Classy Ha Ji Won Named Ambassador for the Traditional Korean Hanbok

This is as suitable a selection as any, short of landing Korea’s biggest traditional beauty export Lee Young Ae for the gig. The as pretty in modern or traditional attire A-list actress Ha Ji Won was just named ambassador for the hanbok, the ambassador thingie isย really becoming a thing she wears well since she was also named ambassador for the tax collection agency after she was lauded for always dutifully paying her taxes. Other than in sageuk drama Hwang Jin Yi, I don’t associate Ha Ji Won with the period look since she skews more modern for me in the roles that I like seeing her do. With that said, her looks are a lovely fusion of what is considered traditionally beautiful mixed with the modern preference for sleekness, so when she wears the hanbok there is a freshness about the whole look. This particular hanbok is one of the newer fusion styles and looksย so lovely on her, and vice-versa as she doesn’t let the volume overwhelm her.


Classy Ha Ji Won Named Ambassador for the Traditional Korean Hanbok — 29 Comments

  1. Haha, 6inches heels in Hanbook. I know she’s a really good actress and all, but she’s not that pretty and beautiful for a Korean actress, real talk! just saying, imo.

    • I would take her anytime of the day! I think her beauty is exotic, natural, badass, sexy with the combination of her aegyo. Yup, beauty is very subjective. No plastic dolls for me. Just saying.

      • for some people, if the actress doesn’t look like a “natural looking” living doll, she’s not pretty….

    • HJW may not be pretty in other peoples eyes, but I think her beauty is very versatile– her looks and beauty stands out in every outfit she wears. I’ve seen a k-actress wear a hanbok and her features (though pretty in simple wear) is taken over by her headress! But look at all HJW photos wearing hanbok she stands out beautifully!

  2. To each their own. I personally think HJW is very gorgeous and classy! I agreed with Koala that she looks great in both modern and traditional clothes!

  3. why are there suddenly rude commenters about Ha Ji-won, of all people?

    I think she looks beautiful in both traditional and modern dress. And those modern versions of the hanbok are lovely, and hopefully easier for people to wear than the full traditional Joseon-era versions. Even traditional dresses need to evolve and move with the times, that’s something they’ve always done.

  4. I tend to associate her with period looks since her roles in Damo, Hwang Jini and Empress Ki were far better than her modern roles imo.
    Don’t like this furry hanbok but the outfit she wore in the morning while attending the exhibition with Park Geun Hye was quite pretty!

    (About her looks, I’ve seen her irl multiple times before. Freaking gorgeous.)

  5. random, but her make up is really good on her. fresh and elegant.. good with her hanbok. really nice on her! eonni fighting, please comeback with a great drama. the last one is just ‘the time i regret watching’ eonni ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I wonder how the hanbok overall will look like if the fur jacket was taken off. More lovely, perhaps. Besides her versatility and super-efficiency in acting, I find Ha Ji Won full of charms. No wonder many Korean matinee idols chose her as an ideal partner to work with or better yet, their ideal woman. Even a slew of Korean actresses (including Park Shin Hye!) expressed the desire to work with her. Although when it comes to hanboks, my ultimate bias (I won’t mention the name of the actress in deference to HJW) reigns supreme in my opinion, being an ambassadress for hanbok truly befits Ha Ji Won. She looks lovely in hanboks as has been well-illustrated in her period dramas and best of all, she possesses this classic kind of beauty.

  7. i agree with u koala, jiwonnie really gorgeous in that hanbook. .for those bashers of Ha ji won, ignore them. .they really aint worth it. .

  8. Ha Ji Won unnie’s attitude and passion in acting are the values I admire from her. I can really see how much she loves what she does. I AGREE that beauty indeed is very SUBJECTIVE but it doesn’t mean that natural beauty is not beautiful at all. Sometimes what makes a person stands out is not about how beautiful she looks but most of the times it is how beautiful her personality is. ํ•˜์ง€์› ์šด๋‹ˆ๊ฐ€ ์˜ˆ์˜์š”!

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