The Cast of Descendants of the Sun Head to Script Reading at KBS Studios

The train is leaving the station for upcoming K-drama Descendants of the Sun faster than Song Joong Ki changed out of his military fatigues. The cast gathered this week at KBS studios (featured prominently in currently airing KBS variety industry drama Producer) for the script reading, the arrival walk which normally isn’t covered by the media unless it involves a drama written by buzzy scribe Kim Eun Sook, stars just out of the military nation’s beloved young actor Song Joong Ki, and paired with top actress Song Hye Kyo.

The four leads were snapped heading into the studio for the table read, with the two leading ladies Song Hye Kyo and Kim Ji Won managing to look ravishing even dressed down. Mostly movie actor Jin Goo rounds out the main four, making it a very eclectic and intriguing cast for what is billed as Kim Eun Sook’s most ambitious drama to date. Fully pre-produced, mostly shot overseas, this drama is either going to soar or crash and burn. My money is on it working, mostly because I can’t see Song Joong Ki not making the most of his first post-military role and selling the Kim Eun Sook type male lead with an underlying kinder twist.


The Cast of Descendants of the Sun Head to Script Reading at KBS Studios — 40 Comments

  1. I watched One Sunny Day with Kim Ji Won and she was really cute πŸ™‚ I’m happy to see her in a new drama, I hope she will not be the traditional b..tch.

    I’m really curious about this drama !

      • I saw it too, and yes, it’s been subbed. Go to mydramalist, search for the drama “One Sunny Day”, and after you’ve clicked open the drama’s page, scroll down to the comments section. The first comment as of now includes a link to where you can find the mini-drama. It’s a bit of a hassle to download (individual adfly links for each episode and each subtitle), but the links are legit and the drama is a nice quick watch.

    • If she really needs to play the villain again I hope she’s a really evil one who does things for power instead for a man. The actress is pretty good at being mean on screen so she can pull it off if the script doesn’t suck that is. But I don’t think the main 2 would have chosen a crappy script, I trust their decision so I’m excited for this.

  2. waaaaa *super excited*

    i love and like all the four stars, from Song Jong-Ki (he is a man now!) to Jin Goo (my fav from All In the drama) to Song Hye Kyo (looks like she has chems with the 2 men) to Kim Ji-Won (hope she’ll shine even more here)

  3. Song Hye Kyo and Kim Ji Won are gorgeous even in that messy/rumpled state, life is unfair sometimes.

    (kind of surprised by KJW to be honest, she was always pretty but I guess it takes seeing a pic of her next to a pic of Song Hye Kyo to realise she’s that beautiful)

  4. Song Hye Kyo is really young and beautiful ~~
    Don’t know why so many stupid girls think that she is older than Song Joong Ki and doesn’t match with his appearance at all
    She is pretty, always. I remember when I first saw her in Autumn In My Heart when I was 6 years old. Now I’m 21 I still think she’s godness

    • “Don’t know why so many stupid girls think that she is older than Song Joong Ki”
      Stupid girls are those who don’t check their facts before making public statements like the one above, and not the girls who know for a fact that Song Hye-kyo (b. 1981) is indeed older than Song Joong-ki (b. 1985). But hey, nice job there calling the kettle black.

      Song Hye-kyo is of course gorgeous, at any age, and I do think she’ll
      match well with Song Joong-ki. I’m really looking forward to their drama.

      • She is OLDER than him!!!
        muhahaha…stupid girl she referring probably herself.

      • Of course I know she is older than SJK, but she looks much younger than her age.
        I like her since Autumn in my heart when she was just 19 years old, and I have watched most of her dramas until now: Autumn in my heart, All In, Hotelier, Worlds Within, That Winter The Winds Blows. So there is no way I don’t know her real age.
        Song Joong Ki is so lucky to be in a drama with her!

  5. The leading ladies are gorgeous and the guys look great as well. Such a pretty cast and talented to boot. Btw does SJK look more buff to anyone else? He used to look very skinny, but not anymore. Serving in the army has its perks.

  6. I’m scared of loving Ji Won with him more than SHK the leading lady which I do love her acting and chemistry with her leading men! But whenever JiWon on screen I keep seeing her and her only. So I hope the story is not about two ladies loving the same guy because she’s just gorgeous and I can’t handle it. Make Ji won go far far away form SJK, please.
    And make her act with him again in another project as his leading woman!

  7. So excited that he is back from duty. He is awesome in everything. Sjk has never failed the audience before… And I think this will propel him even higher than he was before.

    The ladies look fabulous! Can’t wait

  8. Really, really hope it’ll works. I’m nervous about this. But the leads are all good actors. So eventhough the story is somewhat crappy, hopefully they’ll add layers to their characters to make it worth watching.

  9. I wonder if only here at koalas blog song joong ki is so overrated or its a general thing.. I mean he is a good actor, that’s all..up until nice guy he wasn’t even a lead. Anyways, cant see him with shk at all…

    • Overrated? It’s because he’s been able to shine so much in supporting roles (SKKS, Will it Snow for Christmas?, and especially, A Tree With Deep Roots) that he’s so popular. And not just on “koala’s blog” but in the entire drama community (both in Korea and internationally).

      His impressive performances in Nice Guy and Werewolf Boy only cemented Joong-ki as one of South Korea’s best upcoming actors. And so, of course, everyone is excited about his future projects.

      • That’s true. As a fan i’ve been waiting for his big break since SKKS. He deserves this fame.

    • He turned down a lead role in another project to play the young Sejong in Tree With Deep Roots, a difficult decision that paid mucho mucho dividend, e.g. additional scenes specially written for him opposite Han Seok-Kyu because his performance was so well-received and the writers (Kim Young-Hyun, Park Sang-Yeon) & PD (Jang Tae-Yoo) wanted to extend his run; ranking #7 at the year-end Gallup poll in the Best TV Actor category, beating out several lead actors that year; and receiving the SBS Producers Award (alongside 49 Days lead actress Lee Yo-Won) based on the PDs’ vote at the network. Last year when SJK was still in the military, TWDR co-writer Park Sang-Yeon singled him out as the actor he’d like to work with again because they only had him for a couple of episodes in TWDR and he thinks SJK has shown only a tenth of what he’s capable of before he enlisted. By all means you’re allowed to think he’s overrated and disminish his career pre-NG. But don’t expect everyone to share your opinion just because you don’t think much of him.

      • argh I meant diminish, of course. Why won’t you let us edit, WordPress. *sigh*

      • I never wanted anyone to agree with me.. I guess i should have added “in my opinion “. And of course i dont diminish his career pre NG, i mean who am i to do that anyways., i have seen most of his work actually and as i said he is a good actor but sometimes when i read posts about him here it feels like im reading about the korean di cabrio or something..

      • I read that he also turned down the lead role in Moon Embraces the Sun because he don’t wanna be typecasted (the role eventually went to KSH). I think he is famous not only because of his acting but also because he is a nice person all around. He is very well-loved.

      • @srwycs1490: Like I said before, it doesn’t bother me you don’t think he’s all that, to each his own et cetera. What I don’t get is why you’re fixated on Koala’s feelings as if she were a lone voice in her appreciation, when that’s hardly the case. And if you think getting lead roles right off the bat is an indication of a good actor in kdrama-land, I honestly don’t know what to tell you. But what really ticks me off is this ‘pish posh if it’s not a lead role’ dismissive attitude (not just in your initial reply but generally speaking in kdrama-land). The emphasis should be on the quality of the role or the project for the actor, not whether they get first billing or the majority of screentime. But you make it nigh impossible for the actors to make those choices, if fans keep insisting on the latter.

        @justsomegirl: I’ve heard the gossip, I know it’s been “reported” on cable and such, I still take it with a large grain of salt. It’s not that it couldn’t be true, it’s just that any casting gossip is just as likely not true, and it’s a moot point after the facts. The only reason I mentioned SJK’s case is because he was asked about it and answered it w/o naming names. And it couldn’t have been M/S (versus TWDR) because the timing’s completely off.

      • @justsomegirl: Sorry, re-read your response and realized you meant after TWDR. Still skeptical (though not totally ruling out the possibility he was a candidate given the limited pool of actors who can handle sageuks) because he had signed on for A Werewolf Boy as soon as he was done with TWDR, and without being privy to the dealings behind the scenes, something about the timeline just doesn’t seem right. In any case, bygones.

      • Iirc i read it on netizen buzz. That was a unique case because apparently KSH turned down A Werewolf Boy and ended up playing in Moon Sun. Joongki turned down Moon Sun and accepted Werewolf Boy. Anyway it turned good for both of them :))

  10. Indeed really a good cast. hope it will be a success, SJK and the rest of the main lead deserve it. just not another crappy heirs please!

  11. I think he’s very careful when choosing his projects and that makes him a good actor. He knows where he will grow and hone his craft. So I guess this is already indication of what we can expect from this drama. I’m looking forward to this and to him being back on screen.

  12. Aaaaaaaa song hye kyo, very georgeous, more younger, visual goddeess, the real goddess, no wonder so many women envy with her…..sjk really really lucky to have change collaboration with herrrr…..
    Cant wait this drama, omg!!!!

  13. Can’t wait for this drama i love sjk he is one of the most good looking and a great actor in korea i know and a best kisser too.sjk and shk on screen is a great treat to the viewers both are gorgeous hoping that the story is good.

  14. anyway joongki oppa is in his 30’s so he is not “young” anymore. i mean i called yoo seungho as young actor hahaha

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