China’s Huace Media Buys Rights to Kill Me Heal Me for C-drama or Movie Remake

I loved Kill Me Heal Me to pieces so this news has me bracing for the worst even as I’m deathly curious about the outcome. KMHM was one of the buzziest K-dramas of 2015, ratings middling like all the dramas these days but generating tons of buzz and trends along with awards nominations. The drama aired on MBC but was actually co-produced with a Chinese entertainment company that footed the financing for what was intended to have an extensive overseas shoot portion that was scrapped in the end.

I’m not sure whether the financial backers have recouped their investment in the drama but it’s another step closer with this latest development – the rights to Kill Me Heal Me have just been sold to Chinese production house Huace Media for a remake. Huace announced the project today but is cagey on whether it plans to do a C-drama or C-movie remake, or even both. Reportedly top Chinese actors and actresses have expressed interest in the starring in the remake, whichever format it ends up being. I don’t care which popular C-stars want to do this drama, my only concern is which C-actor has the breadth and depth of range that male lead Ji Sung brought to the table to actually deliver the same wow impact.

The male lead of KMHM isn’t just a hard role to play toggling 7 different personalities, even harder is the big shoes to fill thanks to the phenomenal success of Ji Sung’s performance in all 7 roles. I worry that the drama will go big name like Huang Xiaoming, or current It Boy like Li Yi Feng, and those who read the blog know that I love these actors but this is really drama and character specific and I don’t see any C-actor being able to pull off what Ji Sung did. It wasn’t just good acting, Ji Sung made it seem like he wasn’t even acting but really was just 7 different people all sharing the same body.


China’s Huace Media Buys Rights to Kill Me Heal Me for C-drama or Movie Remake — 19 Comments

  1. Oh my gosh. I adored KMHM, but that drama hinged on Ji Sung’s acting ability. To try to redo it in any format… There are probably other actors capable, but they are few and far between.

    • I 2nd Wallace chung. while there are about 10 to 15 Chinese actors I love and will watch anything for, I think only Wallace or hawick could pull off this role

  2. As much as Ji Sung rocked his role (and goodness, he did), I think not enough appreciation goes to the drama’s writing and directing. It kept its tone mostly consistent, a big problem for dramas nowadays. It did have its soapy elements, but kept them interesting and actually moving the plot and developing the characters and above all, it had worthy messages that it managed to bring out of its whole. About quite serious topics too, another thing which dramas often fail at.

    I am not familiar with Chinese dramas or films, but it will take a lot more than a solid male lead to match the quality of ‘Kill Me, Heal Me’.

  3. This is not only about casting good actor but it need also a good production. Directing and writing. That was Kill Me Heal Me excelled. I wonder how the chinese version would fare. The writer need to know to execute the plot well and directing must be top-notch that show not only dark comedy but melo as well. And i almost i forget, GOOD SOUNDTRACK!! “Auditory hallucination” was awesome!

  4. i vote for Wallace Chung. He could be a soft Mr. Cha, a crazy punk Mr. Shin.. lovely Yona, desperado Yoseob, innocent nana, fave ajjussi Perry Park, and mysterious Mr. X.

    i like huang xiao ming, but just.. JUST PLEASE NOT HIM! sometimes, he’s kinda over-acting, sigh. but he’s handsome, haha

  5. Ditto I totally agree with the writer. Ji sung is a super mega actor. He’s a natural. None of 7 personalities are like acting. They’re all so natural and real! Ji sung I wish you continue to give us good dramas. Thank you for your wonderful contribution in giving us good acting.

  6. I can’t help but I will forever love the original and engraved it into my heart whatever outcome the remake may have.

  7. I vote for Hu Ge or Wallace Huo. ^^

    Doea anyone remember Hu Ge’s character in Xuan Yuan Sword when he had 6 (?) spirits with different personalities? I think he did great with that. He could definitely play this role in the Chinese Kill Me Heal Me.

    Wallace Huo is always challenging himself with different roles. He might be interested in this one and do a great job at it.

    But like someone mentioned above, they need more than just a strong male lead. I hope the director doesn’t butcher the drama.

  8. I have to agree.. this drama’s success in both story and execution hinged on Ji Sung’s ability to make the character(s) alive and to make us forget the flaws of the story to enjoy the end product. I’m not a C movie/drama watcher, but for those who do, I hope the pick an actor who does justice. I’m just happy to see this drama get some overseas recognition.

    • +1! The drama had a distinctive makjang flair which we were lucky enough not to watch! Thank God there were JS and his astonishing “personalities”! Otherwise, the second leads were always ready to take over the whole plot and into the k-drama venues we all love to hate, hence evil family, obsessed second female lead, devilish second male lead and all that jolly “brother-loves-sister-but-not-really-blood-related” thing ( even thinking about it gave me the chills, brrrrr)…
      The OTP did a marvellous job and spared us of that torture!Thankfully!
      Good luck to the chinese adaptation! A wise casting can really make miracles- even if it’s the third runner-up!

  9. This drama has good story and plot twist that would shock the audience. Can’t believe I totally taken aback by the end of ep 16, hope the production done well. Anyway this drama hasn’t air in China right? Don’t know if they’ll aired it or not.

  10. I dont care. I dont care at all. there is only one Kill Me Heal Me. There is only ONE Shin Se Gi – he said so himself! There is only one Perry Park – eingh? whoever tries to repeat anything, doesnt even exist for me. All the characters are iconic already. you cannot recreate them. It would be the same as doing a Back To the Future remake. Einggh? Don´t show me your teeth, you wenches!

  11. Even when it was Jisung’s face and voice, it really felt like Cha Dohyun and Shin Segi were two completely different people. I cried when Yuna left and when I thought I couldn’t cry anymore, I remembered Perry Park T_T
    Jisung owned this role and I just honestly don’t know if a remake so soon is a good idea.

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