Dapper So Ji Sub and Cute High School Shin Mina in First Stills for Oh My Venus

Sophisticated sexy is one of my favorite leading man looks and the production of upcoming KBS drama Oh My Venus totally nails it for So Ji Sub. This drama will be crawling out of the ratings pits left by its predecessor Sassy Go Go, which currently resides so far below MBC makjang Glamorous Temptation and SBS sageuk Six Flying Dragons. It might not be mission impossible for OMV to garner some interest and traction – makeover rom-com She Was Pretty is doing comparatively gangbusters ratings for MBC on Wed-Thurs which might portend a wider appetite for rom-coms in general, in which case OMV is in luck at just the right time. it also doesn’t hurt for the drama to stack the odds with established and still totally gorgeous leads So Ji Sub and Shin Mina. The first official stills are out for both, with So Ji Sub rocking the suit and Shin Mina trying on her old high school uniform for size.

I’m a little wary of this drama dealing with weight issues, if it’s the same way She Was Pretty is dealing with looks issues, which is basically to joke about it and then resolve it with a magical makeover. Shin Mina reportedly plays a super cute girl in high school who ends up overweight as an adult and decides to join a gym to lose weight and regain control over her life, which is where she meets gym trainer to the rich and famous played by So Ji Sub.


Dapper So Ji Sub and Cute High School Shin Mina in First Stills for Oh My Venus — 18 Comments

  1. OMG, someone has to draw the line! I am a RN and have not hurt myself in 40 Years of nursing but now, I have to undergo surgery for a hernia repair! My age tells you nothing about me because everyone I tell, I am retiring thinks I am in my 40s! Let me tell you, two nurses of a nurse and an aide lifting 600 pound people, evidently is more than my little body can handle! That is like 75 percent of the patients on our little unit! I am holding off until spring then after that take a long vacation and work part time! My baby says, mom, I hope you do well! I said to her, little girl if I do not, you will be the first one to know because they will have your number!

    • i understand what you mean Actually thats not always true, winning doesnt mean more money. There are plenty of teams who win and dont have the brand behind them. The Florida Marlins can beat the Yankees in the World Series but it doesnt help Floridas attendance or suddenly make them a money machine. What little money Florida may have made off winning just gets pocketed by the owners anyway. The Yankees spend alot of money cause they take the money they make and invest it into the team. Thats what makes them successful. The big ESports teams do that as well. The Cubs havent won shit in 100 years but have a longstanding fanbase.
      The biggest thing the athletic leagues have is that they are in it together. Theres alot more involvement from all owners. To even sell a team, I think you need to get the owners approval too. Some teams pay alot in luxury tax because they are a top team and have an absured amount of money that gets funneled back to the smaller teams. So the Yankees paid the Marlins because the Yankees spend too much money. The Marlins in turn pocket that money and let their team flounder (even though they win). Sorry this all broken and probably terrible to read. Pretty much the athletic teams are together and decide if something is good for the game. Things like this firesale of teams isnt good for the brand.

  2. Just wanted to say SJS is gorgeous! I think a lot of people will check this out just to see SJS and SMN sizzle up the screen. Praying to drama gods not to waste two beautiful and talented people….please oh please!!!

  3. Oh Mamma mia! he looks hot! how i miss him. hope the drama will be good and get a great ratings! KBS deserves that and so are the leads!

  4. I am saying overweight people can be a hazzard to other people! It is perfectly clear and I should not have to spell it out! Why are people so afraid of a miniseries on weight! Read between the lines deat!

    • classic example of conversing but not talking to each other….

      Somehow you manage to turn the article all about you why we all got confused.

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