Suzy, Chun Woo Hee, and Oh Yeon Seo All Up for Cheese in the Trap Leading Lady Casting

The upcoming drama adaptation of popular webtoon Cheese in the Trap just got uncomfortably crowded in the leading lady category. The biggest casting news dropped first, that idol-actress Suzy was in talks for the college student role opposite confirmed male lead Park Hae Jin. Anytime Suzy’s name is floated publicly for a role it’s sure to garner extensive commentary and this time is no different, especially with so many fans of the webtoon having a distinct opinion of what that particular role requires and finding Suzy lacking to do it justice.

Suzy’s agency confirmed she received the script and is considering this role among many other roles offered to her. Hours after Suzy’s potential casting came out, two other actress names joined the mix as in talks for the same role. Movie actress Chun Woo Hee, who has been getting awards recognition left and right for her role last year in Han Gong Ju, and MBC drama regular Oh Yeon Seo have reportedly also received offers for the same Cheese leading lady role. These three ladies run the gamut in terms of age, experience, acting ability, and visual aura, which begs the question of what exactly is the casting criteria for this role if the same offer has gone out to three completely different actresses in every way.


I wouldn’t be surprised if all three actresses fall through in the end and the role goes to someone else, the casting roulette is so unpredictable these days and these three names getting floated on the same day makes it seem like the production is doing the press releases to get publicity for the drama without any confirming feedback yet. If I had to pick among these three, I would go for Chun Woo Hee, the Suzy, and finally Oh Yeon Seo who I really don’t like to watch onscreen if she is technically a better actress than Suzy.

At least Suzy is pleasant to watch for me in the right roles like Dream High and even Big, whereas she is painfully bad in sageuks like Gu Family Book, but Oh Yeon Seo annoys me in any kind of drama. It would be great if Chun Woo Hee gets the role in the end and showcases her impressive acting range on the small screen opposite Park Hae Jin, making this drama less a popularity casting contest and one where real actors and actresses get to showcase their stuff in an interesting story.

Update: Chun Woo Hee and Oh Yeon Seo’s respective agencies had denied the actresses got the offer for this role.


Suzy, Chun Woo Hee, and Oh Yeon Seo All Up for Cheese in the Trap Leading Lady Casting — 46 Comments

      • Both CWH and OYS confirmed that they havent got the offers. This is just mediaplay from the production team/JYP/TvN to easy the backlash from Sury’s casting news

  1. I think it should be Chun Woo Hee,even though I still think none of them match Hong Seoul ,but If I were to pick ,I’ll pick Chun Woo Hee and oh yeon seo, I really don’t like the way she speaks ,she always pouts her lips and sounds like she has some type of lisp ,but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Suzy since she’s the only one that has been offered. ..

    • The issue is definitely none of them seem to work for HS. But Suzy scares me more than anything right now being she’s the only who has actually received a script.

  2. I think that a talent like Park Hae Jin deserves an equally talented actress. Unless she’s been honing and improving her acting skills, I expect PHJ to steal the scene every time.

  3. Regarding the suzy case there is to many sasaengs allover her.. its a online bitch beef thing going on.. they are extremely jealous of princess suzy since the uproar and fanwars appeared, but her fans stod there ground bravely

  4. I think even Park Hae Jin is not good for this role, he’s too old to play a student for me. I really like him but I want him in a another role. I’m not a fan of Suzy, I liked in Dream High but she’s not special for me.

  5. Chun Woo Hee looks like the best match for the role, but I think Oh Yeon Seo’s quite good too. Sadly they both denied receiving any casting offers for CitT, but I don’t know what the writer and PD are thinking, to offer a role like Hong Sul to Suzy.

  6. And the one thing that everyone has been saying about Hong Sul ever since it was announced there would be a CitT drama, is that she doesn’t have to be pretty but the actress chosen should have a high level of acting ability, to portray her. This casting offer has gone for the exact reverse.

  7. Why even due the remake now when the original manhwa isn’t even completed? ? Why do they do that , For SWWNT and now CITT ,anyways any actress who gets this role , the neiztens and others will be watching to see if she makes even a TINY mistake since this drama seems so important that people are fighting ,so dumb ,with all this hype watch it disappoints .

  8. Chun Woo Hee all the way. I agree with Ms. koala that my first choice is also Chun Woo Hee, Second Bae Suzy and lastly, Oh Yeon Seo. I just can’t seem to get into Oh Yeon Seo acting. I hope Chun Woo Hee considers doing this drama since she’s a movie star afterall. I am having that feeling that none of these three will end up being the lead with all the female lead casting fiasco. Just want to watch drama that closely follows the webtoon since CITT is my first webtoon that I really like reading.

  9. I really dislike OYS in every drama she did. Suzy has a lot of presence and is a pleasant watch but she’s a terrible actress. And CWH isn’t someone familiar to me. Whoever they pick, I just want chemistry with PHJ bcz that’s my #1 criteria.

    • Totally agree with you on each of the 3 actresses… After watching a few episodes of Medical Top Team, ‘cuz of OYS, had to stop, and could NEVER start watching anything with OYS in it again… There is something about her acting that hurts our eyes…

      • ya, oh yeon seo wasnt good in the majority of her acting career.
        oh yeon seo didnt really become popular till come jang bori and shine or go crazy. it took her 10 years to finally get a hit break out role where viewers finally liked her. maybe try watching shine or go crazy, she did good there.

    • na do na do na do..
      i wonder, how come oh yeon seo could be the lead actress in many dramas, while her acting isnt that great and she’s not the ‘typical’ beauty in korea. c’mon, we know who get called beauty in korea such as song hae gyeo, kim tae hee, suzy, yoona snsd and a few others.

      PHJ deserves a talented young actress.. i would love to see him with park bo young, but she’s now busy with ghostess which i like too :)anyone from idol land?? sooyoung or eunji maybe?

      • are u beautiful dan her.are u even ten percent.i think there is something wrong with ur eyes

  10. If the PD is the same as in Coffee Prince and Heart2Heart, I find it veeeery difficult for her not to cast her leading lady according to talent. Unless she got a brain injury or tvN got themselves new CEOs right fron the greedy pool of the Big-3, I can’t see how Suzy or any other (idol-turned-into-)actress of that level is been considered for any lead role whatsoever. Maybe Suzy’s got a brain transplant and/or acting lessons non-stop and voila…it’s a miracle:the new Jeon Do Yeon will appear before our very eyes, HAHAHA!

      • Hahaha. Was gonna write this too. Suzy wasnin YEH shoes before coffee prince, tvs adored idol turned actress yet got a lot criticism for acting. Then got cofffee prince and now she is one accepted actress…

        As for the new jeon do yeon, i think kim go eun fits as someone having JDYs charisma and acting chops back in the day and could bloom so much more in the future but i doubt she would ever try dramas. And maybe kim saeron, who i’ve always been blown away with her range but them again she is way to young for this drama or any major drama to come knocking in her door anytime soon.

      • @Ehh,was there any hint on Suzy’s talent that I’m unaware of? Bcoz I had very much detected YEH’s acting skills ever since the Goong era.
        Unless dating the mega-star actor is an appreciated accomplishment in terms of casting and ratings, Suzy has done so poorly in every role she was given. She has turned Gu Family into an unforgivable catastrophy 🙁

      • @kalel I watched Goong too and the only decent actor/actress was Song Ji Hyo. Didn’t even think she was decent in coffee prince either. She made her mark as a credible actress in vineyard.

        I am starting to recognize your name now. You’re on every Suzy related article to put her down. Heaven forbid if anyone said anything nice about her or even neutral.

      • @tieuyeunu cherie, please be kind and present your data thoroughly. In which posts have you seen my name? If you’re just trolling, I got you;if you’re wrong and mistakenly take me for someone else, you’re forgiven.
        Then again, if you’ve seen me posting after GF you probably are right…I didn’t know the girl before DH and I’ve never thought I’d have to watch her awful non-acting ever again:-( And then GF came and I still have shivers up and down my spine. She’s completely destroyed a perfectly fine drama and any chance of rewatching. Why should an untalented (and yet very pretty) idol be cast in dramas? Idol-groups have an extremely tight schedule as it is, no need to squeeze in tv series either.
        BTW, nothing personal on Suzy;-) We weren’t after the same guy nor the same role,lol. For God’s sake, we don’t even know each other and nor shall we ever meet. Whoever takes everything personally usualy projects her/his own fears and desires. Psychiatry 101, dear!

  11. Wow what a way to write and diss someone

    Whatever i like oh yeon seo the best but apparently these two actresses are just netizens choice wherr suzy who supposedly lacking in acting is the one receiving the offer

  12. Look wise i choose Oh Yeon Seo and she never annoy me on screen lol.
    She is one of the most beautiful actress i’ve ever seen….however i’m not surprised if in the end the role goes to Lee Yeon Hee or shin se kyung or jin se yeon .. The trip representatives of bad actresses

    • Ssk and Jsy are already in something , due some research before you go on and Lee yeon hee isn’t she already in a 50 episode long drama ?

      • I know JSY js doing a web drama
        And LYh is on a 50 eps drama but i kepp reading LYH name on this cheese in the trap too.
        As for JSY, she is famous for jumping into last minute role lmao
        I done my research okay

      • And where did you read LYH name ? •_• ?? But I’m 100% sure Ko Sung-Hee is going to be there backup

  13. OYS is one of my favourite actress so i pick her. She is a very versatile actress who took many contrasting roles too so i have trust in her acting.

    • yup its nice that she has tried a wide variety of roles. i respect her for that.
      unlike other actresses who arent really good at acting and can only do/take certain roles.

  14. Uhmmmmmm, isnt Chun Woo Hee already cast in a movie that’s coming out later this year ? Or next idk ,I would like for goara but she’s already busy with a movie ,OYS?
    ………… since Suzy been the only one offered she’s most likely going to confirm, lol this reminds me of yoona ,when she was offered the role for that drama joowon was in

  15. Hey ,I keep reading that kim woo bin was offered the supporting role ?is that true ?I like him but if thats true then this drama has went down hill

    • And change the male lead to Lee MinHo oppa, they will have double digit rating!

      Superstar powerand real chemistry, what else can one ask for?

  16. just cant take suzy acting seriously. will have to drop this if suzy is cast. eunji need to come back with a new drama.

  17. So I am not the only one that just can’t seem to like OYS. I seriously don’t understand what is wrong with her acting. I think she’s one of the better actress and she pretty enough but there is just something about her that doesn’t evoke any endearment.

    I don’t think Suzy is a contender for the role anyway, they probably sent her the script then released the news just for publicity.

    What about Han Groo? She’s pretty good and would fit the bill of the average looking but emotionally rich character.

  18. oh my, they should have offered to me, that cartoon character is my exact look-a-like. But I don´t speak korean. would it work with dubbing over my voice? But then, I can´t exactly act either… so it would just be the looks.

  19. lol your distaste for oh yeon seo reminds me of how you HATED lee jong suk.
    i remember liking him in i hear your voice and you refusing so watch that show. then 1 show later your all crazy for him lol.

    well to be honest, i didnt like oh yeon seo until come jang bori and shine or go crazy. i think you just need to watch a good show where she did well and it might erase the bias against her.

    in terms of acting ability id rate it from first to last as Chun Woo Hee, Oh Yeon Seo, then Suzy.

  20. I love love love OYS! I think she’s a great actress (after watching Come! Jang Bori and Shine or Go Crazy). She’s very versatile because I believe it’s easy to do sad weepy emo but comedy takes spunk and talent. To be fair, her acting in C!JBR was a little raw and over the edge in the begining but I think she refined it through out the show and finally finding the balance and oomph in the end such that in SOGC she shone….But being fair (again) I can understand why many here do not like her or find her not so endearing… I attribute this phenomenon to the following:

    1) her earlier roles were not so fantastic, neither was her acting chops then….hence the lingering bad aftertaste;

    2) she’s got big shinny eyes….so big and shinny sometimes as I watch her on screen I feel she’s very suited for the villian role… she definitely is not the demure damsal in distress sort and for that she just has that bit more to refine – do not open your eyes too big OYS! It’s not easy, because a protagonist gets agree in a drama too….and when anyone is angry their eyes just grow bigger….(unless you are the kind who does squinty angry)

    But to sum it up, I really like her. She’s very pretty and naturally pretty at that…and I love her figure too…she’s really lanky, not to curvy and not too boxy either…Just nice!

  21. u all dat are criticizing oh yeon seo,u all are jealous of her success,so u want to bring her down.but u’s u guys dat shuld go for a checkup.wat is wrong with her acting.i dont think people like u shuld watch korean movie.u are a learner

  22. Oh Yeon Seo acting is one of a kind! You shouldnt downgrade an actress based on how you feel when you see them on screen. Stop basing her acting prowess on her previous dramas and watch Please Come Back Mister and My Sasst girl with that I believe she best fit in the role.

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