TW-netizens Speculate that Tia Li is Not Dating Kai Ko and Instead Secretly with Aaron Yan

This juicy dating rumor feels like a stretch, not to mention a good year too late to be worth its sizzle. Taiwan netizens are speculating that all the recent dating rumors between idol-actress Tia Li and fallen TW-actor Kai Ko is actually a front for Tia’s real romance with her former costar Aaron Yan. Say what was my first reaction, and then I had a good laugh when I heard the reasons for this latest rumors. Tia and Kai have been spotted out together in the year since he went on sabbatical after his pot scandal, and neither have confirmed any of the gossip.

Recently a new rumor arose that the two were merely friends and Tia is actually dating her Fallen in Love with You male lead Arron, and the clues are that she named her dog “Sun” and Aaron’s nickname is “Little Sun”, and every time she posts an SNS update he clicks like. I have no clue whether those two tidbits equal dating secretly, but am totally amused by how flimsy the connective threads are. I have no preference whatsoever if Tia is dating Kai or Aaron, or either, but it certainly makes for good media articles during slow news months.


TW-netizens Speculate that Tia Li is Not Dating Kai Ko and Instead Secretly with Aaron Yan — 21 Comments

  1. Not very related but…..
    …. I still haven’t gotten over You Are The Apple Of My Eye. Hands down best(est lol) kiss ever imo. And Kai Ko was so good.

  2. i think they are just good friends..i would believe it more if the dating rumor was about puff guo and aaron yan haha. they have more chemistry together, at least from what i saw.

  3. what is the difference in admitting that she is dating aaron instead of kai ko? dating is dating .in my opinion it’s worse for her image to be linked with kai than with aaron.

  4. aaron is too hot… he reminds me of Thai actor, Put. emm.. some angles..
    i ship Aaron and Puff more than Tia. but Puff is good with all her co-stars 😀

  5. Tia is ok but I want Puff Guo with Aaron Yan or maybe not, I just thought there’s that other actor Jasper Liu. So ok, Tia you can have Aaron, I don’t care. puff Guo looks better with Jasper. hahaha

  6. sorry but i find tia ordinary, you can see her face like anywhere on the street, markets, mall , or my neighbor. puff’s is really face that you can’t just see with someone else, and , yeah, they have better chemistry

  7. Many people love BuFen together! <3 I'm one of them. It's 2018 and I really wish Tia and Aaron end up together. 🙁

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