Yoo Seung Ho and Go Ara are a Saguek Romantic Dream in First Movie Stills from Joseon Magician

The movie gods clearly know how to whet my appetite for upcoming sageuk movie The Joseon Magician – more Yoo Seung Ho, please! The movie is part Joseon era royal politics and part road trip romance movie, with Go Ara‘s Joseon princess traveling to the Qing dynasty for her arranged marriage only to encounter love along the way with a traveling magician played by Yoo Seung Ho. It’ll be nice to have a sageuk movie not set primarily in the confines of the palace, and also less about plotting for the throne and more Joseon class romance obstacles.

It’s also funny seeing the official movie stills of the two leads side-by-side, confirming the brilliance of casting two of Korean ents well known coveted small faces to romance each other. The Korean public’s fixation on small v-shaped faces befuddles me, and has created the jaw shaving horror that is befalling too many stars, but when it’s all-natural as with Yoo Seung Ho and Go Ara, then I do get the hype over their prettiness. So so pretty indeed. I hope the princess picks the magician and the ending doesn’t end up with him six feet under and her in a loveless Qing marriage with language barriers.


Yoo Seung Ho and Go Ara are a Saguek Romantic Dream in First Movie Stills from Joseon Magician — 7 Comments

  1. I never knew yoo seung ho is only 22..He looks so mature in angsty roles..also with anyone older than him…he was good with yoon eun hye in ‘i miss you’.

    • I think he’s co-starred only with older actresses so far mainly because hardly any actresses his age or younger had moved into adult roles before he went off to the military.

      He’s like the little black dress of Korean entertainment pairings – he will look good with ANYONE.

  2. That eyes and lips. Kyaaa!! I’m melting. How can be he look so mature yet cute? This year, we will see a lot of different expression and character of YSH. From The Joseon Magician, Imaginary Cat, Kim Sun Dal, and now Remember.

    Errr! Do he still have a time to rest?

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