entirety? :0 I mean, you’re definitely entitled to your opinion, no doubt, but if I were a fan of a show and a blogger happened to discredit the show’s entire production team’s hard work based on the few first episodes and a sudden jump to the finale, I’d be raising hell too. 🙁 It only discredits your validity and highlights your ignorance when you proceed to argue the logic of a show with an avid viewer.

    • At least, she honestly said she only watched 1/3 of the show, so you can have a reason to discredit her opinion. Like it or not, this is still a personal blog where she can put down her own thoughts. Readers can raise hell if they feel offended, and she can attack back to defense her points of view. And that gives me so much entertainments 🙂

    • I don’t see Ms K attacking other viewers’ opinions in this post, but rather she is stating her own opinion on the drama based on what she has seen, which you can agree or disagree. Rather it is the drama’s fans who are attacking her.

      As a fan of the drama, you can raise hell if you like, but to give credit to the validity of your own opinion, you should substantiate why you don’t agree that the show is illogical, badly scripted, has a ??? ending etc. etc., instead of just saying that the blogger’s opinion is invalid, ignorant or what not. Otherwise, your comment is useless, because you are not managing to convince me to continue watching the drama from what I dropped it.

      • I, for one, did not watch the show nor did I ever mention anywhere in my comment that I was a fan of the show. I proposed a hypothetical situation and what I would have felt if I actually was a fan of “A” show and a blogger was attacking said show based on what she presumed to be the show’s premise AND has the audacity to attack avid viewers’ opinions. Not only was it extremely unprofessional, but it was also very ignorant. Good grief, if you thoroughly read through the comments, you would clearly see that she crudely dismisses some of the fans’ views on the ending. You would also see that I NEVER mentioned anything about the analysis of the show itself, because I didn’t watch it and actually have the decency to not throw out pompous opinions based on something I don’t have substantive knowledge of. I do, however, have knowledge of her strong opinions on something she admits herself that she has a mere background of, and I happened to find that exceedingly ironic and obtuse as a writer myself. My previous comment was LESS about the show itself than the FACT that she criticizes a show she merely watched AND continues to criticize the viewers’ analyses. Convince you to watch the show?? LOL. Okay, please get off your high horse. Please have the decency to not feel so entitled and make invalid assumptions. It’s embarrassing.

      • Considering your own use of such nasty and harsh words such as “attack”, “discredit validity”, “highlight ignorance” in an attack, yes attack, on the blogger herself, and not of her opinion, and in such a condemning and emotional tone too, I have to say I’m very surprised that you were merely proposing a hypothetical situation.

        Good grief, this is a personal blog and her personal opinion, what has this to do with professionalism? Do you consider your bashing of the blogger as professional?

        In view that you did not watch the show at all, i.e. you have zero knowledge of the show, then how would you know that the blogger is not justified in her opinion based on the 1/3 of the show that she watched?

        I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking you or anyone else to share with us why you or they disagreed with Ms K’s opinion on the show. Because you sounded so emotionally engaged, I mistakenly assumed that you were a fan and avid viewer of the show. An objective commenter would normally not use such such a tone as you did. And since I dropped the show after a few episodes, I am open to positive comments or reviews of the show to gauge whether I should continue watching.

        LOL, who’s the one sitting on the high horse? I do not think I was offensive in my initial reply to you. However, it is unfortunate that you could not reply in like vein and felt the need to be rude, pompous and condescending.

      • Oh, and you should read the comment by Nikita below. Her comment is a great rebuttal to Ms K’s opinion, sharing with the rest of us her opinion of what are the good points and positive aspects of the show, and guess what, she has convinced me to watch at least a few more episodes!

  35. Hello capt. Koala. You got some good goings here, feels like a fighting arena. My bet is on you coz I love your blog whatever u post comes from a personal care. Regards, and am stiil waiting on my LYF . 🙂 thanks

  36. My sister likes dramabeans, but I prefer Koala’s playground. More fun here, plus I normally think 10 times before deciding which drama to choose for watching. So, nitpicking is good in this sense. In fact, it could be even a little bit more harsh. Why waste a considerable piece of our lifetime on nonsense?

  37. Ms koala, i love reading your review and dramabeans’. Thank u for this final recap/review.
    I loved watching Blood because i love medical dramas. I loved the storyline and i loved the little romance shown. I cried when Ri Ta cried. But i assure i am not a fan of her. Only watched 2 of her dramas. Overall, they did a good job. But of course not yet the level of CSI or NCIS or even Bones.

  38. Both main leads’ acting were too bitter to swallow and too painful to look at. That’s why I quitted Blood in episode 4. I’ve watched the last episode, glad that I quitted the drama earlier. Such a shame because I thought the storyline is good.

    • Too bad you only got to watch 5 epi and you said the acting was terrible gosh you should have watch more so what you’re saying is believable not just Blah Blah Blah hahaha

  39. PLEASE do not evaluate the drama so harshly . All the characters did their bests. ITs concept was amazing and I have never seen any korean drama with such a concept . all of them just focuses on physical parts of love such as 1 episode 1 kiss till it reaches a fantasy love which is never true in real life and they all know when talking about a love they will say lets love like a drama . cuz they know non of them are real . but they don’t mention it and act as if it really exists. At least Blood concept was fection from the start . we all know vampires doesn’t exist . so do not search for logic for its ending . there’s no logic behind what IS NOT REAL AT ALL. have you seen harry potter? The originals? The vampire diaries? they are all full of illogical concepts . what matters is how best they can show up in their field . ( but if you think about it it had some similaities with the beast and the beuty ) Actress Gu hye sun played her role much better thab boys over flowers… though boys over flowers still is a hit , its concept was too spoil and unreal. Im not criticizing and I loved it but if you are going to criticize blood so negetively , there way too more dramas that need to be criticized much more as well. Actor Ahn jae Hyun , as a not much experienced actor did a GREAT job . He was perfect with his all little experiences and for sure he ll show up more better next time but it couldnt be better than this even if someone else was in his place. And when it comes to ji jin hee, he is a real star, he can easily affects you by his facial expression. And the most important concept was focusing on humanity. I have never seen a drama that pictures humanity as much beautifully as I seen in blood. It reminded us what it means to be a human, what we might have forgotten in this world with our greedy mind and… and its romance part : that was a picture of a true love . instead of focusing on kiss scenes and bed scenes to show their couple love , they made it real by what it shoild really exists, Sacrifice ! Respect ! Making each other the most happiest person in the world ! and still more and more concepts of a real love… not a fantasy… So let’s see it from this aspect , it had lots of good points that you can easily learn from… That was the best drama I have ever seen..

    • This is a great comment from Blood fan. I watch Blood just because JJH, and although I can’t say it’s a good drama, it engaged me enough to watch it carefully and find plot holes haha (instead of skimming through and wish it end the way I watched Take Care of us Captain) The ending would be much better if Jason just died in Rita’s arms, sacrified for human race. The extra about they meet later really spoiled my enjoyment because it seems like a fan service throwing in there to interrup my emotion. JJH is great as usual, AJH is so so, and GHS has the same expression like all the dramas she acted before.

  40. Hi Nikta,
    I agree with your points. The concept is something Hollywood shows should pick up. And I love how you stress about humanity being explored in great depth here.
    It is such a pity that people see the first 2 episodes and the final scene of Blood and form a generalized conclusion – Blood is much more than that. Ahn Jae Hyun is underrated and undervalued for his performance; simply because he took on the leading role after two supporting credits? How about countless others who took on leading roles for the first time on screen without any major supporting roles? I dunno how people can sit through the final scene without being affected by both OTPs quiet, grieving and farewell moments. I think this is the reason why some readers came in to defend the show. While this is indeed Koala’s platform and anyone is free to say anything, most of the Blood viewers are connected to the show emotionally. Nobody is attacking Koala or others for disliking the show but rather they are defending the show for tackling new genre and taking on some risks. It may backfire on some but judging from “lots” of international fans and some domestic fans, the show is popular and the casts deserve a good pat for a good show. To others who assume/hope that Rita died; it’s not depicted on the show at all. While the ending is not well explained, it is very clear that Rita didn’t die. Please don’t insert such a “theory” coz it’s not a fact.

    • Well, this is a good comment comes from Blood fans. I have to say Blood have an avid watcher and I think Blood has a potential premise. Ahn Jae Hyun, for me is showing as you say undervalued performances. He has a talent and promising future with this debut as a lead in a drama. However, I have watched ep 16@17 part and still can’t get GHS acting. I didn’t have anything against her but her acting always make me cringe. She is loveble I believe since she has a lot of fans but of all actors in this drama, her acting is not convincing and I can’t really get her acting no matter how I want to understand or like her acting.

  41. The banner is quite amazing…my feelings exactly! Nothing on Blood, though. I don’t like this endless war so I’ll just stare at the banner instead!Thnx, miss Koala!

  42. Never watched Blood so no comments on that.
    Just dropping by to say, since here looks like a perfect place for confession, that I love your writing please don’t ever change.

  43. So what if this is ockoala’s blog she put it in public so meaning she wants to share her views to everybody like a frustrated writer ..I come here not because I like this blog I come here to checked on what she is writing again about GHS and her dramas and as expected haters will always be haters Back Off and don’t use Goo Hye Sun so your blog will be popular Lol look at your articles of your favorite stars there are hardly people reading it.

    • Hi Angelica,
      – This is the first time I watch Gu Hye Sun act. Although I am not her fan, I am pretty worried how the criticisms would affect her emotionally so I hope she would start strong and focused. Anyone weaker than GHS might get a mental breakdown / even an actress like han ye seul disappeared for a while during production due to stress
      – Her earlier interpretation of Rita’s character was supposed to be snooty and proud but I think the PD should have directed GHS differently especially in her mannerism and tone:pitch. In the later episodes and as noted by many viewers, GHS slipped into melancholic role with ease so it’s a pity that the production team did not leverage on that in the earlier episodes.
      – As a viewer, I connected with her when GHS gave a very raw and vulnerable performance in the last few episodes. Could another actress give a better performance at the earlier episodes? Yes. But could the same actress do as well in the second half of the series. Maybe not.
      – GHS may not be the most versatile actress but she had some very strong moments in Blood – her longing and belief that her boy-rescuer is still out there in the world, her confrontation with her uncle and her grief in several occasions. During those times, I felt her acting was very natural and sincere.
      – As a person GHS was always quoted as a good, charitable and considerate person and I really respect those qualities in a person and I wish GHS all the best in her future projects. And live well and love well.

      • To those full if negativities – go to hell
        blood drama was good – it’s a matter of your dumbass opinion. If didnt like it – turned the channel and watch your regular cartoon channel . Having said that – go back to your menial job- collecting garbage .

    • So people who dislike GHS acting is a hater?*sigh*. World is not like that dear. She is loveable to you hardcore/loyal fans but acting is different matters.

  44. And yes – my comments have spelling errors- it happens when u use an iPhone . Save your criticism on a another poor soul. According to some of you GHS was really bad . Let’s see how much do some of you make a year or are you still living with your parents ? At least she is earning a living . Move on – this criticism and bantering is old news

    • Haha. So much hate come from a fan of GHS. You love her and her acting yes. Go ahead. For your information we are not a child, nor a kid. We are independent woman who are happily sharing their like/dislike objectively of people’s acting. I don’t know why GHS can created this obsessed I should say of fans.

  45. Sorry to Blood hardcore fans, I’m glad the drama is over!
    Btw, Go Hye Sun’s eyes look unnaturally big and different. Did she fix it?
    Her double eyelids look weird.

  46. I watched Blood all the way from beginning to end. My two cents…

    1.) The ending
    I personally did not like the ending. I wish Kdramas would be straightforward. If a character dies, then he or she is dead for good. The end. I hate “up to your interpretation” types of ending. I’d rather have a clear ending for closure. Also, I hate endings where I have to think about it. I think all day at work. I watch dramas to relax and not to think some more. I just want to be entertained.

    2.) The drama overall
    I thought the vampire virus storyline was interesting. We always see vampire storylines and never know how people actually became vampires. So this was unique to me. So much, that I could have done without the whole romance storyline between the leads. I was more interested in seeing them work together as doctors and a team to overcome JJH’s character.

  47. Why don’t we give justice on Ahn Jae Hyun?It is just his first time to act as leading man,,and with all due respect, among all
    the actors and actresses there, AJH is the most pressured one. As I have watched the series, you can put it in a so-so drama but
    as the episodes comes, you will see his changes gradually. And it is good to know that each episodes, I can see that changes.
    Even if it is not a huge success, i still have to applaud them specially all the lead characters and supporting characters
    because they have invested their deep efforts to work out for it. It’s true that there are viewers who did not like the BLOOD but there are viewers also that like it even in a silent way. Why don’t we salute them for making it a wonderful effort till the end? Are we that really judgmental?I’m not a commentator but sadly, it feels very sad, because the words are very harsh though it is a review, still very harsh. And for the persons who commented harshly, yes, we do have the so called thing “freedom of speech” but please remember we also have the thing called “respect”. And why do you have to comment bad if in the very first place, you never and want to watch it?Your are just one of those viruses that is bad to the health I think. And LUUVY is more humane when it comes to attitude done yours. It is not bad to comment or say what is on your mind but we should say it in a right manner is not it?

    • I totally agree with you. Miss Koala didn’t even watch most of the episodes and she bashed the ending “like an expert reviewer”.

      This blog have so much fewer comments compared to dramabeans. However, this particular review generated so many comments and mostly, hate and bashed comments. Great job Miss Koala !! You are truly getting famous, Reporter Koala !

  48. Hi antz,
    1) Considering the pressure and and lack of experience, Ahn Jae Hyun did remarkably well. It’s undeniable that more seasoned actors would have performed better in the beginning. But AJH gave a very charming and heartfelt performance 4/5 of the drama. I thought his acting was very much improved and perhaps our veteran JJH has been giving some coaching to him?

    2) Frankly, I am still shocked at how people expressed their dislike or hatred for the show and acting. The words used are very hurtful and painful to read even for viewers like me who are not fans of the actors. Some of the expressions used are so awful; telling people the show/actors are garbage/crap/deserve to die kind of thing… It’s just unbearable to read them twice. I hope those who like the show are not too affected by these comments.

    • The worst comments made by the non-fans were that the script & acting were crappy. OTOH it’s shocking how some hardcore fans expressed their hatred for the people who disliked the show & acting to the extent of stating that they are haters & menial garbage collectors, & telling them to go to hell, SMH. Truly awful comments indeed.

  49. It’s one thing to criticize after actually watching the whole drama and another to skip 13 and then judge based off the ending. There were clues and hints as to why AJH came back. We can’t assume his death as we didn’t witness it, we just saw him toasting under the sunrise. If he has survived the many things that a normal infected couldn’t then why is it so hard to assume or, with your own intellectual mind, come to the interpretation that he survived this too? Who’s to say that he was able to handle it and the doctors were wrong? After all, AJH is the first case of being born with the virus. Even the doctor who came up with the virus himself said it would impossible but evidently, that wasn’t the case. AJH is a pure blood, born as an infected rather than being one. He’s a”miraculous mutation.” Earlier in the drama, Chief(JJT) has said that AJH may even be able to survive without a heart, something about him being capable of living without it blah blah. Plus the Director (possibly) didn’t die. He said that if his punishment is “growing old” then it was certainly the wrong one and that he will be back. In other words, there may have been a cure. When the psychotic doctor was explaining the discovery/research of the cure, he also said that there will be “no infected on THIS LAND.” There’s a possibility for other vampires (like the one’s in Kochenia) And hey, I’m not saying that I liked the drama or your criticism is wrong, I’m just saying that maybe if you put a little bit more time into it before being so judgmental, your opinion could have been different. Sure there has been greater actors, greater dramas with a better plot that expressed a meaning in a more satisfying manner, yes, no doubt about that. But there’s definitely a difference between being plain-out, well, excuse me, but a complete bitch about it. The actors have put out a great effort and if you don’t spend hours and hours a day repeating a scene that the director keeps denying or having to be behind cameras all day then I don’t know how you even have the nerve to say the acting was terrible. It was his first drama being a lead, give him a break. You can’t dare to compare his acting to that of Lee Jongsuks or whatever, it obviously wouldn’t pair. They have much more experience than he does.

  50. You raised many good points, Anonymous.
    To others who raised certain matters about bad acting, rating flop and nonsensical ending….

    1) There’s certainly no indication that Rita was having a dream or that she died. Which scene brought about such conclusion? It’s one thing to criticize the acting and another to add own fictionalized scene. It’s totally irrelevant to Blood’s storyline. It’s like adding own script which is fine but please do not claim that it is part of Blood’s plot. It’s one thing to review but another matter to pound someone or an effort without mercy.

    2) The character of Rita mellowed considerably in the early part of the show so its not accurate to judge her badly for the rest of the show. If the child has stopped crying after you advised him to, would you continue slapping or scolding him for crying earlier?

    3) Ahn Jae Hyun has improved in every episode until the end of the show. Therefore to say that “without good acting from at least one of the leads” is also not accurate. While the leads (except for JJH) may be inconsistent in the earlier episodes, they have settled into their roles comfortably before midway. A fair reviewer would not use something in the past to grade the final performance.

    3) And I am curious – on what basis is Ji Jin Hee appearing as if he “probably feels like he did the best he could for the paycheck”. For a talented and polished actor like him to make viewers detest his evil character is an accomplishment. And veterans like him with distinguished acting credits don’t work for just pay checks. If that’s what some commentators think then it’s best to say all actors work for paychecks, why single out Ji Jin Hee in Blood? Which part of uscene that reflects him “feeling” that way? Is there a report or press release from JJH on such “claims”?

    4) And to say that “both Hyde and Blood have shown how low K-dramas can possibly go in terms of producing utter waste of celluloid and the audiences time” is making the shows equivalent to garbage. Nobody keeps or views garbage. And it’s not true that nobody watches Blood. Although it doesn’t have high domestic ratings, many people watched it. Please stick to facts. If Blood (and Hyde) is total garbage then nobody will even say anything here.

  51. i think acting was above average.. i will not say it bad.. and i am pretty happy with the storyline and drama… Good Drama.. hoping for sequel..

  52. I actually really liked the originality of this drama (except the ending). Vampires/doctors/surgeons/scientists? (Who knew?). It had drama, action, sci-fi, and the occult all mixed together very nicely in my opinion (again until that awful ending). I loved the dark ambience of the entire project.
    Yet, I do agree with You Koala, that Gu Hye Sun was a “hit-or-miss” casting casualty here. I keep wondering how much better it may have been if Son Soo-Hyun; had played Yoo Rita instead?

  53. Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about this drama. I did not get into until the 4th episode and even then I only kept watching because the whole virus concept was interesting. The last two episodes were very disappointing and the ending did not make sense. Overall, I would say it was an okay drama. But I do have to defend Ahn Jae Hyun. For his first leading role, I think he did a decent job. He’s an average actor, but I can definitely see him improving in the future.

  54. agreed. the ending ws pretty awful. and the main girl was so annoying. i hated her character. it ws very like arrogant + pitiful. very disappointed with this drama.

  55. Calm all of you down…everything I read in the post above and the most of the comments it’s a total shit seriously, what??? First of all, this drama was more than good to watch it once and the actors did good, expect for some flaws in the lead female character actress Ku Hye-Sun acting….the clues to that “unexpected” ending were made in the last episode, when Choi Soo-Eun called professor Jung Ji-Tae and showed the reaction of the most decomposed blood with the infected blood….!!!! I see you didn’t give any attention to this, which means you was looking for something else while watching missing the important parts or simply didn’t understand what the characters were talking about….. and what it meant. WATCH THE DRAMA BEFORE SAYING ALL THE BULLSHIT!!!

  56. i agree too, may be ending of this drama very confused. coz, someone look likes ji sang show up and help Ri Ta. I watched last episode for many time and finally I know, he is Ji Sang, real Ji sang. remember or watch it again in last episode!!! when Dr. Jung told Soo Eun about Ji Sang’s blood is autogenesis blood type and probably Ji Sang still alive without heart. I assummed that Dr. Jang give that serum for Ji Sang, and Ji Sang still alive after his heart beat stopped.

  57. am a ghanaian fun of goo hye sun i love all your dramas weather its good or bad i love ur drama blood and i love the ending ,fighting!!

  58. To me, the drama is cool except the ending. It was a bit confusing. Ji sang and Rita were cool too. Ji sang, even though its his first, he gave it a nice shot. It was better than what I expected. Ji sang’s friend was good too and luvvy’s presence in the drama was cool. I love the drama, just the ending that’s not good. And Ji sang, I’ll watch his drama just like I watch Lee min ho’s because I just know he’ll be awesome. If he’s good at his first, then in not a long time, he’ll be best. Not all the stars we have now were just as good at first. He’ll do well, I just know.

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  60. R u guys a complete idiots …. if u had actually watched da whole thing u wud understand dat for park ji sang its differen …for every1 da heart pumps da blood but for him blood actually makes da heart pump thus can survive without a heart ….. watch it b4 u blame it dumbass

  61. I liked the drama as a whole, the ending could have been a bit more explanatory but i thing they provided enough clues to make sense out of everything. Everyone has different taste, its not like if you don’t like something everyone will hate it.

  62. Liked the drama as a whole. Ending could have been better but it was well explained if you watch the series properly. It’s your playground so you have all the right to write whatever but if you don’t like something doesn’t mean its all wrong. Its all about perception.

  63. No explanation on how he suddenly became alive again? Watch the whole series then you’ll know what the hell is going on. Doctor Jung (well, I don’t think you know him anyway since you didn’t watch the whole series) said that Ji Sang’s blood is different from the rest of the infected people. He can survive without a heart. That’s why he suddenly became alive again.

  64. Korean drama – acting is okay. Ending is ridiculous. Not as good as Hong Kong’s My Date With A Vampire, Japan’s Blood Plus anime and Hollywood’s movie – Interview With the Vampire. The Korean drama was a big disappointment. Script wasn’t original. A whole chunk of it was copied. Would have liked it better if it was entertaining, but it was not.

  65. So i just finished this drama last night.
    As bad as the ending was (or the last 5 episodes lol) I still recommend it.
    I quite like the story line, the writers just fkd up towards the end.

  66. Here’s how the ending made sense… I’m a fan of the series, I enjoyed it. I’m horrible with names, so forgive me for not using them well.
    1. When Ji Sang was inoculated with the virus that was supposed to kill him near the beginning of the series, his blood/body mutated.
    2. Near the end, the doctor theorized that he could even have his heart removed and still live.
    3. The intern woman said that by using lots of his blood, she was able to cultivate a possible cure for vampirism in conjunction with his deteriorating blood.
    4. That is what they injected into the Director, not something to kill him, but something to revert him to human. However, they thought that failed when he apparently died.
    5. Question 100 foreshadowed the type of death the Ji Sang would have… only Rita said she wanted a different ending.
    5. Everyone thought the Ji Sang would die when he was injected with blood… so, they showed his final moments with the woman he loved… Imagine everyone’s surprise when he awoke 15 minutes later, just fine…
    6. So, someone has to clean up the dead bodies… wait, where is the director’s body? Shock… the cure… worked… he crawled off.
    7. Research continues… the ppl in ward 21A are cured using his blood. Everyone thinks Ji-Sang is dead, more vampires are probably other places, the Director did have quite a few cronies, they go vampire hunting, the vampires are out for Rita’s blood… and they use her as bait… Enter Ji-Sang…
    FINAL. So why didn’t Ji-Sang die? There were three possible outcomes…
    1. Ji-Sang dies of his injuries and the sunlight and becomes the cure.
    2. Ji-Sang lives because his body is able to regenerate so well that even his heart could be ripped out and he still wouldn’t die…
    3. Ji-Sang thinks he’s going to die, but instead metamorphosis into Super Vampire, with no cure… Enter Beauty and the Beast book from the book store… Rita is sad for Ji-Sang’s inability to reach humanity.
    The writer chose option 3… No hope for Ji-Sang ever to die… a beast forever.

  67. I’m not a fan of GHS but I’m totally loving AJH I’ve been his fan since my love from d star. I think he tried since it’s his first lead role but as for d disappointing series, I’m not really shocked I don’t know y I thought it won’t be fucked up. Well this is it I’m definitely through with watching k dramas

  68. I just finished watching all 20 episodes of Blood and stumbled upon this article while trying to figure out if Blood was planning on making a season 2 or an explanation for the ending of the series.

    I understand that Dr. Jung’s statement of Ji Sang’s blood is a clue to how Ji Sang was able to survive the stake to the heart, but it leaves a big question unanswered: If he survived after the sunrise event, why did he not go to Kochenia with Ri Ta?

    During the series, they made plans to meet the girl and give her the gift, yet Ri Ta (a total stranger to Young Hee, no less) is the only one to meet with the girl. If this were something along the lines of “fulfilling Ji Sang’s wish of meeting Young Hee”, I would understand. However, Ji Sang isn’t dead, and Ri Ta seems to know this fact because she isn’t shocked nor surprised when the man offering her his hand at the end is Ji Sang. Some people are welcome to dub this as an open ending but in reality it seems to me that either it is 1) an oversight, or 2) a money grab for a second season.

    In my opinion, I don’t necessarily hate the actor’s portrayal of Ji Sang. If you think of it according to the story, Ji Sang is a vampire who has lived in seclusion until his teenage years, and then has solely dedicated his life on finding out more of the virus and his parents’ killers. He has no time for “human” interaction, so I felt that his awkward interactions with the rest of the human characters were pretty well done. It also shows the difference between Ji Sang and the baddies of the show — on one hand, Ji Sang is the vampire who is cold in the beginning but steadily becomes more human at the end. The Director, on the other spectrum, is portrayed as a good man in the beginning and slowly reveals his monstrosity by the end.

    I didn’t particularly enjoy watching Blood (I felt that Hyun Woo’s death was totally unnecessary, and that Ri Ta’s personality was really annoying in the beginning), but it was sufficient to pass the time with.

  69. I found Blood on HULU and i really enjoyed it..ive always loved vampire stories and this is one with drama..loved it..but didnt like the ending..there has to be a season 2 ..please…will the two main characters have a child?

  70. Idk about all of u but I like this drama so far and I’m only on episode 14 and I really like it and what if there’s a season 2 they’re planning on making
    Idk but it’s rude to not like an ending and not understand it if u never watched most of the drama

  71. Well blood for me is a good drama, I watched it till they end, and for me the ending sounds reasonable enough as for its genre, and if you watched it without skipping or jumping to the next episode, they explained everything why they come up with that ending, though I don’t agree that they need to kill a lot of characters

  72. All of us has our own POVs. However, making a review to spoil others who wanted to watch the drama and describing it negatively was also nonsensical. Others might enjoy it because of their prior knowledge about medicine and vampires, so bashers can keep quiet and stay still (HEHE). Give some credit to the cast and director, and just be neutral when posting. 🙂

    As for me, I loved this series. I’m studying medicine (and rationally criticized how they did the work on that part), and an avid fan of the supernatural. So, at some point, put two-in-two together.

    As a reader/viewer, as the case may be, of novels and series with that genre, just read between the lines so that comprehension is attained. I was satisfied with the ending. It was not much but going back to previous episodes (and I won’t tell which episodes and what part it was), there’re a few hints by the leading male’s friend that indicates of him living eternally. Best advice is to read between the lines.~ <3 🙂
    Thank you!

  73. Well i just hope that the ending was this:when he dies a tear drop falls and heals it than he was slowly going to alive again (sounds ridiculuse but i still wont believe he’s dead that’s why ) and he was going to follow her the whole time but then she was troubled and he needed to take action and so they meet again ❤️. Other than this i won’t believe it cuz i don’t want that i only hoped that there was a season 2 that would be amazing ❤️

  74. This drama is not as bad as u guys are saying aside from death of his brother-like resercher that am not not happy with, and the evil directors statment ‘we will step back for now and come back again’ there’s nothing that doesnt fit in.

  75. If you watched the whole series “despite all it’s shortcomings and loopholes” it was explicitly stated why he’s still alive and WILL NEVER DIE AT THAT. DR. JUNG EXPLAINED THAT BECAUSE OF HIS MUTATION AND UNIQUE STATUS AS A “PURE VAMPIRE”, IT’S NOT HIS HEART THAT MAKES HIS BLOOD FLOW BUT RATHER IT IS HIS BLOOD THAT KEEPS HIS HEART BEAT AS IT IS. SO A “STAKE” which was the weapon use to supposedly kill him, can kill everyone but him or if there is another “pure-vampire at birth” out there.


  76. what wrong with all you people? you all hypocrite. you’ve watched it ’till the very end and then judge it in a not nice way. you all should have not watched it or maybe you shouldn’t have visit this website. you all suck people. REALLY. lovelots. mwuah.

  77. I’m going to have to agree with everyone else on the ending…

    so the good vamp died, the good female vamp (who was working for the bad guy because he’s her “father” etc.) dies, that sweetheart doctor who was a genius died before them (which makes everyone depressed as hell & leaves Dr. Yoo’s best friend heartbroken), the bad vamp gets old.

    The only good guys who survive are:
    Dr’s Yoo’s doctor best friend + her employer (who’s father was the one who discovered the vamp virus), and Dr Yoo herself – who will most likely die as a vegetable since she probably inherited that unknown disease (it skips a generation and her dad didn’t have it so yeah…).
    It’s like they thought out how to make all the viewers as miserable as possible. Well at least they didn’t harm babies or puppies, so there’s that.
    I would have been left with some sort of satisfaction if the last minute made any kind of sense, or had any sort of explanation prior to it

  78. I just read a few more reviews about the ending and I didn’t get it:
    Okay, they said that he couldn’t die even if he received an injury to his heart… but he did die, in her arms, and she started screaming…and then she went to fictional Kochenia, while acting all lonely and depressed. I know Asian Dramas can be really out there at times, but HE DIED!! He really did!! That’s why the ending can’t make sense. Unless the last few minutes of episode 20 had take place 1000 years later and everybody was reborn, then I just don’t get it! I’m also annoyed because I wanted to know who the hell those vamps were that just attacked her!! I don’t think they were sent by the Director, so who were they?!
    All-in-all though, the actors and actresses were actually amazing and if the cast were any different, the show could have potentially gone much worse. Although certain scenes were sad throughout the show (which happens a lot in Asian Dramas so fans should be used to that by now lol), the show wasn’t too bad. I will forever be perturbed by the ending though. Oh well!!! On to the next drama WOO HOO!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  79. I’ve watched plenty of dramas who weren’t as good as i expected, but too be hoenst, Blood wasn’t that bad. Sure, the male lead had sometimes a poor acting, so did the female lead, but i put that on the fact nobody’s perfect and it didn’t really bother e. Also, as someone who watched the whole serie, i find it a little disrespectful for the actors who put time in this project as well as for the fans to say that every single aspects of this drama was bad. I personally liked it, sure sometimes it was a little slow, but hey, even masterpieces have flaws (not saying that Blood is a masterpiece 😉 ) and i enjoyed seeing things get in place.
    As for the ending, i was confuse at first. Yes, not the perfect ending, but it is not the first drama that has a bad aending. And they did actually leave a clue as why JiSang didn’t die, even if itwas quite a small one.
    Too many deaths for me though, but i’m a softie, so that’s more of a personnal taste, eveyone has reasons to like or dislike this drama, just choose your words carefully so that you don’t, you know, hurt other people feelings 🙂
    Good drama, with flaws and qualities!

  80. Just because you don’t like the drama it doesn’t mean you have to be so critical. Who are you to judge tehir acting? He had only played minor roles so it’s only natural he isn’t exactly birlliant at the main role.

    You haven’t watched the whole drama, so of course you wouldn’t understand the ending. That’s like reading Harry Potter and saying it’s terrible because Dumbledore dies.

    For the international fans such as myself, most of you are saying it sucked. That’s your opinion. But if you’re saying it sucked, then please, make your own recreation of Blood and upload it, I’d love to see how brilliant your acting skills and drama making skills are.

    Even if the acting was see-through at times, I loved the plot (apart from when they killed J and Hyun Woo TT-TT). It took a different approach on Vampires, and they focused more on the fact that not everyone is okay with what or who they are. Unlike literally every other Vampire story, Blood was scientifically proven, and not all about fangs and blood sucking – But more on how they feel.

    So, ‘Koala’ and all that agree it sucked, please upload your remake of Blood, I’d be glad to criticise it 🙂

  81. OMG I didn’t even watch the ending cuz after jung hee-in dies I juse couldnt watch it any more he was my favourite character ???????

    but then my sister watched it all
    and told me and boiiii was I supprised and pissed like wat was that whole show even for THE MAIN GUY TO DIE ON THE END ????

  82. Lol. I read your comments and i got so annoyed. So tormenting upon people work. You can start judge people only when all people in the world knew that you re the best scripwritter or even actor… are you actor? I guess not. Because you only can watch dramas and give fvcking comments and not really care abot other people source of money. Atleast the actors have more money than you.

  83. See…i guess the drama really ended too badly with confusing ending….but ahn jae hyun is an amazing actor….he is tooo cute too….so consider what u said about ahn jae hyun….his acting is nice … Consider watching cinderella and four knights

  84. i know this might too late since i just finished it. one fact for some people to know before make review. i understand how crap you think it is and i agree with it. but one thing you should know, not all dramas had a nice and interesting storyline. you can’t compare it with movies or theatrical. do you actually know the target audience for drama? it’s quite different from movies, even the way about how do you watch it. mostly, the target of the audience is they who watch it while doing activities, blatantly you can say moms or housemaid doing chores.

    and if you’re talking about open-ending, this isn’t open ending. it’s more like you were forced to accept that this is a happy ending and far better than sad ending where the lead chara dead, but you had to have a great imagination so it can make sense. if they want an open-ending, just let the heroine sit on the cafe and suddenly a mysterious lead-chara-looking man approaching him, even though it might not really good as an open-ending.

    • about the target audience, you can tell from the way they put the dialog, it’s so talkies and the music score is driving viewers to the tension. it feels like even i didn’t watch the act, i know what they do or what they feel just from listening to the dialog and music score. i can watch it while doing some works or enjoy lunch and suddenly say “wow, they are arguing now” or “what a noisy fighting”

  85. i like the drama more than i thought because i started watching it because of the couple and the acting was also good. not everyone need to like since there are lots of others actors and the world is a BIG place. coming to the story and individual characters and actors that played them, everything was really good except the ending. it feels rushed and nonsense. i agree that. the points they tried to show, music, acting, story too, was good.

  86. I’ve never seen such an ill-written ending. The episodes were building up to an exciting end, instead it ended as a thud! The writers were so confused.

  87. Very disappointing and confusing ending, seemingly out of place from the entire storyline. The episodes were leading to a more dramatic ending, but it ended with a thud. Huh! I was left confused.

  88. I cried my eyes out when i saw the terrific death, or should I say, first death of Park JiSang. I just wanted to see him alive with Yoo Rita, no matter what. Okay, I admit on the whole, the drama is somewhat unreal. Just because it is some paranormal type, it was amazing.You cannot say it was bad or low standard, just becoz its unreal. Some people, like me, are obsessed with paranormal things, like vampires.You may call me crazy or what so ever. It was a bad drama in your point of view. But it was great in our perspective.

  89. WTF y’all I know the ending was weird but I think this was a good drama. Y’all keep bashing the actors and writers when the only true mistake they made was the ending..

  90. I liked the story for what it was, but the ending bothered me… the whole reason he was willing to die was that they needed to give him the green blood and then take out blood after he died… so if he didn’t die, doesn’t that render the entire “vaccine” useless?

    My best-case scenario is that she got killed by the mob at the end and her meeting him again was in the afterlife like she promised.

  91. After just finishing this, what I’m thinking is that she was killed and he was there waiting for her on the other side to be with her in the next life. This is the only way the ending can make sense

  92. I thought the ending was confusing but reading everyone’s comments, the ending actually makes sense:
    1. He didn’t need to die for the vaccine to work – it would break down itself (i.e. when the fridge was off)

    2. He did get stabbed but can survive (blood regeneration / mutations)

    3. He watched the sunset in case he was becoming human. They weren’t sure if he would actually regenerate.

    4. Her crying was happy crying, a callback to earlier in the season where he asked if someone could cry because they’re happy

    5. He didn’t go to see the girl because his anti-ageing would raise questions.

    6. They’re hunting down the infected together and administering the cure.

    • also totally don’t understand the insults to the cast, it was actually pretty well done considering the character was supposed to be cold which meant initial struggles finding them likeable, but it develops well and there was decent chemistry. Lowkey don’t understand the review

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