Kim So Eun Transforms Beautifully into a Joseon Noble Lady for Scholar Who Walks the Night

It’s been a busy month for the production of Scholar Who Walks the Night, going from full speed filming to losing both leads one after another to temporary injury. Things are back on track and the production has been steadily releasing drama stills to stir up interest. My interest is piqued for sure by the better than expected stills but seeing only Lee Jun Ki, Lee Yoo Bi, Changmin, and Lee Soo Hyuk in character feels like one final piece remains missing.

That’s been rectified now with the first official look at second female lead Kim So Eun in her role as a noble lady/fiancee to the Crown Prince/doppleganger to first love of the vampire Scholar. I completely missed her first adult sageuk foray in Horse Doctor so plan on making up for it now. She looks beyond lovely in character, the hanbok and Joseon lady hairstyle suits her beautifully. In addition to the two new stills of Kim So Eun, male lead Lee Jun Ki continues to have fun on set as he posted a selfie of himself with the rest of the cast, minus Kim So Eun, in the background during what appears to be a poster shoot.


Kim So Eun Transforms Beautifully into a Joseon Noble Lady for Scholar Who Walks the Night — 6 Comments

  1. I like this lady in Liar Game for her innocent look and also her pairing with a music reality show with 2PM Junho (my 2PM bias). Don’t know what role she will assume in SWWTN. But the drama already looks interesting with the male lead and on top of that, I just love fantasy historical drama as long as the script is not turning into crap at the midway and hopefully Lee Yoo Bi is good too.

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