Arbitrarily Fond Scheduled for June of 2016, KBS May Slot Another Drama After Descendants of the Sun

There’s a new latest and maybe not so greatest news about next year 2016’s K-drama Arbitrarily Fond. I have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes but this is one slippery eel in terms of locking down a time slot. Of course when it comes to K-dramas, stuff like casting, network, and time slot are all subject to constant change and is never finalized until the fat lady sings, so to speak, which usually means the drama airs. I’ve seen leads swapped out after filming has started, or even when the lead show up in all the drama posters but gets the boot afterwards.

Arbitrarily Fond with Kim Woo Bin, Suzy, and Im Joo Hwan is confirmed to air on KBS, but now the timing may get pushed back. It was originally going to follow after Descendants of the Sun on Wed-Thurs, with the 16-episode DotS airing in February after Merchant: Gaekju 2015. DotS would end at the last week of April, which places Arbitrarily Fond’s premiere at the first week of May. Now comes news that the production is placing PPL flyers listing the premiere for June 2016 with a scheduled 20-episode run. That means KBS will likely slot a different drama in between DotS and Arbitrarily Fond, and word has it KBS is putting Page Turner in the slot.

Arbitrarily Fond is still planning to start filming this December 2015, which might make it entertaining to watch come next June when the summer heat has arrived for the audience but the drama showcases beautifully chilly weather and fashion. I don’t mind, watching stuff like Winter Sonata in muggy August was one of those memorable watch experiences.


Arbitrarily Fond Scheduled for June of 2016, KBS May Slot Another Drama After Descendants of the Sun — 32 Comments

  1. I think the delay is good for them because they get enough time to film and prepare for there characters but it could also be bad for them bc Bu Bu Jing xin aka Moon Lovers the US founded Drama is preparing the largest and most star subbed cast ever in kdramaland going up against that would be bad fortune for AB. which I assume will air around june/july or august

    • they want to air BBJX-ML at once in Korea, China, the US and other countries who buy. we are talking about Universal studios but hopefully they will come after AF. to ambitious drama to go toe-to-toe with not only on tv-ratings which is little loss compared to the streams on international portals. I hope AF dodge that

    • Arbitrarily fond will do good unless it’s up against a higher profile drama such as moon lovers or saimdang: the herstory. there’s no news on moon lovers yet so we dont know how big their catch in terms of the star-studded cast. anyway i think (maybe) even AF go against those drama, it’ll only affect its buzz/ratings in korea but not china and other countries in general

      • Saimdang: The herstory won’t do good anywhere else except korea and AF could perhaps even beat that in korea since there drama is appealing but Moon lovers I think its whole another case bc they are aiming for International more then anything and KHN being the first cast who is popular himself since heirs could be the least popular since there will be casted 5 more male leads and 5 more female leads. I think they will mix things up with famous actors/actresses and famous Idols who act

      • There will be lead roles available for famous Idols? they will not get the bigger once like 4th or 8th or the female lead but there will be spots available for them aswell hoping some of my idol biases can fill these spots in this big project. please cast krystal as one of the prinsesse and I’m also hoping that choi minho gets one of the 13th or 14th prince for possible a romantic with Krystal. would also like Seolhyun in one of the others roles. I know the bigger once is reserved for actors and actresses

      • To @uri baekhyun…. Pfffft my head
        is aching by reading your comments. I’m sorry, but let’s put your idols in another dramas. In some high school dramas maybe. Prince 13th and 14th are not a random characters. Need capable actors. Thanks

      • @aleis it seems like you underlook saimdang too much. tht drama is even higher profile than AF who lead by lee young ae, a premium actress just like jun ji hyun (you cant even compare her to woobin and suzy), and it has been sold to overseas already check your fact before saying it will do no effect outside korea. Lee young ae wont chosose saimdang after a decade not doing drama if the story is not appealing. AF will be able to beat saimdang in korea? lol we’ll see. i wont reject the probability for the louder buzz by the bunch of teenagers and younger generation in online tho

      • Lee Young Ae? just because she is held high in korea dosen’t mean she is outside of it and don’t see saimdong chellenging AF outside of korea tbvh

      • No idea whether Saimdang will do good or not, but Lee Young Ae is highly regarded both in and outside Korea. Dae Jang Geum was immensely popular overseas.

      • It will air on SBS with PD of That winter and It’s ok that’s love in first half 2016

  2. Gosh, I wonder why. I mean it’s not like they’re not gonna have enough time to film, they have months! Does this sort of confirms is going to be fully preproduced?

  3. This new is not true. Moon Lover will air on SBS half of first 2016. Descendant of the sun will air late January or early Feb with 16ep. So next drama will start in early April end in late May.I hope AF move to another network.

  4. Is it mean of me that i still have hopes for suzy to opt out of this drama so another actress (emphasis on ACTRESS) get the part???

    • I’m not even suzy but this is really bad. I don’t know why some fans are so greedy by wanting there biases to be casted in everything that others has. very very jilly fans come around this place

    • ^Nope, Suzy and KWB were chosen by the writer herself. That’s why the first news released on the writer and lead actors first. She had picked all her actors for her dramas since before. She wrote their character according to their capability. It means that maybe your fave one not even on the writer radar at all. Try again later.

    • Me too..I find her acting very mediocre some.Don’t get the buzz on her really.I don’t have any bias either..just they could cast actors rather than taking her.

  5. Oh my.. joo hwan is the second lead against kwb? When will he ever goes back become the male lead in a drama?.. he’s a good actor…. but of course kwb is the more popular one.. sigh… no offense to kwb’s fan…

  6. So much time..this is better be good for all the waiting. i wonder who second female lead will be and if that possible that IJH will be paired with her instead of running after suzy lol..

  7. at least let Page Turners have a decent cast…we’re already stuck with Suzy for AF, I don’t want to see two dramas in a row with crappy female leads.

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