Yook Sung Jae Cast in SBS Drama The Village and is the Perfect New Face of Outdoor Brand Black Yak

Oh lordy, who doesn’t love this precious precocious boy? Yook Sung Jae is having a breakout year thanks to his second male lead turn in school drama Who Are You: School 2015, a nice reminder that it’s not always an automatic loss to play second fiddle when the role in question is juicier. I’m not sure Yook Sung Jae could have made Nam Joo Hyuk’s character any more thrilling if he played Han Yi An, but I’m still happy Yook Sung Jae created a fun and memorable Kong Tae Kwang.

While Nam Joo Hyuk has been scooping up drama castings since School 2015 wrapped, as a supporting character in Cheese in the Trap and the teen version of the male lead in Glamorous Temptation, lucky for fans Yook Sung Jae will also be joining another drama before 2015 ends. Yook Sung Jae has just been confirmed to play a detective in upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama The Village, joining Moon Geun Young, Kim Jae Wook, Shim Eun Kyung, and Jang Hee Jin. This is most excellent news! To celebrate, enjoy the pitch perfect just released pictorial of Yook Sung Jae for outdoorwear brand Black Yak. He makes me want to get outside and play.


Yook Sung Jae Cast in SBS Drama The Village and is the Perfect New Face of Outdoor Brand Black Yak — 18 Comments

  1. He looks so cute! I’m really looking forward to this project. Don’t know why but I think of Silent Hill when I hear about this drama. I hope it’s like a psychological, mystery drama. But above all that it’s good!!
    I’m a bit confused about who’s the leading man in the drama? Is it Kim Jae Wook or Jang Hee Jin?

  2. Oh I just luff him..and m so delighted he is getting good roles.. But him as a lead instead of Kim jae wook.. I dunno it does not feel right

  3. go for it! this is better project sungjae ! not a school boy character good! hahaha since his leading lady is not underage definitely there should be a kissing scene in the lips whahahaha go go take the project! take it!

  4. koala, do you know how he is casted as Gong Taekwang in School 2013? It actually quite unique because when he came to audition, when he said he is from BtoB, the director asked “what is btob? I’ve never even heard of it” (for audition purpose, to see how is he going to react). He is quite angry and just burst out, “We’re working as hard as we can, isn’t it bit much [to say that]?”
    The director seeing him losing his temper, immediately cast him as Gong Taekwang because he is very fitting with that role. So I can’t see him as Han Yian, because he is born for Gong Taekwang.
    PS: I actually thought maybe that’s why role Han Yian fit Nam Joo Hyuk so much, if that how they casted.

    • Yeap he was totaly perfect for the role. even if as han yi an he could end up with KSH he wouldn’t fit cause he has fire in him, something that NJH lacks. but still i don’t get why they wouldn’t let him end up with her in the end..

  5. I’m so glad for him to be in that drama. i would watch it since MGY in it but the fact he is cast too will make me watch it for 100%. the question is..is he secomd lead? main lead? and what about KJW?

    anyway..i just love the boy.

  6. still piss he didnt get the lead role in school. pretty sure he can pull off any char he play. unlike Nam Joo Hyuk who cant show emtion/cant act for shit. he almost ruin the drama for me with his bad acting. if not for yg he would never see any role after his bad acting in school.

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