Second Teaser for The Village Offers Mystery and Danger Aplenty

Now that the casting decisions for upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama The Village has been digested after some time, it’s more constructive to move on to evaluating the promos and teasers trickling out from the network. Yongpal has been confirmed for a 2-episode extension to end at 18 episodes total, giving The Village another week to prep which is never a bad thing. I’m kinda finding it strangely cute that Kim Tae Hee‘s character in Yongpal just got a post-coma haircut that’s just like a less wavy version of the short bob that Moon Geun Young is sporting in The Village. It’s super cute on both ladies, making me wonder if that’ll be a new in-thing.

On a less superficial note, it’s nice that Moon Geun Young finally gets a cute hairstyle in a modern drama but it’s not going to matter much since in the latest teaser there is danger and secrets aplenty but I don’t see any romance potential anywhere. That’s a good thing for anyone worried about her getting less experienced and younger Yook Sung Jae as her male lead, and likely even better news for those wanting to watch a mystery thriller without getting distracted by awkwardly inserted romance breaks. Check out the second promo teaser for glimpses at the full cast and plenty of what’s going on quick edit appetizers.

Second teaser for The Village:


Second Teaser for The Village Offers Mystery and Danger Aplenty — 14 Comments

  1. Short hair cuts are hardly a new thing. It’s on and off every season so I don’t see how that can be the new “in”. Sooyoung is currently rocking it with the blonde.

  2. I am worried about them inserting random romance as to fill out the episodes, as I still think 16 episodes is too long to cover a murder mystery, though I guess, as everything it’ll depend on the execution of it. And this does sound interesting, so I’m hoping for good things, both from the story and from the actors.

    That said, I think I’d be okay with romance if it has a creepy vibe to it, like something that makes you go ‘does he love her or is he trying to kill her?’ as in ‘Suspicion’ or something. That could be fun.

  3. this looks intense, at first i didnt want to watch it cuz i couldnt accept sungjae as the male lead to our MGY, hehe.. no offense, but he’s such a talented young idol-turn-actor.. and the trailer seems promising soo.. alright, im now curious..

    the trailer reminds me of Kim Ha Neul’s blind.. thriller-romance is my cup of tea 🙂

  4. Looking back, Moon Geun Young has been casted in “cute” or just “plain” roles in dramas’s that were not top. The drama’s and movies with more “darkness” in it were the ones where she was at her best.
    Promising !

    And, while even Moon Geun Young gets older, this type of wholesome roles could keep her active for many years to come.

  5. Really looking forward it starts this drama, I’m really curious and want to know who the culprit 🙂 Moon Geun Young still excellent , can’t wait !!!

  6. I actually thought MGY was good in Cinderella’s unni. But I fell in love with her in Marry me Mary and thought she was amazing.The fact that both drama released in the same year and she managed to pull out a total opposite/different character, impressed me. I am looking forward to see how she is going to act in a thriller. I am prepared to be surprised. (coz she is the real deal).

  7. I am still trying to accept thatmy all time favourite Kim Jae Wook wasn’t included in this (as it was announced at first). Too bad, because he’s good. I’m not saying that SungJae is a bad actor, but he is way to inexperienced. I hope I won’t be disappointed.

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