Glamorous Temptation Holds Script Reading and Starts Filming Childhood Portion with Kim Sae Ron and Nam Joo Hyuk

There’s nothing wrong with deciding to watch a drama for any personal reason, however big, small, or totally nonsensical. In the case upcoming MBC 50-episode weekend drama Glamorous Temptation, my decision to watch for the first ten episodes featuring the teen portion for Kim Sae Ron seems like a perfectly legit and safe choice. Usually dramas start off better than it ends, so checking out the childhood episodes actually has a higher chance of tuning in for the good stuff.

I also have a soft spot for Nam Joo Hyuk, who may still need vast amounts of acting improvement but is certainly not beyond terrible in my eyes. The youngsters have started filming already, but a table script reading was held last week with the full cast, including adult leads Joo Sang Wook and Choi Kang Hee. Just the thought of Nam Joo Hyuk morphing (shrinking?) into Joo Sang Wook has me in stitches, one of those transition castings that make zero visual sense other than the drama chose to cast them in particular. Same goes for believing that Kim Sae Ron grows up into Choi Kang Hee, their aura is so different as to be night and day.


Glamorous Temptation Holds Script Reading and Starts Filming Childhood Portion with Kim Sae Ron and Nam Joo Hyuk — 11 Comments

  1. Totally agree with you and also one of the reason i might jjst check out thia drama, kim saeron and maybe nam joo hyuk.

    And i just dont get castingwith such big disparity from the younger version and the older version, not just in looks but in aura. Additionally i always get frustrated when i come to love the younger version so much, but when they get the older version in they fall short of what of what i expect from the character, like it feels like a different person all together. Like a killer gold swing without a follow through. There is no continuity, such a turn off.

  2. Not to thread hijack, but apparently the male lead for Moon Geun Young’s new drama is… Yook Sung Jae. I have no words right now. Kim Jae Wook and On Joo Wan need to bail.

    • I’ve been reading up on it. The article says male lead but I’m not sure about that. Will have to wait and see, and even if he’s the male lead it is likely just as the detective in the mystery side. I totally don’t see him doing any sort of love line with MGY.

      • Oh god, I hope not. But I’m pretty sure the 28 year old policeman is supposed to be the male lead? Why do Kdramas hate Kim Jae Wook so much ?!

    • I like Yook Sung Jae. But no. Just no. He can act but no. Haha. I’m fine with either KJW or OJW though I’m leaning more on Joo Wan.

      • Yeah, I’m not hating on YSJ at all – he needs to take age appropriate roles (maybe everyone suitable said no?) and there’s just no way he’s going to pass as a policeman.

    • Sigh. I’ll probably do the same. I love JSW but even with him and KSA, I wasn’t able to finish Masked Prosecutor. I might change my mind but the premise just sounds meh to me(even if I do like melo).

  3. this will decide how I see Nam Joo Hyuk as an actor. I loved him first at Surplus Princess (such a cutie!) and excited to see him in School 2013 but he was so stiff in that drama even overshadowed by an idol. People said it is because the script. Now with different script, is he going to be good, decent or bad? If not good, i thought he should refrain himself being a leading actor in the dramas, for his own good. He can build his capacity by being supporting actor (like this time) and he can avoid netizen hate (for his latest role).

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