C-ent Starts Wedding Watch on Cross-Border Couple Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu

With the Chinese celebrity wedding of the year over with now that Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy have tied the knot and set the bar yet another level high, fans and pundits are moving on to wedding watch for the next top star couple to head down the aisle. It does seem too soon to be speculating on Korean-Chinese cross border romantic couple Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu, what with them only confirming their relationship not too long ago. But a few factors make wedding watch probable rather than a stretch – they’ve dated likely longer than having gone public since they met filming The Third Way of Love last year, Song Seung Heon is going to be forty years old soon, and the two have been meeting family members in a sign of how serious it is. Crystal flew to Korea this past week to celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday and apparently meet his parents, while Song Seung Heon was snapped recently by tabloids having a meal with Crystal’s mom without Crystal attending. I’d love for these two to go all the way, though in terms of timing they might get beaten to the altar by Rain and Kim Tae Hee as wedding watch has been on those two for much longer.


C-ent Starts Wedding Watch on Cross-Border Couple Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu — 14 Comments

  1. i would say that she is plainly beautiful but in gorgeous and striking way. Even song seung hoon that is known as hottie in korean look a bit off compared to liu yifei striking beauty. For me, she is prettier than kim tae hee.

  2. They are both very good looking but hope they take time to make sure marriage is the best thing for them. I can only imagine the pressure they are getting from everyone including their loved ones.

  3. Is SSH can speak Chinese? Or Crystal Liu can speak Korean? Or both of them speak in english? I’m so curious about this thing. hahaha sorry

  4. Crystal looks darn good in a hanbok even more so than many Korean stars. She has that classic beauty look for these kind of outfits.

  5. My very best wishes to the beautiful couple. SSH is one of the most gorgeous kactors and I find KL equally beautiful. Despite so many critics about SSH acting prowess I still love him and something about Krystal makes me think that she is just as beautiful inside. Perfect couple. Can’t imagine how beautiful their kids going to be. Looking forward to the happy news.

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