First Poster for Cheese in the Trap Captures the Beaming Smiles of Leads Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun

The first drama poster for Cheese in the Trap is an effortless breath of fresh air. Looking at it makes me feel cleansed, like so much manufactured connections and narrative tropes are washed away in the candid snap of leads Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun in a moment of drama production joy. The drama was followed closely during the casting phase, especially when less than ideal female lead names were bandied about until it finally landed with Kim Go Eun, but after it started filming the news dried up to occasional snippets of random coverage. I like that actually, this drama already has a intense fanbase of original webtoon fans, those who casually are interested in checking out what is billed as a different kind of college romance are less likely to be swayed when there aren’t as much chatter. So far the drama continues to look lovely, a simple sweetness that feels optimistically promising.


First Poster for Cheese in the Trap Captures the Beaming Smiles of Leads Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun — 2 Comments

  1. I like the pic still! it is really natural and show the vibe of the drama..

    PHJ and KGE look good together. hope their chemistry will be good as well and what i hope the most that the drama will be great since i love the webtoon so much.

    It’s a bit worring that in the end the drama will only be half pre-produced which makes me guessing that they can’t finish the schedule on time and later it can be influenced by the viewers but i won’t think about it now and pray it will turn out well.

    currently reading season 3 of the drama and a bit bummed that there are no new tranlations of the later epsiodes and seaon 4. hope the translators will pick it up before the drama start airing so we can read al least all the material that exist if the writer won’t end the webtoon yet (another thing that will be nice if happens so the scriptwriters won’t come with different ending)

    anyway..looking forward to 4th of january..two months from now!

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