Fukushi Sota and Honda Tsubasa Chow Down in First Teaser for Fuji TV Romance Dorama Koinaka

I’m keeping my expectations at rock bottom for upcoming Fuji TV Monday night (Getsu9) dorama Koinaka. The title translates as love relationship and portends a complicated romance tinged with summer whimsy and melancholy. This dorama got press for picking rising hot commodity young actor Fukushi Sota as the male lead, and one could say he basically got his big platform already last year as the male lead in Ayase Haruka‘s office lady dorama Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu.

Koinaka has Sota in a love with his childhood friend turned high school girlfriend played by Honda Tsubasa, who disappears from his life and they meet up again as adults but she’s got a new man by her side played by Nomura Shuhei. Having Sota and Tsubasa couple up feels rather apt since she was the leading lady in the live-action movie Blue Spring Ride by manga writer Sakisaka Io, while he was the male lead in the subsequent live-action movie Strobe Edge by the same mangaka. I don’t want to write Sota off in this role before I see a lick of action so for now the promos look cute enough with a casual comfortable vibe.

First teaser for Koinaka:


Fukushi Sota and Honda Tsubasa Chow Down in First Teaser for Fuji TV Romance Dorama Koinaka — 9 Comments

  1. For the love of GOD I can’t seem to hate Fukushi ’cause he seems like a good kid trying to make a name in the industry. I kinda feel sorry for him instead because obviously he’s being pushed too hard by his agency when his career is just too shallow to lead a drama. I personally think he isn’t that bad as an actor, he just needs more time. TBH, he should just focus on modeling, he’s better at it imo.

    • The more he works on acting though, the more he’ll improve. If he just sticks to modeling, how will he grow in his craft? I for one appreciate the hard work as long as you aren’t over extending yourself. A person that understand they need actual experience to improve is ahead of the game in my opinion. He’s not the greatest actor, but he improves a little with each project.

  2. Well, I like Tsubasa in ao haru ride. It was underrated by Sota’s sukitte li na yo. She’s a mix of puff guo and horikita maki.

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