K-movie Joseon Magician Unveils Beautifully Riveting Character Posters of Main Cast

Upcoming sageuk K-movie The Joseon Magician has been all about male lead Yoo Seung Ho in the promos, for good reason since he’s the titular Joseon Magician and this drama will be his first acting project since his military discharge. That’s almost three years with no Seung Ho-ssshi onscreen, can’t blame folks (i.e. me) for being fiendishly focused on him. He does have a really solid cast around him, starting with leading lady Go Ara, who makes her first solo appearance on the official promos for the movie with her character poster as the Joseon princess headed for wedded non-bliss with a Qing dynasty prince only to get waylaid by love with Yoo Seung Ho’s illusionist. Ara is hit and miss with me, but an onscreen presence that continues to improve even if she’s not yet able to rise above material or characters that aren’t as well written such as in You’re All Surrounded. But visually it’s going to be such a whiz bang treat to see her opposite Yoo Seung Ho, it’s basically catnip for K-netizens.

Aside from Yoo Seung Ho’s character poster which was release two weeks ago, Go Ara’s movie has been released along with that of Jo Yoon Hee, Kwak Do Won, and Lee Young Kwong. I do wish the backdrops of some of the posters don’t look so much like a photo studio with dark grey draping, the ones with some illusionist shading look so much better. Overall it’s a solid B+ for all the leads all projecting palpable emotions from their characters.


K-movie Joseon Magician Unveils Beautifully Riveting Character Posters of Main Cast — 8 Comments

  1. Ok, can anyone answer me this? And just to preface, I am not trying to say anything bad about anyone, but I would really like to know why Koreans think that completely straight eyebrows are pretty. I mean, on some actresses there is absolutely NO arching at all and it seems so odd to me as it makes their forehead seem larger. Is this considered a good thing? Again, I would just like to hear some thoughts about it because I’m really curious after seeing it so many times. Thanks!

    • It’s called “baby eyebrow” and my guess is that it makes their faces look softer, and in general, younger. Here you can read more about (mostly kpop) eyebrows fails.

      And Go Ara’s brows look unnaturally straight here because they’re thin and the edges are harsh and not blended. (Also they seem filled in with a sharpie or tattooed cause they look way too dark, adding to the “not right” feeling.)

    • Also, it has to do with the natural arch/shape of the brows. East Asian people tend to have straighter or more rounded eyebrows and shaping them into “Western” eyebrows can make it look very unnatural.
      I would have to agree though that Go Ara’s eyebrows seem a bit too dark and too straight. Instead of seeming youthful, it makes one look strict and reserved. However, if done right (nicely blended and filled in softly in a somewhat straight and slightly thicker way, but not too long) it creates the illusion of a more youthful face and bigger brighter eyes. Even though, for non-Asian people, we tend to look younger anyways.

      Hope this was helpful to you. xx

      • Yes, thanks to both of you I think I understand better now. Also, that article was helpful and interesting. You really can mess your brows up by messing with them too much! đŸ™‚

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