Kim Woo Bin Leads a Smaller Parade of Stars at the 16th Jeonju International Film Festival

Last week was the opening ceremony of the 16th annual Jeonju International Film Festival (JIFF), the second largest film festival in Korea but still a ways away from the star-studded glitz of the largest film festival in the Busan. JIFF may be smaller but still screens dozens of movies through a ten day period, and lately has more indie cred than the more mainstream BIFF. Kim Woo Bin was the biggest star at the opening ceremony red carpet, arriving with his Twenty supporting costar Jung Joo Yeon. One of his Twenty leading ladies Jung So Min also attended but arrived with Director Lee Byung Hun (not the actor). Also making an appearance is legit teen movie star Kim Sae Ron, who is growing into a young actress with both looks and talent, not to mention mile long legs that came from nowhere. Check out the red carpet pics below for all the understated but still lovely K-movie star glamour.

Ryu Deok Hwan

Kim Sae Ron and Kim Hyang Gi

Moon Ga Young

Kim Tae Hoon

Director Lee Byung Hun and Jung So Min

KIm Woo Bin and Jung Joo Yeon


Kim Woo Bin Leads a Smaller Parade of Stars at the 16th Jeonju International Film Festival — 23 Comments

  1. awwww Kim Sae Ron grew up so much! I can’t believe the little girl from Ajusshi has grown up and become this adorable cotton candy ball on LEGS. That photo of her and Kim Hyang Gi (who is also adorable, and so so talented) is the cutest.

    • yeah, that’s her. She looks quite different without the messy hairstyle she has in that drama, but she’s such a pretty girl. Though I wish Korean actresses could take a few risks on the red carpet sometimes, her and Jung So Min’s dresses are very bridal but at least JSM has the tshirt looking neckline to keep it interesting.

  2. WTF with kim sae ron dress. how old is she? i think it’s too short and the legs really came from nowhere.. if i remember her from high school love on she was cute young girl. she looks twenty here.
    kim woo bin gorgeous as always and so is jung so min.

    • she’s 14 years old (turning 15 this year).

      The dress is a bit short but it looks cute and innocent on her because of that massive poofy skirt and the pastel colours.

    • I think she has out grown those type of dresses. She may be only 15, but she looks mature and is friggin tall, that dress is teeny tiny on her. She needs a proper dress next time she walks the red carpet.

      • I agree she has outgrown the puffy pink kiddie dresses. This dress in particular looks way too small for her and looks more prom than film festival. She’s maturing into a beautiful young lady and her stylist should find more elegant and age appropriate dresses for events like these.

      • It’s not THAT short, the dress. I mean, it passes the fingertip test (ie it’s as long as her fingertips hanging down) which is the usual mark of a dress that is too short. It’s just that her legs are long.

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but Kim Woo Bin has looked really skinny lately. That first picture makes his legs look like sticks. I just hope he’s healthy and not feeling too much pressure to be a star with all these movies he’s been in lately.

  4. Kim Sae Ron is my favorite child k-actress. She’s cute sand sweet.
    Wow, how tall the girl beside Kim Woo Bin? Kim Woo BIn is about 188 cm. Of course she’s wearing heels but still she must be really tall for girl size.

    • i looked her up. she is also, like him, under SidusHQ and former model (around 171 cm, but maybe even taller).

  5. Wow! Jung So Min looks so elegant and lovely with that dress. She really gives -the Chaebol’s daughter vibe- hahaha
    any news about her comeback? Ah I kinda miss her!

  6. I don’t know why, if Korea is a capital of fashion What tha’ hell is going on with the dresses and suits in every single award.

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