Disaster Drama D-Day Releases Intense First Teaser and Character Stills

Consider me optimistically impressed with the latest round of substantive peeks at upcoming jTBC disaster drama D-Day. Just the concept alone is worth checking out, leaving the typical K-drama genres behind and embracing a gritty urgent story about medical professionals responding to a major disaster striking Seoul. US shows have done this to death and back but K-dramas rarely tread into a territory not conducive to shoehorning in romance and requiring a huge budget to properly convey.

D-Day has a cast of familiar names and faces, but no one with the star power to carry or steal the thunder of the show, which works nicely to let the drama stand on its own strengths or weaknesses. Starring Kim Young Kwang, Jung So Min, Cha In Pyo, Ha Suk Jin, Sungyeol from Infinite, Kim Sung Ho, Kim Jung Hwa, and many more, the official character stills show the whole cast looking understandably tense and harried. I keep wondering what type of disaster the drama has in store to set D-Day in motion and the first teaser hints that it’ll be a major earthquake, judging by the shaking going on as Kim Young Kwang is doing surgery.

First teaser for D-Day:


Disaster Drama D-Day Releases Intense First Teaser and Character Stills — 3 Comments

  1. So stoked to see Jung So Min back on small screen. How is that talented young Korean actresses get less drama roles that so female idols?

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