Yoo Ah In is Intense and Kingly in First Stylish Teaser for Six Flying Dragons


SBS doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to sageuks, with rival network MBC always putting out at least one long sageuk a year and KBS doing well with shorter and buzzier fusion sageuks. Keeping that in mind, I am so so soooooo excited about upcoming Mon-Tues long sageuk Six Flying Dragons, which will take over for Mrs. Cop this October and is slated to run for 50-episodes well into spring of 2016. Starring the one-two punch of Yoo Ah In and Kim Myung Min, the drama depicts the founding of the Joseon dynasty and the powerful historical personages involved.

Yoo Ah In plays Yi Bang Won, better known as the third Joseon leader King Taejong, while Kim Myung Min is famous political mind and warrior Jung Do Jeon who helps the Yi Bang Won’s father King Taejo start the Joseon dynasty. The drama tells of the early days of the Joseon dynasty and the political power plays in the courts and environs of a fledgling nation. Rounding out the cast is leading lady Shin Se Kyung as Yi Bang Won’s love interest, Jung Yumi as Jeon Do Jung’s wife, Byun Yo Han as Jung Do Jeon’s bodyguard, and Yoon Kyun Sang as Yi Bang Won’s bodyguard. The cast is exceptional as is but watching the first riveting teaser had me squealing with excitement, it looks just that good.

First teaser for Six Flying Dragons:


Yoo Ah In is Intense and Kingly in First Stylish Teaser for Six Flying Dragons — 20 Comments

  1. BRUUUUUUUH. it looks so awesome even SSK can’t make me not watch this. i will endure for YAI and JY.


      • i do like her in GWSS and Iron Man. For me, she is better if shes given rom-com role. but im not sure for heavier role. but YAI and KMM will mostly carry the weigh pf this drama, so i think i will give it a try

  2. YESH!! YESH That Butt Chin is back <3!!! Love Yoo Ah In. The teaser and the cinematography look amazing!! Also, the picture of the red face dude scared the hell out of me, reminding me of Incidious Lol.

  3. Yoo Ah In is slaying Korea with his movie “Veteran” right now. It surpassed 9 millions and will be crossing 10 million admissions soon this week! He’s the “it” in town. I’m so excited for this drama solely because of him!

  4. Don’t forget he also has the Sado movie that is set to be released soon, or has it already? That looks to be a box office hit too! He’s slaying both movie and dramas. He was an awesome cheona in Jang Ok Jung although it was a failure but in my eyes, both Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee were amazing, the script was just a HUGE train wreck. Please let this be good dramagods !! I’ll even sit through 50 episodes for YAI.

    • Jang Ok Jung was not a hit, but not a total failure. the script was not that good but the rating is not really bad considering who is JOJ in Korean history. but the chemistry between YAI and KTH was one of the factor save this drama from a total failure.

      i love YAI and him alone make me excited.

    • although not Yoo Ah In, there is supposed to be a male character that likes to cross-dress and put makeup on, so hope it can console you

  5. look like planning and filming ahead is worth it
    great promo – yoo ah in is great as usual cant wait to see the rest of the cast

  6. I watched fashion king (lmfaooo ) even though it was a very terrible drama ,I can’t even dent ssk and YIA had chemistry, I’m looking forward to this drama

    • really? good, i hardly find any good thing about that drama esp ssk…at least there is a little hope on their chemistry.. i liked her chemistry with yoochun though in tgwss

  7. I don’t know why SSK is getting so much flak. She’s improved with every role for the past few years. Give her a chance to prove herself in this historical drama. She redeemed herself in TAZZA 2 that I wished it was a drama instead. I have yet seen her latest drama (not a fan of Yoochun). I thought her portrayal was okay in Fashion King but the writers/direction were at fault. Her chemistry then with Yoo Ah In was awkward but it wasn’t awful–once again, I blamed the writers/direction. I’m excited to see them reunite though.

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