K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin to be Fully Pre-produced and Slated for 20-episodes

The K-adaptation of Chinese time-travel novel Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling with Each Step) is indeed happening, and now we have more details on what to expect. Last month Korean PD Kim Kyu Tae who directed It’s Okay, It’s Love revealed that he was helming the K-version of BBJX as adapted to Korean history from the original setting of Qing dynasty China. I made the distinction in the opening sentence that the K-version will be an adaptation of the source novel and not a remake of the C-drama which itself was adapted from the popular novel of the same name by writer Tong Hua so right off the bat the C-drama shouldn’t be used solely as the measuring barometer.

This project was announced without any further details, including airing date and network, but a few more updates have just been released. The K-version of BBJX is slated for 20-episodes with a 1 hour running time, that is the typical K-drama length and not all that shorter than the C-drama which was 35-episodes but at 45 minutes apiece. The bigger news is that the drama will be fully pre-produced, following in the footsteps of Kim Eun Sook‘s highly anticipated Descendants of the Sun. The reason for the pre-production is for the drama to go through China’s SARFT approval process, which requires dramas to be submitted in its entirety for review, so that the Korean BBJX can air simultaneously in China as it airs in Korea.

There are a billion things that can go wrong with the K-version of BBJX, the most notable and obvious being to screw up the casting. Both Korean and Chinese netizens all are aligned on wanting the same leading man in Jo In Sung to play 4th Prince, which could happen since he’s worked with PD Kim not only on IOIL but also on That Winter, the Wind Blows. It probably would be a lock were screenwriter No Hee Kyung to adapt the BBJX novel for the K-drama, but so far there is no word on who the screenwriter will be. For the female lead Ruo Xi, Chinese netizens want Yoon Eun Hye, while the name I’ve heard more from the K-netizens is Park Shin Hye. The names mentioned are merely what fans have been asking for and not in any way a possibility for starring in the drama, for who will actually star that’s going to be a waiting game from here on out.


K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin to be Fully Pre-produced and Slated for 20-episodes — 90 Comments

  1. I thought Moon Chae Won would be perfect or the role. She is great is melo and period drama. And seems to have the right vibes…

    • AAAAAAND she looks amazing in period drama (hanbok) costume, she has a classic & natural beauty, I can definitly see her in this remake. She was gorgeous in The Princess Man.

    • I would love to see her back in a sageuk! But I would like to know who the screenwriter is first. Although I would definitely prefer this adaptation as her comeback than Goodbye Mr Black.

      But she doesn’t seem to be popular with the Chinese viewers… Anyways we’ll see how this is going to develope in the future.

  2. Hate her or Love her Kim Eun sook is the most ambitious and successful drama director out there. She is becoming a royality. She puts alot of effort into her shows that appeals to fans worldwide.. Her latest drama Heirs has been on top 5 in Dramafever for straight 2 years.. which means the casuals and internationals were watching only her drama like 70% and 30% to other dramas combined.. thats like monoploy

    • I forgot to add she is a trendsetter and gamechanger just like her how she delayed her drama to be pre-filmed so she can find her way into China and Korea in the same time.. Ambitious woman indeed

      • Ambitious yes but DoS could easily go wrong! Apart from the oversea filming the plot sounds pretty vanilla. BUT the cast – especially SJK – will probably make this drama a success no matter what.

  3. i like bu bu jin xing, that is the only chinese drama that i watch after long time, i didn’t like remake esp the drama that i already like mainly because i already know the story. I think lee dahae is perfect for ruoxi role

  4. Jo in Sung and Park Shin Hye? I have to laugh; he is so intense, she is so girly, he would eat her alive unless they pinned him down to simply posture in costume. You are right, there are many things that could go wrong with this, and the SARFT intervention is also something that would ensure it is not edgy, contentious, or – worst of all, gasp – salacious.

    • Shinhye is girly? haha she is prob the most tomboy-ish actress out there…
      and she does well in both emo and romcom too… But I don’t think she is that strong in saeguk yet…
      Nor I think she will do a remake…

  5. Park Shin Hye? Ugh no please…nothing against her, but I don’t think she can fit Ruoxi’s role.

    Ruoxi is young, cheerful and bubbly in the beginning and then slowly becomes melo. The actresses who I think will fit the role are Kim So-eun and Baek Jin Hee.

    • Oh Park Bo Young too! And maybe Park Min Young? And I just realise Kim So-eun, Baek Jin Hee, and Park Bo Young are all born in 1990. Their age coincides with the modern day Ruoxi’s age.

    • shinhye can do both cheerful (her real self) and emo (most of her dramas) though… LOL
      But I don’t think she is that great in Saeguk either

  6. Park Bo Young as Ruoxi perhaps? She covers both the mischievous and muted personalities so beautifully in Oh My Ghostess. But please, not Jo In Sung. I would love to see her reunited with Song Joong ki once more, but I am not certain he would be able to do justice to the 冰块脸 Ice-block face and subsequent cruelty of 4th prince.

  7. I think only Jo In Sung can pull off the 4th Prince. Who else can be? With his rough and intense personality on screen, I’m sure he’ll able to top a notch. As for the actress playing Ruoxi, as much as I want to see Jun Ji Hyun onscreen with him I think it also fits if they choose Yoon Eun Hye and Moon Chae Won. Is Park Shin Hye too young for him?

  8. joo jin mo can be good as 4th prince or 8 but i don’t want him in that role, he already take the similar role. Kim sung soo will be good as 8 price, he take many role with personality similar to 8 price but never done sageuk. I will watch this remake if they take lee da hae as ruoxy or kim sung soo as 8 prince but i really doubt it

  9. lately i really wanted to see jo in sung and moon chae won together in a drama,i hope he will be offered in Goodbye Mr.Black

  10. @ockoala.. is there any info about when the filming will take? this year or next year?

    if both are available I want Jo In Sung and Park Min Young

    ps: I don’t know why but I always find Kang Sora name recommended in every drama casting news. I know she’s an ok actress but …

      • Let me add some lines for you.

        ..in my eyes. But to others she certainly has the charms and appeal to draw in the audience. So they’d love to see in more projects hence the recommendations.

    • Come on. We need more than just 4th & 8th prince, I know they are the lead characters. I am hoping for Prince cameos for a few ep like 10th rouxi bff Prince, 13th innocent Prince. And we need a good looking charismatic king. Why mention only jo in sung name when we can have so much more.

  11. Jo In Sung and Park Shin Hye! Yess…though I have not any idea about the original one..I hope they don’t turn the male lead bald headed maybe? =/ Does not look like a nice visual much.

  12. Who would’ve thought SARFT’s new regulations in order to block kdramas would be a blessing in disguise? So we had to wait China’s censorship to force k-directors to stop with the live-shoot system and actually make works of better quality. I hope the pre-produced dramas keep it up and we only see them in the future.

  13. Shinhye isn’t going to do this if they started this year…
    I don’t like remakes either. Look at K-ITWY.
    But I don’t mind she works w JIS

  14. Ha Ji Won is such an obvious choice for this role, because she is just soooo goooood at everything she does. Although I don’t know if she would want to do another role right after The Time I Loved You.
    Or this would be a great comeback for Moon Geun Young!!

  15. If I can’t have YEH,I might as well have PSH.btw,PSH’s acting was quite good in Royal Tailors.she acted her part well.just say u don’t like her.cos ur comment sound so much like her hater..

  16. I don’t see as an adaptation but more like an inspired one. How can Korean version be similar to BBJX when there is no 8th, 4th prince in their history?

  17. I loved the Bu Bu jing Xin and still do!! I already loath this remake… it could end up being decent or even good but I would still loath it! LOL I’m biased and I don’t care!!
    No to Yoon Eun Hye, I’m not particularly fond of her. Someone mentioned Moon Chae Won, that I would quite like actually…..
    My love Park Shin Hye would not be able to take on the role to be honest (as much as I love her) but it would be a awesome role to really break the mould!

    • No to park shin hye, i’m not particularly fond of her. Seems like Moon Chae Won fans want her in this, she would be good….

      If my love Yoon Eun Hye gets the offer, I hope she doesn’t accept unless the writer is someone like No Hee Kyung.

  18. People forget the Korean version is NOT going to be a remake. Forget the c-drama – which I loved as well – and start looking forward to what the k-drama will give us. It won’t be identical. It’s an adaptation of the novel – not of the drama as Koala said. Everyone is already so pessimistic. πŸ˜€

    I think this adaptation could do a lot better in what the c-drama lacked. Yes despite my love for it I think it also had its weaknesses.

    Definitely looking forward to what’s coming. And thank god for fully pre-produced drama!! It’s about damn time! (same goes for DoS)

    For the cast: I like YHE and the fact that she is now more active in China could increase her chances to get cast in the k-drama. I mean she needs to get a good drama after her last ones. She could also fit in the bubbly character of Ruoxi but do I necessarily want the identical Ruoxi I already had in the c-drama? A new interpretation would be great as well.

    Personally I would like to see MCW in this drama. She probably doesn’t fit the role for many people but she loves sageuks and would’ve passion for this project. But then again I don’t think she is popular in China (?)… the chances are probably pretty low that she gets an offer for this role.

    • I’ll think of it more as a REBOOT to capitalize on the highly stylized and popular BBJX franchise by seeking to restart a new K-series that disavows its predecessor making fans “forget” it. πŸ™‚

  19. “i’m thinking han hyo joo, moon chae won, song hye kyo, yoona”

    Had to lol at this comment. It is such an insult to the rest of the other real actresses. Really? Have you seen Yoona in a sanguek? She did c-version and looked like an octopus. Yoona portraying Ruxi’s bubbly character to more melo? Past!!!!

  20. neither jo in sung or park shin hye suit the roles. I have nothing against them though. Anyway, i think any fan of the original novel or c-drama would be looking so closely to the cast list. I’m a huge fan of the drama and what I know is that all the casts, especially the female lead rouxi and the princes all have to be great at acting. The drama has a lot of emotion and we need the right casts to bring all those emotions out so hopefully no idols on board this one.

    • “…what I know is that all the casts, especially the female lead rouxi and the princes all have to be great at acting.”


  21. I don’t know, but I don’t really like Jo In Sung for saeguk. In Frozen Flower, I loved JJM than him. What about Jang Hyuk or Lee Jun Ki. They’re good in saeguk.

    And for female lead, Moon Chae Won, Moon Geun Young or Kim So Eun. They’re good in bubbly and serious characters.

  22. K-version will be an adaptation of the source novel and not a remake of the C-drama.
    The key word here is ADAPTATION… if the scrip is good and of high quality then it is a worthwhile project with
    Ji In Sung, Kim Woo Bin, Yoo Chun with Ha Ji Won, Park Shin Hye, Yoon Eun Hye respectively.

      • Sadly yes.. He’s off to military on 27th this month. As much as I love him, don’t think he will suit for either 4th or 8th prince. 13th prince might be the most suitable one for him. But since he’s off to military, that’s not an option at all. LOL
        Anyway…. Agree about the male lead either Jo Insung or Joo Jinmoo. Both are perfect for either 4th or 8th prince. I’m more interested in who will be playing 13th Prince though, he’s my favorite character in the drama. Hope the K-Adaptation would have his character too.
        As for Ruoxi.. MCW did reminds me a bit of Liu Shishi, so she would be good. But I didn’t really mind if they cast other actress.

  23. I don’t understand MCW’s fans.they want her in all the dramas.whenever there is casting news,her fans always mention her.she is not the only actress u know.and frankly,she is not that great either tbh…I’d pick GHJ,Han Groo,shin min ah,JSM are quite better than her.it’s not like she has a stellar acting.no offence though….it’s just that it’s getting abit tiring that she is always mention in every casting news.there are other wayyyyy better actresses than her that deserve a shot

    • So but you are allowed mention the actors you want!? lol That’s pretty double standard.

      Of course fans of MCW want to see her back on the small screen. And comment sections like this are there to discuss possible actors for the drama. So where is the problem?

      You don’t need to have the same opinion but just because you obviously don’t like MCW doesn’t mean people who like her can’t discuss her as a possible actress for the drama. Just skip the comments mentioning her.

    • People have their right to voice their opinions. Same as you. You can voice or even scream for anyone you thinks fits the role. No need to attack others for that and even worse, to the actress herself. That’s pretty, err.. childish. Since you know? Acting is subjective from person to person.

    • actually the thirst of MCW is understandable since she’s been missing from dramaland for long and still not confirm taking any project. so recommend her clearly better than recommend an actress who already has an acting project like Baek Jin Hee, Song Hye Kyo, or Shin Min A / or actress who just finished drama project like kang sora. especially if the filming start this year…

    • Lol. You think there are actresses who are better than her, that’s your opinion. Others have their own opinions as well. Who are you to dictate others not to express their own preferences because that differs from yours? Just like what being mentioned above, just skip the comments that you don’t agree with. No need to put some attitude.

    • And that what i also actually observed with Han Groo and Kang Sora fans but i don’t thinks there is a problem with that and it’s quite funny you did not notice it but notice it with MCW’s fans.Han Groo and JSM are better actressses than MCW??Seriously??lol..Well GHJ and SMA were more experienced actresses than MCW but i don’t know if they were better than MCW,i mean their strenght is romcom and on other hand MCW is melo..

    • And we don’t understand you either..MCW has been MIA in dramaland for like 2years already so it’s natural for us to miss her…you can brag about your favorites as much as you want but you don’t have any single right to stop us from mentioning our favorites.. Your opinion is just your opinion.. It doesn’t necessarily mean your thoughts are above the rest..

    • What a f*cking joke..your pick are the worst..People will never care about HG or JSM..and not to even mention chinese..and GHJ? all people who have a good eyes know that GHJ undeniedable one of the queen of rom com but shes suck in Melo..only SMA good in both…but Melo? MCW will slay everyone..Korean dubbed her as the successer of KHS which mean JJH,GHJ,YEH,PSH,HHJ should’t even been compare with her..Her melo acting maybe is the most detailed of all K-actress.and that is KBS rating queen MCW.

      • Let’s hot drag others down and CW does still have a room for improvement and not as what you painted. But again, that’s your opinion πŸ™‚

      • what??? you say GHJ suck in melo??? and MSA is good both in rom-com and melo but not GHJ??? LOL yaaaa, please dont try to be so smart because your comment are not very smart! you’re clearly havent watched enough drama to see which actress can act better or do you not know how to judge the good performance? if you gonna talk about melo acting, have you ever watched jeon do yeon and son ye jin? saying SMA better than GHJ, then saying MCW the best in melo acting… LOL dont make me laugh. Go watch more dramas and movies first before writing such dumb-bias comment.

  24. I really do not picture this as being suitable as China’s Ming (?) Dynasty was so regal and vast in my mind. The vistas alone….Besides, there was lots of in-fighting going on by the wives, siblings and children…..Also, I do not like the two leads picked by netizens. Meh. I may not watch Korean remakes of Jdramas, yet I will definitely check out a China remake. πŸ™‚

  25. I’d like to see the girl who was in Kim Soo Ro as the indian princess, I think she also played in 49 Days as the main female antagonist..I’m sorry, but I don’t remember her name even though I like her a lot!

  26. Just watched the first episode of this CDrama….and I can totally see Park Shin Hye as the lead, anyone seen her in 3MAD? That is her real self, bubbly and a little tomboyish. And if they have any physical action going, with her athletic ability, I just can see that she fits the bill. If they are gunning for the Chinese audience, she is extremely popular there and at the end of the day, the producers want ratings. Love Yoon Eun Hye for the older sister since those 2 really could be mistaken for real sisters.

    • You’re right, i like your opinion. i thought park shin hye is the best choice for bu bu jing xin korean version. If her pair in that drama is yoo seung ho it’s gonna be perfect coz yoo seung ho has done so many historical dramas before, so park shin hye can learn a lot from him. Yoo seung and park shin hye have very great chemistry together i thought.

  27. Another opinion…if anyone watched Park Shin Hye in Royal Tailor, her character there was a bubbly flirtatious young one till she became jaded at the end. Highly praised by her director and in my opinion, she acted well in that movie with what she was given.

  28. I vote for Kim So Eun. She is gorgeous in period drama and can be dramatic.I also thinks that she deserves a leading role.

  29. Im Joo Hwan to play one of the main princes! He was such an amazing actor in Tamra The Island – fell in love with him then!

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