Pinocchio Writer Park Hye Ryun’s Youth Piano Drama Page Turner Secures Broadcast with KBS

I still remember when I posted about screenwriter Park Hye Ryun‘s next drama a few months ago, and the ensuing debate in the comments section over what thematic element based on the title Page Turner. I naturally assumed it was a piano/music genre drama, but got lots of readers saying it could just as easily be about novels and writing. Either would be fine by me since I’m checking it out solely on the talent of Park Hye Ryun to tell a compelling story.

It would be great if she got an engaging ensemble cast together like she’s done for her last three dramas Pinocchio, I Hear Your Voice, and Dream High, two of which I loved and one that I skipped on watching but is most beloved by her fans. Her most recent two dramas were on SBS but for Page Turner she’s going back to her DH roots and writing a youth theme piano drama for KBS. The first two episode scripts are done and casting will soon be underway for a first half 2016 airing date.

I don’t mind Park Hye Ryun writing a youthful drama since Dream High proves that she can do it and make it work even with a cast half full of idols who can’t really act. The problem is that KBS youth dramas in recent years have been failing on an epic scale such as with Sassy Go Go, and even Who Are You: School 2015 didn’t get decent ratings other than some buzz with the younger audience. Other than Dream High, music themed dramas have also fizzled on KBS, witness the hyped up Tomorrow’s Cantabile and the collective disappointment that ensued, and let’s not forget Dream High 2 which should have never been approved in the first place. So I guess this means the bar is set really really high for Park Hye Ryun to show that her magic touch work can work on the ratings loser that is KBS and with a genre that is notoriously hard to bring in television set viewers.


Pinocchio Writer Park Hye Ryun’s Youth Piano Drama Page Turner Secures Broadcast with KBS — 10 Comments

  1. i read in twitter that it is a 3-episode drama. but not sure tho. ouh hope you cover the three miss ‘S’ (shinhye, sooyoung, sora) who attended jain song Hera Seoul Fashion Week today. they were so cute being chatty and all XD

  2. not a fan of music theme genre but since i love all PHR dramas apart frm d ones miss koala and i skipped,i’m all in.
    btw,i just read on naver that PMY is YSH’s leading lady in Remember.

  3. So i guess i watched all her 3 dramas. and i really liked them all. the last 2 the most. dream high was a bit slow in the beginning but it got better at time (and when KSH got more ascreen time lol, btw its my favourite role of him).

    the plot seems interesting. if it’s about teens and youth i think LJS won’t fit here? have to hear more about the drama.

    and about Sassy go go – yeah the ratings are bad but the is drama so so good! it is too bad it’s only 12 episodes. i wait for it every week and the cast really grew on me. if it continues in the right road i think it will be better than school 2015 (and i hope with better ending)

    • YES SASSY IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITEST THING PLAYING RIGHT NOW (esp since SWP started going down the toilet but the last thing to give me such FEELS was Healer) KIM YEOL IS MY ONE TRUE WUVVV hehehe

      @koala, you might like it too, if you gave it a shot!

      • Sassy Go Go looks like such fluff from the promos but it’s so much better than its promotional material could suggest.

      • I still like SWP more but yeah if things won’t advance there i think my new favourite wil be SGG lol

    • I agree though I find it a tad difficult. It’s less of an acting and more of a popularity contest in idol-land these days…

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