Hong Jong Hyun Joins Moon Lovers as Another Princely Brother

The casting for Moon Lovers, the K-drama adaptation of popular Chinese novel Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling with Each Step), just made an upswing on the see-saw casting call. I’m starting to wonder if the production will cast all the princes before revealing who the female lead will be. That’s a nice buildup, as much as the princes are fantastic characters in their own right as long as it follows the novel characterizations of course, the story hinges on the leading lady so her casting will be most critical.

Back to the princely front, right after news broke that EXO member Baekhyun was going to be in this drama, now comes word that model-turned-actor Hong Jong Hyun is also joining the royal succession fight fun. I still remember first seeing Hong Jong Hyun with his good buddies and fellow model-turned-actors Lee Soo Hyun and Kim Woo Bin in Vampire Idol, and over the years every time I see Hong Jong Hyun act I see him improving. He’s a solid addition to this cast and hopefully Baekhyun remains the outlier and the rest of the casting will continue to improve from that low point.

I really like Kang Ha Neul, and find him quite attractive, but putting him up against the flower boy types like Lee Jun Ki, Hong Jong Hyun, and Baekhyun, makes him look like the adopted princely brother since he’s the rugged type. We’re now four princes in, please find two more awesome additions to complete the half dozen. I was worried the drama wouldn’t have six main princes like the C-novel does but maybe it will manage to pull the full line up of characters over and make it work in a historical Goryeo setting.


Hong Jong Hyun Joins Moon Lovers as Another Princely Brother — 26 Comments

  1. Hmm He does remind me of the actor who played 14th prince. Just give me Lee Junki as 4th, Kang Ha Neul as 13th, and Hong Jong Hyun as 14th Lol.

  2. Personally, I find kang ha Neul the best looking out of the bunch. He’s seriously the only one I’m excited for, the rest are ehhh.

    Plus I think lee junki is way too pretty to play 4th prince but I guess that’s just me.

  3. HJH is not a good actor
    lee jun ki is too pretty
    baekhyun is not even good looking :/
    so far other than kang ha neul i feel like they havent got anything right

    possible castings in my dreamsss………

    4th prince
    ji sung/ go soo/ hyun bin/ jo in sung / jang hyuk

    i think lee jun ki can play any prince but the 4th

    8th prince
    bae soo bin/ choi jin hyuk/ lee jin wook

    13th/ 14th prince
    kang ha neul/ lee min ki/ ji chang wook / choi jin hyuk/ yoo yeon seok

  4. Hong Jong Hyun is a good model, is handsome, but is a reaaaally bad actor. He doesn’t know how to show emotions, is very stiff. I prefer a good actor to someone handsome who doesn’t know how to act. Afortunately, in my country, you don’t need to have cosmetic surgery to act as the male or female lead in a movie. Even if you are over your fourties, and you are a woman. I find so terrible a culture based only on looks.

  5. Apparently hwang jung eun is considering the lead female role ,honestly if she’s lead, I will not watch it ,I can’t take her face.

    • I read in DB that the speculations/reports about HJE connsidering the female lead are false (her agency denied it and said that she won’t be part of the drama) which is a great thing by me since though I really loved her in Secret and KMHM and find her a good actress I can’t see her in this kind of a role.

    • but accoroding to dramabeans didn’t her reps already denied it? also someone there said she said in an interview she is going to take a rest for half a year.

      I like her and all but i think she need to take a break until next year. she did 2 dramas one after another and we need to see fresh faces ot at least one we didn’t see for long (ahm han hyo joo, han groo, lee min jung, yoon eun hye)

      • LOL Hwang Jungeum is good at picking scripts so if she is not considering this drama, I guess it kinda tells the quality of the scripts. Btw, I never watch dramas for the face of actors and actresses but for their acting. I guess it is just me.

      • Not sure whether she is not considering this drama or is the drama not considering her. According to her reps, she was not cast for this drama. Anyway, she has a very different aura from the Chinese Ruoxi, so does not seem a good fit for the role.

  6. are they all confirmed or still considering? I just really hope if Lee Jun Ki ssi is part of this drama that he gets a great role (script) to play and for the remaining cast to be capable enough to act along side with him. Lets hope for the best and I can’t wait to see him making a comeback with a new and successful drama!!! 😀

  7. Personally I find KHN very talented, he a great actor and great voice. I found he naturally beauty. He did not have his face fix.
    I hope one day he can get main lead.

  8. Since the casting shaping up to be all eye candy, it looks like another diversionary tactic by Kdramaland as the storyline will likely suck.

  9. I care who’s going to be the leading lady more than all the prince lineup. She’s after all the pivotal role in the C version.

  10. I’m not going to comment on my hesitation because of the possible landslide that will happen with the storyline, but my current issue is the casting. I know it’s going to be set in Goryeo, but seeing all these flower boy types in the casting just doesn’t sit right with me. I’m not sure how the princes of Goryeo lived, but the Qing dynasty princes were not flower boy types. They are, as Koala described Kang Ha Neul, more rugged types. They were highly trained in horseback riding and archery, and Bu Bu Jing Xin portrayed it perfectly with each actors casting. But if the Goryeo princes lived as flower boy types, then it’s fine with me. I just would like some historical accuracy here.

  11. Truly quite disappointed with the pick of those princes except maybe KHN. LJK is good but not exactly suited for 4th prince.

    There are many good suitable k-actors to cast for this drama, seriously.

    Hmm…and we also have the female lead to worry about lol. Let’s wait and see.

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