My Love Eun Dong Leads Joo Jin Mo and Kim Sa Rang Bring the Sexy Longing to Elle Korea

The cable dramas have been promoting better these days, even if the end quality is as hit-and-miss as the major network dramas. At least there is a bigger emphasis on packaging an overall mood of heady attraction when it comes the romance-based dramas. I still fan myself thinking back to the photo shoot Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae did for Secret Love Affair. The upcoming Elle Korea spread with My Love Eun Dong leads Joo Jin Mo and Kim Sa Rang isn’t going for the same raw sexual vibe as the SLA pictorial, instead opting for a longing melancholy vibe that foreshadows heavily the mood to expect from the drama itself. I can stare at the picture above forever, it’s soooooo glorious in the way Joo Jin Mo stares at the camera while Kim Sa Rang frames the front of the shot as if she’s both there and far away at the same time. The drama premieres this Friday on jTBC and I’ll just say a quick prayer that it turns as out good as the teaser webisodes indicate.


My Love Eun Dong Leads Joo Jin Mo and Kim Sa Rang Bring the Sexy Longing to Elle Korea — 16 Comments

  1. wow i can’t w8 to see joo jin moo again i love him in empress ki and 200 lbs. beauty. koala can you make a review about the 4 hallyu kings beverages commercial woobin for powerade, jongsuk for sunkist, lee min ho’s pepsi and kim soo hyun’s coca cola 😀 be really glad to hear your thoughts about them.

  2. I’ve always say if ever there was a K-version of the China drama “My Sunshine,” I would chose Joo Jin Mo as Yichen. So I was happy he chose this role, but I’m not a fan of Kim Sa Rang.

    • I hadn’t thought about this, but oh YES!!!! He would be absolutely perfect! AND eventually have happy ending–I’m so tired of him being unhappy in movies and shows. He does do angst like nobody’s business, but . . .

  3. The web drama looks amazingly wonderful. All of the actors are great. Especially, I am impressed by comic acting in Ep5 of the web drama. Very funny! He did a wonderful job.

  4. YES! Very sexy photoshoot. Seems so sober at first glance, but the more you stare at it, the more I wonder what’s under the surface. The mutual attraction is simply palpable. It just couldn’t be any better.
    Can’t wait for today’s episode 1! Fighting!

    • I hope you mean it in a good way…like sexy, maybe? Not a predator literally, sexual or any other kind, I guess.

  5. After the third episode I think this drama is gonna end with a sad note. A sad melodrama. She is already married and have a kid. No idea how it’s gonna end. & the hero said in epi3 he can not even imagine her being married. Someone’s gonna have a heart break.

  6. Oh, it’s great actually, I even can’t believe, didn’t expect it.
    Joo Jin Mo is better that ever (not to mention, hotter than ever! LOL) and I’m pleasantly surprised that Kim Sa Rang is so good and on par with him. The script and the directing are top notch too.
    I hope more people will watch this drama.

  7. Best drama on air!! Love the lead actor JJM! So captivating. Hope to see more of him (Joo Jin Mo) in films and dramas.

  8. I watch it so late. But cant keep me away from all the news of this drama. It so perfect. The acting of JJM is exellent. Best drama 2015 so far.

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