Huang Xiaoming Reportedly Starring in Cruel Romance Spin-off with Leading Lady Park Shin Hye


I’m taking this rumored upcoming Chinese-Korean collaboration drama with a grain of salt, but more on the casting than on the drama actually happening. Word on the street is that Chinese A-list actor Huang Xiaoming, who is getting ready for his upcoming big-budget wedding to fellow C-actress Angelababy (Yang Ying), is pretty a spin-off drama to his recent period drama hit Cruel Romance (錦繡緣華麗冒險). The drama will be called 錦繡緣璀璨年華 and currently doesn’t have an English title so I’ll just call it Cruel Romance 2 for now, and will be set in the extravagant and glittering world of antiques and jewelry dealing in period China.

The lead character set up is apparently going to crib from the Cruel Romance OTP, with a scrappy female lead meeting her romantic destiny with a powerful and commanding male lead – basically the Candy story with a bad boy turned devoted Romeo. China loves that very dynamic, and in addition to Cruel Romance another early Republic-era drama The Lady and the Liar also had the exact same construct, so the story line is way less interesting than the news that Huang Xiaoming will be pairing up with popular K-actress Park Shin Hye for this second go-around. Say what?

This drama production news is being reportedly on an insider Weibo account that nearly always leaks drama and movie casting news that ends up being true, so there is a good chance this drama is happening with these two reported leads. It’s not impossible for Park Shin Hye to do a C-drama when so many Korean acting talent have been doing so for the last few years, and opposite a big name leading man like Huang Xiaoming makes even more sense. I don’t think Park Shin Hye would look weird opposite Xiaoming, his real life wifey Angelababy is only a year older than Park Shin Hye in real life and they look fine together. I’m more worried about Park Shin Hye getting saddled with an annoying character who can’t do anything right and ends up always needing to be rescued, which is how the lead damsel always turns into in one of these period romance flicks.


Huang Xiaoming Reportedly Starring in Cruel Romance Spin-off with Leading Lady Park Shin Hye — 67 Comments

  1. NOOOO PLEASE NOOOO! Leave the ship, both of them. That drama was soooooooo bad. I was so dissapointed. Please find a better project. X(((((

    • I concur! Both Cruel Romance and Lady and the Liar ended up being colossal messes. The male leads were surprisingly okay, but the female leads were a new level above “candy” that bothered on stupid ?

  2. Everyone wants PSH, Korea or China.
    But please stay away from these remake and sequel. You can do better!
    And the Cruel Romance was so bad, why do they want another one?

  3. I agree with the others. I was surprised at how bad the drama turned out as a whole. Especially considering how many years of acting experience Joe Chen and HXM have. HXM acted too much. Very Hong Kong chok.

    You really have to detach logic and any sense of reality while watching the drama. There was a scene where Joe Chen played the piano with gloves out of the blue. [Hint to the producer/director(s) : There are reasons why you never see any halfway decent pianist playing the piano with gloves. I guess they don’t want the drama to remind people of the real life. Joe Chen playing the piano was every bit as unconvincing as she did wielding her gun. ] But apparently the drama was reasonably popular in Mainland, and that was enough to ride the gravy train to the bitter end, wherever that might be.

    • You wrote exactly what I was thinking. I preferred Lady and Liar too. I just wished the main girl lead was stronger. If I had to chose any remake, my favorite was Destined to Love You. Joe Chen was much better in that drama.

  4. Who’s lead actor…….must work/acting..harder to save lead actress Park Shin Hye who’s lack acting! Specialy in romantic story, Park Shin Hye work hard but she could not make it! OVERRATED!

  5. Hope Koala reviews Shinhye in her 3MAD appearance. Agree about her being fierce in real life. Very charming and natural in that kind of setting, besides being beautiful sans glamour and make up! And showing how great it is to just enjoy making and eating the food she makes.

  6. I want to ask you koala a bout more realistic news about shin hye ‘s next project Movie Hung .
    For me I wish shin hye to concentrate on graduation and if she will do new projects I hope she will pick something outside the remakes and sequels zones , I hope that she will do new , refresh and womanly story.

    • Apparently she has confirmed her participation in the Kmovie “Hyung” recently.
      Yes, I do agree with you that she needs some “kick-ass” roles to shed her poor school girl image. BTW, you guys who keep saying that she is just getting media sympathy, please do realize that it is how the script is written, okay!!

  7. Park Shin Hye popularity never comes from her own talent, she got it through other names, best example Lee Min Ho, and all her projects are for kids in school, to them she is very talented.

    • What ???
      Her popularity before min Ho honey she is known since she was 16 years old .
      She had many shows not for kids in school if you don’t know just don’t talk.

      • You forgot I thing-MEDIA PLAY, she is the only Korean actress that using media sympathy, and it becomes annoying already.

      • & media play how ??? & to gain sympathy ??? she doesn’t need sympathy she is happy , natural & healthy without anything to worry about … don’t use your illusions to make fake stories about others if you have something just show it if you not ignore her articles .

    • SECOND this! 🙂 and YES! Lee Min Ho is the best example.. Hope someday she will be known by her acting skills (which she’s a lacking) not because she’s been paired with famous actors..but she’s fun to watch in variety shows tho. 🙂

      • Hahaha that is funny you know why if Lee min hoo is the cause of her popularity why other actresses who they work with him got the same attention ?????
        If you just said she work beside flower boys with lacking in acting and bcz of them she got this popularity then why other don’t have the same reaction ????
        Seriously you are talking as you watched all shin he’s works and don’t mention for me names of her dramas or movies bcz it is easy copy paste the names I agree her choices need to be changed for roles and I wish her next work will be with an actor without any flower boy nature or has complainers who complain every where .
        IF HER POPULARITY BCZ FLOWER BOYS DO YOU THINK a 13 years old child actress will continue in this industry based on this factor only without huge famous company and without wealthy powerful family to help her ?????
        For me I don’t think that shin he ”s popularity bcz flower boys they are just factors and the main reason is her hardworking to be in this place right now you can’t buy the love of the people anyway .

      • yeah until now he is still the BOF boy in Korea haha.
        And like I said she was known before him and has the power that make her leading stars more popular…
        They only get bigger after working with her

    • plz PARK SHIN HYE dont need that over rate actor to help her. she already popular before dude even act in his first drama. oh if anyone need help it him. if not for his luck role in BOF dude would still be unknow. so who the one that need high school drama to help him get popular.

    • Funny when the stars got big or bigger after acting with her… Yet pathetic fan girls claiming she using the guys names.
      JGS, JYH became huge after YB with her
      LMH wasn’t doing well with Faith but got bigger than ever after Heirs with her…

      Sure telling yourself Pinocchio is for kids to make you feel better
      In case you don’t know many of her fans are a lot older and have stable jobs.

      • How can I forget KWB? He got big too even just being her 2nd lead, same with Yonghwa back in You’re beautiful.
        This girl is something

        Your oppas are lucky if they get to work with her

    • omg. You’re just down from sky? or just watching Heirs, then talking like you know clear about Shinhye?. Tell you this. Dont say like that anymore, because it’s very stupid and shallow-minded. You know what about her talents? A lot of hotboys and LMH also, dont have much talents beside acting, just count it by yourself (if you trully know). And if you said LMH is an example, so why Park Min Young, Goo Hye Sun are not so big? even Kim Hee Sun and Son Ye Jin?. If LMH have… “magic” to make girls beside him SHINING, so no exception with anygirl he touch. You CAN NOT see a good side from Shinhye, it doesn’t mean she’s not good. Famous is not something can just make but keeping. Trully, your thinking is childish and even younger than kids who you talked about. Man… I tell so detail and long…. can you understand it?

  8. “I’m more worried about Park Shin Hye getting saddled with an annoying character who can’t do anything right and ends up always needing to be rescued, which is how the lead damsel always turns into in one of these period romance flicks.”

    THIS. The amount of hate she is getting(still!Jus like the comment above from oppa’s fangirls)for her CANDY role in Heirs is already at its ridiculous height, that i don’t really want her to do an another one. After such a long hiatus, i would love to see shinhye in some kickass,meatier role. I hope she make a wise decision.

    • she took heirs because of kim eun suk, who can’t say no to that famous writer??unlucky, poor her for having poor character writen in heirs, but thanks to heirs, her popularity become so huge as well as the other casts.

      yes,she must be wise in taking role in dramas,because in the mind of those crazy fangirls and haters of heirs-she will remain the candy crying eun sang.glad she took role choi in ha in pinocchio, i wish she’ll do sageuk and prove her critics and haters.

      But of course, first, a good offer must come first,as i read she really wanted to take an action role,stronger characters, even in heirs she mentioned that if given, she would rather to portray more the bitchy character of kim ji won-rachelle there.

      i’m a fan of her, i hope she will have a good offer drama and good luck in choosing the right project that will cement her name as a good actress.

  9. I think it’s the other way around…..LMH, LJS, The guys from YB , and others became more popular after they paired up with PSH….even Kim Woo Bin and that other actor from Pinocchio. And it seems all of these people have nothing but praise for her as an actor and person. One must read what directors who worked and have not even worked with her have to say about acting, I think they know more about that than us, don’t you think ?

  10. agreed with u all. Park shin hye. dont need actor to make her popular.
    it the actor that need her. so crazy fangirl better get the stepping. if not for park shin hye those oppa of your would still not be well know. so u should thx park shin hye for making your oppa popular.

  11. Pinocchio already has more than100m views on Youku(Chinese site).Pinocchio was sold to China for $280,000USD per ep.that is 8 times more than YWCFAS

  12. PSH!,please do not accept the offer for that Chinese drama.Shin Hye is a very good actress.You can watch her in Stairway to Heaven and Tree From Heaven when she was just 13 and 16 years old. she can do everything from heavy drama.musical ,cute,funny cooking and dancing.WHat more can the critics ask for?

    • Park shin hye already accept movie “hyung”

      So.. please dont worry, I believe she will make good decision to her work future, always support shinhye guys ?

  13. No no no no please no. Park Shin Hye cant act and i find her acting annoying, She always play the same role so please no. I hope she turn it down

    • And by the way I have surprise for you she will do a movie guess with who ???
      She will do a Hyung movie with John June Suk and D.O so I to be more happy this exclusive news are from me to you .

    • It’s none of your business, It’s her right. And you have right to choose watch or not. Dont make you uncomfortable by yourself anymore, let it go, let it go~
      Ah… Tell me about how same her roles is. I bet you cant do it right because it’s not true LOOL. Who say Minam, Kyuwon, Dokmi, Eunsang, Inha are the same, just give all details about those character. Please DETAIL PROOF not just say “same” “same” all times without thinking and checking.

  14. whoa whoa! i actually like this drama so the adaptation or different version with Park Shin Hye would be a mess. i personally don’t like her acting and they don’t make a good couple in general. I love the angsty emotion behind it all and i dont think she carries angsty our right.

  15. There are so many fans of Park Shin Hye and there are haters too. I’m one of her fans and btw she’s a good actress ever since Stairway to Heaven and Tree of Heaven. I can see that those are old comments above but I couldn’t just sit here and just read the comments of her haters. She has nothing to do with you because she’s famous and it’s true she worked hard and still working hard just to be Park Shin Hye today. Honey, you can google her name and take a look her achievements then come back here and try to comment something.

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