Jin Se Yeon to Headline 2016 MBC Sageuk Prison Flower Opposite Go Soo

This drama just went from promising to potential hot mess with one casting, but then again she might surprise most everyone out there. Jin Se Yeon has just been cast in the titular lead role in acclaimed sageuk PD Lee Byung Hoon‘s 2016 weekend drama Prison Flower. This is the drama that would reunite Lee Byung Hoon, who directed Dae Jang Geum, Yi San, Dong Yi, and Horse Doctor, with the screenwriter Choi Wan Kyu who wrote All In, Jumong, Kingdom of the Wind, Swallow the Sun, and Triangle. Joining Jin Se Yeon will be veteran leading man Go Soo who hardly does any dramas these days. This will mark his drama return after Empire of Gold in 2013, but before that it was Will it Snow in Christmas way back in 2009. Prison Flower is slated for 50-episode and will air on MBC next year taking over for My Daughter Geum Sa Wol.

Prison Flower is a Joseon era sageuk and tells the life story of the leading lady, who was born in a prison cell. She grows up to fight for the downtrodden who come to the capital to seek justice.The drama will start filming in February of 2016.


Jin Se Yeon to Headline 2016 MBC Sageuk Prison Flower Opposite Go Soo — 39 Comments

  1. Unlike most, I have no problem with JSY and I even thought she was super cute in the first teasers of that web-drama romcom she did. But it seems her agency is her biggest anti, they KNOW what the general opinion about her acting is, so putting her in these high profile projects it’s just asking for trouble. Why not have her do light rom-coms, weekend and/or high school dramas? She’d get to show off her charms and maybe endear herself to the public.

    • I agree with you. She’s neither the best actress nor the worst, but being in so many high profile projects that ended up being mediocre (like Dr. Stranger) has not helped. I think when she is cast appropriately (Gaksital) she is perfectly acceptable. However, she has pretty much been miscast since Gakshital.

      • Even in Gaksital, she was not perfectly acceptable. Her agency should know her limit. Watching her in High End Crush, she is cute in light weight roles.

      • Yes and then she accused the knets who spread that rumor. Fortunetly she still have nice heart and forgive them.
        I thought the PD and writer have good reason to choose her. Rememberwhen Han Hyo Joo cast in Dong Yi. Theres so much negative comment. Most of them think that HHJ didnt fit in saeguk, because her performed in Illjimae not too good, but you all can see that shes bright in that dramas and the gap age between HHJ and JJH doesnt mention anymore.
        She ever do saeguk MBC before and she looks good, so maybe that the reason why MBC still have faith to her.

  2. Ugh this drama is so taylor made for Han Hyo joo it’s too bad she doesn’t do dramas for years. also she already did Dong Yi with the same PD and that could mark her big comeback along with co-starring with GS who she already did movie with (they were nice together).

    So if she really confirmed i’ll pass. not gonna sit through her 50 episodes. had enough with gaksital . sorry for GS since i heard he’s one of the bast.

      • I hope so. and thinking about it, it will be interesting to see her paired again with LJK after 8 years and see if this time they will have chemistry lol (of course she has improved so much since that time)

        but i don’t think she’ll take that drama, she’s kinda big star now in big screen and judging from the cast i don’t think i want to see her there..

  3. This girl is so lucky. And now, with Go Soo!

    Now I want to know who will be the antagonist.I still have a bitter feeling on this, I just hope she will not be drowned because of the other amazing casts.

  4. Personally, I do not think she is a lead material. But I’ll be glad to see Go Soo again, and the PD team. I would have preferred a stronger actress, esp. for a 50 episode sageuk.

  5. JSY, along with Han Ji Min, are the most active Korean celebs with social activities in emerging countries in Asia and Africa. Please respect her, don’t talk only about her bad acting.

    • She is likeable as a person, and she has a pretty face. But it is known fact her acting is bad. Bad actress does not imply her as a bad person. No one talks about her bad attitude, mostly because of the acting. (But yes there are some ppl who go extreme by accusing her sleep with powerful man etc, I can never brain this. As much as I hate anyone, I won’t accuse for things that are not the truth).

      Her agency should play important role here. Rather than putting her in big scale project , find a suitable role that can make her shine. With a right role, she may properly become an actress.

      One of the good example, Kim Tae Hee.

      • Yup, agree with you..bad acting doesn’t mean bad personality, attitude, etc. Who doesn’t like a person who loves to help people? We don’t know her except from her acting on screen. So as viewers, I think fair enough to judge her acting. But saying that She sleeps with powerful man is just a disgusting words. We have no right to say those words.

  6. Err, is this casting 100% confirmed? I mean, since laat I heard is MBC denied and stated that it is still uncertain. But from her side, it said confirmed. Same think happened (where her agency released a statement but was refuted by the network last time but I forgot for which drama.

  7. no matter how good the cast is. JSY going to ruin the drama with her poor acting. is go soo the one that dating that tara memeber? isnt he like 37 while she still 22? that like 15 year apart.

    • man wny is this stiff face woman keep landing lead role? is her company paying the pd lot of money to cast her. even suzy acting is better then this woman. hell even IU is better then her in acting. this woman sux ass when it come to acting. just how many drama she going to kill before the pd say enough is enough.

  8. i fear casting news of jin se-yeon. she’s horrible. Among the actors and actresses, jin se-yeon (and go sung-hee) are the worst in all of korea.

  9. I have no problem with her either. She is certainly not the best actress, but she is pleasant, and at least she is certainly not irritating like so many other actresses.
    Miss Go Soo so much

    • If you have anger issues that’s your problem. What have you people been smoking? The girl is decent. She’s not much worse than PSH. In Gaksital she did a great job as a new actress. She has been singled out for no reason to be bullied. It looks like people like to pick on her. I’m not a fan of hers, but I don’t understand why people who know nothing about acting gang up on her. She’s not great, but she’s watchable.

      • lmao don’t even go there. Shinhye isnt the best actress but she can emo. This girl has 1 expression the whole drama

      • did u just compare that talentless woman to the like of PSH? man what are u somking? to even make that claim? she cant even hold candle to suzy.so how can she be in PSH level?

  10. Well, at first it was hurt reading bad comment about seyeon but now its just ok as long as I can see her on screen again. Good luck se yeon!

  11. After watching C drama Nirvana in Fire (I followed Ms. Ockoala to watch this drama out of boredom after getting really fed up with unsuccessful viewership of several K dramas), I feel that all the saeguks I’ve ever watched so far are just like make believe. LOL…Perhaps because of geographical constraints to historical drama backdrops in S. Korea, C historical dramas always look more convincing and mind blowing than K historical dramas regardless of plots and storyline. Even without romance gimmicks typical of K dramas, the storytelling in Nirvana in Fire is so heart-touching and the fighting(battle) scenes are really epic (I only saw that in the Western movies). This is the best drama among those including some really good old-time K dramas I’ve watched so far in 2015. To this point, I’ve lost much interest in K saeguk after much disappointment at many (The Scholars who walks the night, 6 Flying dragons, etc.) Not to mention this K adaptation of one of the best C dramas in the recent year. Well, it seems the hallyu tide is getting subside..at least for me. Now, I start to take interest in C drama or T drama. At least, I was satisfied while watching a couple this year.

  12. Ditto! C-dramas are my fix these days. K dramas are not doing it for me like it used to.
    Nirvana In Fire was spectacular! Hu Ge, Nick Wang and cute Wu Lei had the greatest bromance.
    Now back to the topic..I didnt like her before but bcoz of these antis ganging up on her, I feel sorry for her and ended up liking her especially DS. It was good at first until they hijacked the story for fan service.

    • I have no problem with JSY. She is not the best actress, but she is not any worse than many other more famous actress/idols. I think some people are too harsh on their comments, as if they want her to disappear from the face of Kdrama. I feel bad for her and hope she keeps her spirit up. I am sure this most vocal group does not represent the majority of the viewers. I would look forward to seeing this series.

  13. The people comments are too much immature and inhuman, what if they are also receiving bad words? like what they do to Jin Se-Yeon what they can feel? Whatever they says, they have no right to be cruel and impolite to Jin Se Yeon. Se-Yeon deserve to receiving more interesting projects, I’m so very tired to saw comments like because she’s getting lead roles and she cast along to a great actors it’s because of her powerful sponsor and not because she is popular hey! actually you are always envious, Jin Se-Yeon is popular in Country like in China and other country, of course you are vocable to says that she is not popular in your country because simply you don’t like her but I don’t know if your just telling the truth or you are liar. The cruel you are so easy to judge her acting, acting is not a big deal.Even the good actors sometimes they had fault on their other project why are you attacked Jin Se- Yeon you are so pathetic and unbelievable, For all you knowing Se- Yeon is not bad person and robotics in her acting, okey, but she need to improving because her other recently projects are not great drama and I agree to others her few worst drama cannot help to developed her improvement. Yet because you are too harsh to her she was really start to improve her acting and she prove in the future that she become a great and successful actress.The very cruel, you know guys you are funny to say and accused Jin Se-Yeon to sleep with powerful man without your evidence what a joke? lol!, because you are jelous to Jin Se-Yeon you were easy to bullied her. Someday you eat your harsh words because your are not in right mind, I hope you all change your attitude as a good people.

  14. I have been watching this drama since its launched. I must say Jin Se Yeon has improved in her acting since her debut in 2010 at only 17 years of age. I love to see JSY more action scene. To those who discredit her, I am not sure why. But I am sure JSY will have the last laugh as the drama is pulling in strong rating for a weekend slot. I am looking forward to see more of her as the story progresses.

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