Dispatch Catches IU and Singer Jang Ki Ha Secretly Dating for the Past Few Months

For those thinking Dispatch went on vacation or suddenly grew a conscience in the recent quiet few months, clearly it was laying low to spring a big one on the public. This “exclusive dating reveal” is second only to the Lee Min HoSuzy shocker this year, probably as big as Park Shin HyeLee Jong Seok, but the spot this dating leading lady occupies is more akin to Suzy’s super young girl-next-door echelon. Dispatch is reporting that 22 year old singer-actress IU is dating 33 year old songwriter-musician Jang Ki Ha after tailing them for weeks and catching them on dates together at each other’s residence.

I still remember the collective freakout over IU and Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk a few years ago, but then she was still underage and is clearly reached her majority now, so hopefully the public reaction will be less nuclear. I have no clue who this Jang Ki Ha is since I don’t follow the Korean music scene, but I like IU very much so hopefully she’s happy in this relationship. Apparently the couple have been dating for 7 months and connect through their mutual love of and involvement in the music industry. I think the age difference between them is along the lines of SulliChoiza, and based on pictures he actually gives off Choiza vibes, so I wonder if that’s just the type sweet singer girls go for these days.


Dispatch Catches IU and Singer Jang Ki Ha Secretly Dating for the Past Few Months — 37 Comments

  1. They actually have been dating for 2 years , not 7 months like dispatch said. Both IU and Jang Kiha posted to their fan cafes after the story was published admitting to dating for two years, and their companies said the same thing to the media after confirming with the two that they have been dating for 2 years. Apparently they started dating shortly after they met ( that last picture you posted was from when they met in 2013). I’m amazed that IU was able to hide it for 2 years.

    • Yeah, I’m counting this as a Dispatch LOSE – bragging they’ve uncovered a secret 7-month relationship only for the parties to come out and say, well, actually, it’s been two YEARS. mwahahaha

  2. You don’t have to follow K-pop to know him.He appeared in Running Man more than once and also played supporting characters in a few dramas.Not only they are dating for 2 years but also according to IU,it was love at first sight.I don’t know what you mean by his is the ‘type’ ‘sweet girls’ go for these days but they seems happy so I’m happy for them too.

  3. I think younger girls not looking for handsome face any more, they want real man. The reverse thing, unmarried older women love young handsome hunky dude.

  4. if anyone watched Heard It Through the Grapevine, his band (Jang Kiha and the Faces) is the one that did the end title song 🙂

    I love that IU had the brass balls to post so sincerely and frankly on her fan cafe instead of trying to play it down like so many celebrities do. You’d have to have a heart of stone not to wish her well after that….I don’t think it’s going to affect her popularity at all, given the stature she has as a musician and her own handling of the reveal that Dispatch forced on her.

    • I want to read it now… Even though I don’t really know the guy (don’t remember him in RM either), they look good together.

  5. Love Jang Kiha – he’s a talented musician with a real band that plays great music with a hilarious, quirky flavour. I really hope IU doesn’t get any flak for this – if anything my respect to her for choosing someone as down to earth, wacky, and talented as him. She’s always struck me as mature and sensible despite her cute “nation’s younger sister” image, so the age difference doesn’t bother me. Wish them all the happiness!

  6. The difference between Choiza and Jang Ki Ha is he is a respectable clean and very likeable artist in Korea. He is also famous for being smart coming from a Seoul U grad.

    While Choiza although is also a great musician from Dynamic Duo but his personality is not fond by Korean in general. Just by looking from his stage name – Choiza a.k.a big d*ck just rub the wrong shoulder.

    So Choiza =/= Jang Ki Ha.

    • Jang kiha also appeared on abnormal summit and his issue was ‘was he abnormal for not wanting to use English in his songs?’

      He did come across as super intelligent and yes, he was funny in potato star

    • Agree, look at both letters to fans.His writing skill is way below IU.
      An OLD TALENTED MUSICIAN without a single recognition.
      Is this the greatest century joke?

  7. IU deserves a much much better person than this guy who has done nothing remarkable during 33 years of his life other than winning IU’s heart.I am really disappointed!

    • You are joking right? Jang Kiha is the lead singer/songwriter of Jang Kiha and the faces and is very popular in korea in his own right even if he is not well known internationally. He is also a graduate of Seoul University, one of the top three universities in S. Korea. People haven’t been criticizing the relationship because they feel that the two are well matched and have a lot in common despite the age difference.

      • Is there any recognition (AWARDS/nomination/……)of his work in the country? How popular he is?How many viewers of his MV or any other form of recording over the internet? How many audiences in his concert(if any)

      • Grazymad: his debut single “cheap coffee” was a huge hit, it won “song of the year” of Korean music award aka Korean Grammy. his 2nd ablum won “album of the year” of Korean music award. He is a critically acclaimed, award winning musician.

      • HAPACALGIRL:Only 2 for his whole 33 years’ life,poor old JGH?????!!!!!!
        I think he has to put a lot lot more effort to catch up with his 22 years old young girlfriend in order to be compatible.

    • Both must be very “desperate”.One desperately waiting at home,another one desperately rushing from airport. Both are so “cute”

      • There are rumors that she was like that with her previous boyfriend when she was underage

      • Don’t worry as long as she don’t get pregnant or not accidentally leak controversial photo, she is still can carry on & her adjussi fans still can assume that she is still a virgin

  8. *scratches head* *checks if alcohol still in bottle*

    *looks at fans*

    *backs away slowly*

    *goes to the pub for a drink*

  9. man u haters are sooo dumb!! its not even funny!! the one who is pointing out that two awards means nothing in his 33 years…uh how old are you? n what great achievements do u have in ur bag??? seriously ky ukhara hai tumne????

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