KBS Premieres 12-episode Comedic Drama Eccentric Daughter-in-law this Monday

KBS Mon-Tues drama I Remember You (Hello Monster) finished airing last week, a drama I consciously chose to ignore since I don’t like Seo In Guk and only watch Jang Nara dramas if she’s paired up with a leading man I adore. The ratings were low on that one with mixed audience reactions to the plot, which means KBS continued its recent streak of being the bottom dweller among the big three for that time slot. Up next is a drama that aims to jump outside the box a little and hopefully with it bring in higher ratings – Eccentric Daughter-in-law (The Virtual Bride) will only run for 12-episodes and be a “show within a show” format much like Producer. This will be interesting….

Starring Dasom of Sistar, she plays an over-the-hill idol who tries to rekindle her popularity by going on a reality show playing a fake daughter-in-law to a rich family. Think Cindy going on 1N2D in Producer. Playing her pretend mother-in-law is veteran actress Goo Do Shim, and rounding out the cast are Ryu Soo Young and Ki Tae Young as the male leads with Son Eun Seo as the rival second female lead. I really like both Ryu Soo Young and Ki Tae Young, and usually both play second male leads who never get the girl. so this time I’ll check this out just to see one of them get a happy ending LOL. I actually think the drama looks hilarious from the previews, very sitcom-ish and that’s right up my mood as summer comes to a close.

Previews for Eccentric Daughter-in-law (The Virtual Bride):


KBS Premieres 12-episode Comedic Drama Eccentric Daughter-in-law this Monday — 50 Comments

  1. koala… you should try to watch i remember you… that drama did have flaw and low rating however it got brilliant plot and great chemistry among casts. Really sad it already end. I believe that writer really nailed it this time.

    • Well of course because it’s not a fluffy rom-com loved by majority of people.It makes you ponder of complicated issues like morality,justice,justification,right or wrong etc.While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying fluffy shows,it’s a pity that there are so few people to appreciate something deeper and different.

      • I agree, IRY is one of the best dramas from this year! Plot, acting, camera, everything was top notch!

      • +1 IRY was such an intelligently written and well cast drama (main to side characters) with a beautiful soundtrack – such a hidden gem of a drama.it is such a pity it was so under appreciated generally!

  2. I agree. It doesn’t treat viewers as if they are dumb. I respect that despite the low ratings, they’ve never swayed from telling the story the way they want it. Awesome bromance!

  3. “i remember you” is one hell of a drama…i am really shocked that you really dont like seo in guk..but you will definitely like him in this one…

  4. Wow..I remember is such a good drama ,and SIG is such an underrated actor ,way better then those big named actor,sad a good drama got barried like this

  5. I never understood when someone skips a drama solely because of a particular actor/actress without giving it even a try unless that actor/actress is a terrible human being in real life.

    Anyway I Remember You is a really well-written and well-acted drama no doubt.I’d recommend it even if you don’t like SIG,because while he still has room for improvement, I don’t think even his anti-fans would say that his acing is terrible.Plus D.O. was awesome here.

    • Well, I can understand. If there is no particular draw to a prject and it has lead acter/actress I don’t like, than I skip it too.

      But, I love SIG and I also loved I remember you. I’m a bit obsessed right now.

      • no I meant when it’s ‘only’ because of the actor.I’ve heard people saying they are going to pass a drama because they don’t like the lead actor/actress THOUGH the premise sounds interesting/drama is high rated/received good reviews.

      • @Narina: That depends on the actor. For example, I watch Tom Cruise movies, despite him, because some of them are really good and even if I don’t like him I usually enjoy his performances. And than there is Channing Tatum. No, just no. I don’t think he is attractive or a good actor. So I was really displeased when he was cast in the X-Men franchise. So I think I will have to skip the Gambit movies. I just can’t take him seriously.

  6. I watch JNR if she’s paired with an actor I’m okay with though. My biases never act together. That’s why I watched almost all her dramas. I wasn’t a fan of SIG but I can totally see people falling madly in love with him (and Park Bo-gum) following IRY, which is in my opinion arguably one of the top three dramas of the year.

    • Ah Park Bo-gum! How can I forget him?! He was the brightest star of this drama and as you said,I became a fan of him although this is the first time I’ve seen him.

  7. Quite honestly, I Remember You didn’t do much for me. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the plot premise was great and (some of) the actors had great chemistry but I thought the pacing was slow. My residual thoughts of watching it is somewhat similar to watching a high brow, cerebral independent movie… I feel smug that I watched it (and understood it) but it didn’t fill me in any emotional way like a s****y thriller or fluffy romcom does. I’m just lowbrow common that way!

    • You are making a good choice!

      I have watched both episodes and Dasom is just plain irritating! She is no eye candy, her characterisation is over exergerrated. If this were a real reality show, I can see why she would be a has-been. I have not heard of her before this drama so I don’t really know how popular or unpopular her girl group is but I’d won’t buy her albums.

      As for the rest of the cast, just plain bland. This story is a poor adaption of the Japanese drama I’ve Been Married to Hell which was both entertaining and well written.

  8. Oh IRY is one of the better dramas that I have watched this year ..and tourney me into seo in guk and park bo gum fan..I recommend it ..highly

  9. Even though IRY achieved low ratings, it was a well acted drama from all the main actors and the two playing killers were creepy. Park Bo gum can turn from sweet to sinister really quick and loved his interaction with in guk

    The next show dasom looks like she can’t but I’ll still it a try even though I don’t like her

  10. I quit I Remember You not because I don’t like the actors but just not my type.

    KBS viewers are out of the case. So, I won’t surprise if this drama has higher ratings. The drama like Unkind Women which acted by three strong ladies had higher ratings before. And this drama has ‘the mother in-law’ theme which is very ‘family-theme’ type. So, it suits for KBS viewers more lol….

  11. I don’t like Seo In Guk, but you must watch I Remember You. It’s so criminally underrated and it’s so damn good. Give it a try, who knows this one will be a drama that makes you like him more.

  12. I Remember You is one of the best dramas of 2015 and by far the most underrated. It’s unique and fresh and has a fantastic female lead character. I never cared much for Jang Nara until I saw IRY but I love her in this. And the romance is really realistically well done – there is a lot of respect between the OTP rather than the frequest neanderthal behavior we get from a male lead.

  13. I wondered why there were so many comments on a less buzzed show like Eccentric daughter in law. Just because of a line “I don’t like SIG”

    LOL…this is the reason why Koalas so blatantly writes hate.dislike for some actors….more hits, more comments 😉

  14. Koala……of course you can drop or start watching a drama according to your own liking but don’t write a drama as good or bad without knowing anything about it. I Remember You is one of the best written dramas of the year so far. Sure, it had minor errors and the finale might have been a bit too open ended but still in terms of writing, story-telling, acting…it was a great drama. Everyone, every single actor acted well beyond my expectations. Seo In Guk, Park Bo-Gum, Choi Won-Young were excellent. Jang Nara, if you’re such a fan then you should definitely check it out because Cha Ji-An was a bundle of bad-ass, smart, funny, crazy and totally a cliche free heroine. She was a breath of fresh air. Watch it if you can becuase it was damn good.

  15. This drama doesnt look very interesting. Maybe it will be funny and light, which is a good think if you are in the mood to watch that kind of dramas, but Damson… why would I do that to myself?!

      • Lol. I thought the previews after IRY were really irritating too. Definitely skipping this. And I say IRY is really good..really loved it. Park Bo Gum is awesome. And JNR’s character is so godamn bad ass given her small frame.

  16. I remember you is one of the best drama this year,it’s so well done and I’m so impressed with all the actors,the writing and directing of this drama. I love SIG especially in this drama.

  17. Ah koala, I agree with what the others said here, you should give I Remember You a try. I’m not really a SIG fan (I only watch him in Reply 1997 and Master Sun, and I think he did just ‘good’ there, no more no less). But I try to give it a shot because the premise sounds good and there’s PBG too in it. And it didn’t dissapoint me at all. The drama has flaws, yes. But I agree that it was one of the best this year despite the low ratings. The romance were written realistically between the OTP, and they didn’t give us an over-romance at all. They stick to the main plotline rather than adding more to the romance. I have to admit that SIG matured a lot as an actor in this drama. JNR and Choi Won Young did an awesome work too. But I think it’s PBG who really shines in the drama, his portrayal is just awesome. I’m going to watch Reply 1988 just for PBG sake. LOL.

    I don’t know if I want to watch this one though, not really a fan of mother-in-law centric stories. Might give it a shot because I love Ki Tae-young. 🙂

  18. Gosh it looks funny but Dasom’s acting is really realy questionable in the preview.

    Is it only me that i find Remember You super average. I thought it would be super deep police/ detective drama but it was just so typical. I’m sorry but Jang Na Ra is really bland here and she lacks The chemistry with her male lead here.

    It’s funny when their fave drama got low rating it’s always “people watch online nowdays so the rating doesn’t count” “this doesn’t suit ahjumma taste” but when it’s their fave drama which got decent rating “the drama and the cast deserve this high rating!” “No wonder it’s ranked first!”

    Anyway i find I remember You okay but it’s really really slooooow

    • Agree with you. I watched three episodes of I Remember You. I’m not hating SIG or JNR and not also big fan of them. I watched because I always give it try all the dramas that I find interesting. Maybe it just me, but the plot is too slow. I like female character but not the male lead character (again, character and not the actors). So…I quit after few episodes.

      • I agree with you too actually. The first couple of episodes were slow for me. Surprisingly, it gets better after it. Thankfully i stick with it. But each to their own. Surprising how you say you like the female character though, cause the highlight for the female lead comes much later in ep 6 or 7 when she fought off the guy like it’s normal. A very realistic fight, cause she takes quite a few beatings and being thrown around herself.

      • That is actually understandable. I almost dropped IRY because the first 4 episodes were so slow, I had to keep on pausing and did something else before continuing with it. Honestly, I only started getting hooked to it from episode 6 onward. I think IRY is that rare case where a drama is getting better later after a string of slow-paced, draggy episodes rather than being fun in the earlier episodes and fizzled out towards the end like many others.

    • No It’s not only you! I didn’t love IRY either and I am genuinely wondering what everyone saw in it that I didn’t. (Saying that, I didn’t love You From Another Star either (Oh the Blasphemy!). Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed watching it but it’s been a while since I was seriously addicted/ die-hard loved a drama.)

      I must be really hard to please or simply heartless! I sincerely want to love IRY just so that I can join in with the lovefest! I like both Jang Na Ra and Seo In Guk so Why?? WHY??

  19. I’m planning on watching this show but, like everyone else, I recommend I Remember You. I am a Seo In Guk fan now and Jang Nara was badass. It was a hit amoung online viewers domestically and internationally

  20. I was hardly a SIG fan too but i believed he did a decent job. IRY wasn’t such a common thing in KDrama world anyways. It sometimes felt like a Japanese drama or a Kdrama in a cable station.

    I might be a bit bias cause i watch this purely for JNR, since i love her in Fated. I think she’s likable in all her performances because of the sincerity she portrays (Post China venture). Feels like she’s the character itself. But fall in love with PBG like immensely. IRY is a good watch. A gateaway from typical Kdramas cliche.

    A question about how environment or genes will affect one upbringing. I adore PBG to death now. Might even try the dreaded Reply 1998 for him.

  21. I am so looking forward to this drama. I have never seen Go Doo Shim in a comedy before for one. And I love both Ryu Soo-Young and Ki Tae-Young. Love that it is only 12 episodes too. Sounds like a fun comic relief. I like DaSom in Melody of Love. (but I did not finish watching that drama. I seldom have patience to complete long dailies unless very well written)

  22. Won’t watch it, it’s not my tatste but like the most ppl here i reccomend watching IRY if only for PBG who totaly stole the show for me. i agree that the first episodes were slow but it really got better after that. also SIG (improved much), JNR (nice female lead and not candy one), JWY (stellar acting) are worth to mention since they did a good job here. overall that was an interesting drama that be a pity to miss cause one actor is not so likeable to one’s taste.

  23. I don’t t usually insist for people to watch any shows as everyone has their own tastes, however Ms K, I think you should give I Remember You a try as it is in my opinion, hands down the best written show this year. I read your blog and the impression I get is you usually like well-written shows, amongst other reasons as well. Aside from being well written, the casting was good, acting was great especially from Jang Nara, directing was good, and of course Park Bogum was hitting out of the park for his age. Just didn’t want a Gem Blogger to miss out on a Gem of a Show. 🙂

  24. After seeing all the comments, I guess IRY is everyone’s bias drama of the year for anyone who watched it. lol! I have to admit I’m one of them. It was different and it got me out of my slump of disappointing dramas. Yes it was slow and maybe that’s why a lot of people dropped it. But that’s a good sign for a lot of time for character development in the drama. I love character development! I’ve had my share of cop investigation dramas too such as “You’re all Surrounded” and “Girl Who Can See Smells” where the only smart people are the leads. For IRY, it was promoted as a romcom but ultimately the romance wasn’t the center of the show but the mystery and cop investigations. I believe they did a good job of making each case cohesive and did not stray away from the main plot. And everyone wasn’t a dumb cop for once! They actually improved as the story progressed. We’re not forcing you to watch it Koala (it’s totally up to you though we hope you do) but sharing and writing our enthusiasm of a great show from one drama lover to another. =)

  25. LOL… the post is about new drama.. but everyone are commenting about Hello Monster/I remember you. I have to say… I AGREE WITH EVERYONEEEEE
    I SUPERRRRRRRRRR LOVEEE this drama, totally well written, great acting!!!
    It even cured my Seo In Guk allergy!!!
    Jang Nara was not the limelight here….

    Come one Koala… watch it for the bromanceeeee… the BROMANCE was great!!!

    I think it has more of a Japanese drama compare to a Korean drama, but this drama I highly recommend it :):):)

  26. This one is high on the substance – I didn’t expect that going in, so I am a happy lark when reality exceeds expectations. But they rushed it a bit at the end. I didn’t like the use of the time jump (again!?) and the OTP interactions looked cordial n obligatory at best. For one who loves kdramas for their ability to spruce up the rom-factor in most genres, it was most disatisfactory.
    The roles I have seen SIG take have a fun side, and he makes me laugh. But this one is different, thou he is still charming. 🙂

  27. IRY was an awesome drama.. Seo In Guk and Park Bo Gum (I’m totally a fan from now on!) were both amazing.

    I think I understand about Seo In Guk. I used to think he’s one of those actors who I love while watching something but then I promptly forget when he’s not active (I don’t wonder where he is). But I think it will be different after IRY…

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