Choi Siwon Rounds Out the Main Cast of She Was Pretty as the Second Male Lead

Upcoming MBC drama She Was Pretty is shaping up to be right up from alley with the cast. The final member of the main leads was revealed today and the second male lead will be none other than Choi Siwon of Super Junior. Siwon had a bit part cameo in the KBS drama Masked Prosecutor but other than that hasn’t been onscreen in a K-drama since King of Dramas back in 2012. He’s not the best actor, or all the good looking if you ask me, but I’ve always enjoyed watching his performances which has a comfortable confidence about it.

In She Was Pretty, his role will be a top magazine editor who unexpectedly becomes friends with Hwang Jung Eum’s adult ugly duckling female lead and later falls for her. It’s basically the textbook second male lead, while the leads in this drama will have Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon having opposite life fates and whatnot just to hammer home the point of their opposites meant to be drama destiny. I’m really hoping the drama ramps up the comedic side of the rom-com since the leads have excellent comedic chops, plus it’s much easier to watch when the drama takes the set up less seriously and just aims for fun.


Choi Siwon Rounds Out the Main Cast of She Was Pretty as the Second Male Lead — 10 Comments

  1. Watched Choi Siwon in the China We Got Married version with Liu Wen and they were both quite adorkable in their own way although restricted/pushed with reality show requirements.

    This sounds like a cute drama since these leads are game to do physical comedy if it is required of them. If anything, it should be good no-brainer entertainment. Hope the writer knows how to use our leads’ talents to the fullest!

    • The whole concept of inner beauty/superficial beauty is redundant concept in Korean dramas but I have yet to see a smart yet deep take on it. I really hope we get one with this one. A lot can be done with it if they are willing to take a bit of a risk. And by smart I don’t mean inner beauty matters the most, superficial doesn’t type. If they can justify why superficiality matters, I am equally fine with it. The cast so far is solid so I guess the writers hopefully can explore the theme in a fresh, witty way.

  2. why second lead.i love PSJ but i’d pick Choi si won over him.especially after seeing him in King of dramas and OH!My Lady.

  3. I also don’t want to see you him as a second lead again. He is very well-known idol and global superstar. But male lead PSJ is still underrated.

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