Park Min Young Continues to Rock the C-wuxia Costume in New Stills for Braveness of the Ming

I’ve seen so many disappointing C-dramas to expect much from upcoming period drama Braveness of the Ming. I’m only following along with the filming since it’s K-actress Park Min Young‘s first C-drama and she looks so unexpectedly fantastic in this role it keeps me curious to see more. All I’ve seen are official and BTS stills of Park Min Young in character as the leading lady to romance leading man Hans Zhang, and normally Hans is always reliable in looking good for a period role but this time Park Min Young is totally outshining him.

The production released a second batch of official character stills with the same thematic element of a moonlit night backdrop, fitting for the drama with a Chinese title of Imperial Guard Night Travels. The costumes continue to be artfully eye-catching without being gaudy, colorful without being garish. There’s suitable embroidery, contrasting or similar tone layering, and a gamut of colors that make each character standout in unique visual cues. I really like it so much I hope this particular costume fitting team keeps getting more C-drama gigs in the future.


Park Min Young Continues to Rock the C-wuxia Costume in New Stills for Braveness of the Ming — 13 Comments

  1. I feel so sorry for Suzy when ever I see Park Min Young slaying in that poster.. Btw PMY looks beautiful again back to her City hunter days and definitely not her disappointing healer look..

    The production team straight forward said they want to cast Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend! bold but true and when she declined they offered the script to his Ex. I was confused when that happened but she took the script

  2. Yes she is gorgeous and blooming in those costumes.I knew that this is a HUGE production bt didn’t thought that it will b great in every way I mean their cloths,hair styles & specialy accessories all seems to b great. They’ve given attntion to every single simple detail.They r trying their best to give us d best, that what make this drama even big & great even all actors r seems to b great.I know MY do her best in everything & most importantly she has good connection with the team as always. looks like language is not a problem to our Chemistry Queen.I realy can’t wait to see this drama.

    • PMY is indeed the Queen of Chemistry. She has the natural ability to make her partners shine without fading into the background at the same time. PMY and BOTM fighting! 😀

  3. Park Min Young is coming off a successful drama, I wish her much success in this new one. She is really a beauty for sure.

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