Producer and The Girl Who Sees Smells Leads the Drama Content Power Index for First Half of 2015

The Contents Power Index (CPI) rankings are out, tabulating the most influential dramas of the first half of 2015. The ranking was for the period between January-June of 2015 and included all dramas aired on the big three as well as cable networks. CPI is calculated using ratings, discussion buzz, number of news articles written, number of searches, and how active the forums on the topic are. Unsurprisingly the KBS experimental format variety show drama Producer topped the power index with a combination of big name cast touting a different take on the typical K-dramas.

Since domestic television ratings are in the crapper across the board with all K-dramas, the new normal if you may, checking out the CPI rankings adds an additional layer to assess the success and staying power of dramas beyond live television ratings. Coming in second is the surprise of The Girl Who Sees Smells followed by ended very early in the year Pinocchio with quite the residual staying power. Kill Me Heal Me made the list next, though I’m a tad surprised it wasn’t higher, while the power of currently airing melodrama Mask is now joke as it rounds out the top 5 spot. Check out the full top 15 below, with KBS and SBS having the most dramas on the list.

CPI Power Index January-June 2015 for Dramas:

1. KBS2 Producer 프로듀사 260.6
2. SBS The Girl Who Sees Smells 냄새를 보는 소녀 256.1
3. SBS Pinocchio 피노키오 250.7
4. MBC Kill Me Heal Me킬미 힐미 242.8
5. SBS Mask 가면 232.8
6. KBS2 Who Are You: School 2015 후아유 – 학교 2015 230.5
7. SBS Heard it Through the Grapevine풍문으로 들었소 224.2
8. MBC Angry Mom 앵그리맘 224.0
9. tvN Let’s Eat 2 식샤를 합시다2 220.0
10. MBC Warm and Cozy 맨도롱 또똣 213.9
11. SBS Punch 펀치 210.5
12. KBS2 Healer 힐러 209.8
13. SBS Hyde, Jekyll, Me 하이드 지킬 나 208.2
14. KBS2 Orange Marmalade 오렌지 마말레이드 207.0
15. KBS2 What’s With This Family 가족끼리 왜 이래 205.7


Producer and The Girl Who Sees Smells Leads the Drama Content Power Index for First Half of 2015 — 40 Comments

  1. lol.. KSH is easily topping this index as he did last year which was understandable..

    But tbh it just shows how about the dramas have been this year when you see shows like producers dominate without any competition whatsoever.

    Then you have shows like warm and cozy make the list a clearly ratings failure. Pinocchio once again topped by even Smelly girl. that show just didn’t do good and barely survived at 10% ratings 1% away from the failure list and it also made the list.. Long gone are the days of Megahit shows..

    • The ranking was for the period between January-June of 2015 so Pinocchio did very well to be in third place when most part of the drama was aired in 2015.

      • It was even lower last year on the list. I think shows like Kill me Heal me and Healer took the thunder from them legitimately. Pinocciho could have used these fans and so did healer and KMHM but they blocked each other out into a stalemate which give birth to different small cult followings

      • @Sunbae how come a drama that stole thunder form pinocchio are lower in ranking than Pinocchio …

      • @sunbae pinocchio listed as no 5 in overall 2014 cpi index. Including dramas of 1st half and 2nd half of the yr. when it was just around ep 8. The only drama that currently airing at that time. Pinocchio certainly didnt get affected by healer in korea (only delusional healer ifans said like you) but slightly by kill me heal but again the ratings of kill me heal me didnt surpass pinocchio and didnt jump too much even after pinocchio ended. Just like koala said for a drama that ended its run on 15 jan 2015 the power of pinocchio is impressive as this ranking is ranked only by considering the airing episodes starting jan till june

    • Yeah…i wouldn’t go by CPI ranking. Some productions just get more buzz because they have more famous stars, but I wouldn’t waste 5 more minutes on some of the dramas on the list – Warm and Cozy is my least favorite 2015 drama though I love the cast and have watched all of the hong sisters’ dramas, then there’s School 2015 which just ended disappointingly with the tougher twin copping out and going to study abroad (wth), and don’t get me starte on Hyde, Jekyll, and Me

      • I agree some of the drama on the list that I actually like are Punch, Kill Me Heal me, Girl see smell, angry mom, currently watching mask which is going pretty good…

        Producer fan do not stone me but I did not get the hype of producer, all I saw was a bunch of all star cast which was the high light of the drama and that’s about it, maybe just me….

  2. Pinocchio is a hit rating or no rating.when the show was airing,the leads and the drama itself where 1 on Naver top search engine.last year,it was 1 on CPI ranking when airing.when korean friend to me than Pinocchio was so popular when it was airing,epecially in seoul.Pinocchio was the only drama that aired last year and still managed to make to top 5 this year.

  3. Seeing as discussion buzz and the level of activity at the drama’s forums are included in determining ranking, I’m not surprised that the list is the way it is. KMHM was the power drama of 2015 but The Girl Who Sees Smells, Producer and Pinocchio did have a more buzzy cast. The fact that the leads of those dramas are gorgeous men and women with ridiculously large fanbases would explain why the dramas ranked so high despite (in my humble opinion) some of them being complete stinkers. I’m really glad that Angry Mom, Healer and KMHM made the list though, proving that quality will out.

    • It was not forum activity cuz if it comes to forum activity and shippers KMHM and healer should have won this poll only based on forum activity and buzz on the cyper world especially Healer non of these in the list comes close to healer when it comes to cyber activity..

      Rating wise I believe they were all bad except Producer and still it was not good either

      • I believe it only counts korean not international fans so healer is unfortunate

  4. Hopefully I’ll be seeing My Beautiful Bride in the 2nd half of 2015. I would say it’s might be the best drama of this year. Just so EPIC
    And I do agree that Mask being ranked that high is a joke.

  5. I didn’t really find the Girl Who See Smells any good. The coincidences and stupidity of the police were frustrating to watch. At one moment, they couldn’t go from point a to b but suddenly when the plot requires, they figured out up to z…

    I’m also surprised that it beat Pinnochio and Kill Me Heal Me.. Oh well..

      • Totally agreeing with you guys. Smelly girl was beyond stupid when it came to the polices and their investigation. I was most frustrated and annoyed at the last 6 episodes. The writer should totally try and watch OCN dramas or something ==.

  6. I find it puzzling that Girl who Sees Smells became such a hot issue, the leads did well at acting but the story was stupider than my mother’s golden retriever.

    Pinocchio being this high on the CPI is impressive since it finished in early January. And no drama these days is going to get 20 percent any more unless you air it on a Friday night with no competition from other dramas. But Pinocchio, Punch, Kill Me Heal Me, Heard It Through the Grapevine etc definitely count as hits since they came first in their time slot and sold out advertising. Why else would Ji Sung end up causing lipsticks to sell out?

    • Pinochio should get more high since this count cpi from jan to june which it should accumulate more cpi index since it longer aired but new drama like producer and the girl who sees smile which just finish aired just finish airing already top pinocchio in this cpi index show that pinocchio is not that impressive

      • Ermmm but this cpi index didnt accumulate pinocchio’s from ep 1 tho but just THE LAST 5 eps which were airing from early january till 15 january. Please read carefully tht this cpi index is from JAN-JUNE 2015.

  7. I’m sure Mask’s CPI rating would go higher seeing that this ranking was just until June and Mask just got even better got more buzz this month of July.

  8. Wow pinocchio is still no.3 although it ended on january…
    I miss the cast…
    waiting for jongsuk shinhye next project…

      • Quoting kkoala ” followed by ended very early in the year Pinocchio with quite the RESIDUAL STAYING POWER.. This show that the cpi index only included the last 5 eps that were airing from 7th jan till 15 jan ….

      • lool.. quote koala? what do you think that she gets everything correct she writes about, she is just a blogger..

        That show was counted as 2015 and 2014 on the other Index.. there is nothing called half counting a show..

        Btw I don’t see the need for you to go all defensive for an average show anywayz

      • Then the same thing goes to currently airing drama that ranked eg mask. Is it ranked in advance for the whole 20 ep of the drama???? No. It’s just the accumulate cpi index from may 27 until the end of june. If you can say that for currently aiting drama, then same goes to the drama that alre broadcasted it’s 15 ep while we were at 2014.
        Wonder why you are here if you said koala is not reliable source for the kent news…

  9. I think nowadays we need to make such a separation category of hit. Take example, There are some of the dramas that get more than 10% (just say could reach double digit) but not so many buzz about that such as Unkind Women, Jung Bi Rok, Queen of Flower, Punch, etc. Yes they got high ratings but forgettable. After if it finish, it will just gone without deep impression.

    The second category is average ratings but consider with high profile dramas. Such as Grapevine.

    The third one, average ratings but being discussed here and there such as Pinocchio or Smelly Girl.

    The last one is failed ratings but still could sell really well outside Korea such as Hyde Jekyl and Me, or last year they have Birth of Beauty and My Lovely Girl.

    So, the definition of fail or hit becoming difficult to define since sometimes failed projects in Korea (in terms of TV ratings) could sell very well in China or Japan (with higher price) while other high ratings drama like mostly saeguk or other ’30-40s’ dramas can’t do that.

    • Grapevine….Actually it got the highest ranking in its time slot for most eps and higher than even KMHM and Girl who sees smells. Its cast was not A listers at all other than Go Ah Sung. It only became that high profile because of the praise it got from critics and viewers when it was airing.

  10. You may think this is off the wall thinking, but I believe one of the reasons Mask is doing so well is because they teamed the once popular dream boy lead, with a girl who looks similar to YEH. Don’t get me wron, she is a good actress but I don’t for a minute think it was just a coincidence. The story isn’t riveting. Just my opinion.

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