Colorful Character Stills and Second Rollicking Teaser for Scholar Who Walks the Night

July is finally here and that means Scholar Who Walks the Night is just around the corner. The drama arrives next Wed on MBC and the network continues to pull out all the punches when it comes to promo material. This is one drama that can’t blame failure on a lack of promotion. Today the drama dropped a second teaser that is all sorts of fun, there’s vampires, kissing, crying, running around, basically all the goodies with the potential to hook a viewer. Looking good everyone, looking very very good.

The official character stills have also dropped, with Lee Jun Ki leading the way as eyeliner loving vampire Kim Sung Yul, Changmin as serious Crown Prince Lee Yoon, Lee Soo Hyuk as the aptly named permy-haired Gwi (ghost or demon), Lee Yoo Bi in Joseon girl garb as bookseller Yang Sun, and Kim So Eun ladylike in bold colors as noble woman Hye Ryung. I especially love how Lee Jun Ki is channeling his androgynous beauty much like he did in The King and the Clown, while Lee Yoo Bi’s expression of longing and sadness delivers perfectly.

Second teaser for Scholar Who Walks the Night:


Colorful Character Stills and Second Rollicking Teaser for Scholar Who Walks the Night — 15 Comments

    • Hua Qian Gu/Journey of Flower doesn’t have the best cinematography, but it’s so fun to watch! Zhao Li Ying lights up the screen every time. They’re spoiling us with so much fluff, I don’t think I can handle the ending. As long as Scholar Who Walks the Night has great acting and a cohesive storyline, they could have 20th century effects and I would still watch it.

  1. I can’t decide if Lee Soo Hyuk looks cheesy or if the looks works. I guess I need to see him in action. Changmin’s beard gives me nightmares. The three leads look really good though.

  2. Lee Jun Ki looks like he is wearing more makeup than the female lead. He looks damn fabulous with that fan too. Werk!

    Soo Hyuk looks great but the hair is a bit over the top. I hope the show is campy and fun.

  3. I really hope the drama is better than its teaser, which was very action packed but also cringeworthily cheesy. This cast deserves better than to be stuck in some 2015 version of Night Watchman’s Journal.

  4. I’m impressed with how they styled Lee Yu Bi, especially in the first photo where she is emoting. She looks breathtaking.

  5. Kim so eun looks really pretty with hanbok ~~ it’s really suit her (both the dark & light colors) ~~ I like her dress and I’m looking forward to her double role & chemistry with the male actors :3

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