Cheese in the Trap Releases Cheeky Drama Posters and BTS Character Stills

I’m loving the expressive and colorful promos for upcoming tvN drama Cheese in the Trap. The latest OTP poster mixes canary yellow with a light aubergine to create a really eye catching visual pop. Even better are the expressions on leads Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun‘s face, nicely conveying the dynamic of the two characters in the drama. He seems to be lording over her containment in the box, while she looks resigned at her fate.

The new group poster cheekily recreates The Last Supper, and I hope no one takes offense at the appropriation of such a sacred and solemn scene for a lighthearted college romance drama. The character posters were released last week and below are the BTS stills showing how the four leads, including second leads Seo Kang Joon and Lee Sung Kyung, are really connecting with the camera to bring their respective characters to life. If the end drama is as promising as these promos then fans will be in for a treat.


Cheese in the Trap Releases Cheeky Drama Posters and BTS Character Stills — 12 Comments

      • She is very gorgeous with her innocent fresh youthful look. No plastic surgery could win over the charming natural look she has. She is an excellent actress too. She will make it to the A list.

      • She is cute and innocent like she even looks gullible in the first clip teaser of her. That’s why i’m saying she is not hong seol like. The image of hong seol is strong and yeah maybe i’m judging too fast

    • True, she turns into the usual gullible and naive heroine based on the these teasers. I always think of her as a calculative person and always has chip on her shoulder.

  1. Actually there were 2 more group poster that are a slightly different from this one, we could notice in them female lead sul’s parents.
    btw kim go eun’s hong sul is not supposed to be a campus beauty, in the webtoon there were few girls (for example the female student who chased after jung and hated sul) which considered prettier than her, all the focus is that male lead finds her special and pretty in his eyes (does he really?). the webtoon describes her as decent and skinny girl, not a beauty queen . funnily enough, that didn’t prevent her from some boys (ahm ahm) doing her some troubles lol

    • Yups I agreed. Hong Seol is sweet but not too pretty like Ju Yeon or Bora. Thats why in first no one believe Jung interested with Seol

      • Exactly my point. too bad fans/netizens think she needs to be beautiful and glamorous, on the contrary her looks is ordinary but her real beauty is her true character and that was what initially attracted Jung.

        also i think KGE is really nice looking girl. maybe her hair here is not flattering her. in the script reading her hair looked better tho

    • Wasn’t she considered very very attractive at the few last translated chapters I read? To the point she had someone who copied her style?

      I think she is always pretty but due to her problems she barely manages herself and looks like a mess. She was drawed prettily in the manga so people will try to match the physical feature of her drawing and the live action version hence the ‘cat eye’ people always mention.

      But damn PHJ’s age really catch him up, he looks too old for the role now.

      • I think the copycat had some illusions about sul, she thought that if she’ll dress like her, style her hair like her and be a good student like her everyone will love her and wantsto be with her(even to the point of stealing her things)..initially minsoo wasn’t a popular girl and after the female student who chased jung left uni, sul became the best student and suddenly people started to wonder about her +jung started to be interested in her and min soo took it as she’s some role model..

        I still don’t see PHJ as old, i’m a biased about him but come on he’s not that old looking.. you shuould see him on the fan meeting he looked not less younger than SKJ and NJH. his character is 25-26 and he’s in real life is 32 it’s not such a big deal compared LMH in heirs, a guy of 26 playing as a high schooler and in college students can be much older.

  2. I love her look, honestly! So fresh, and charming, great complexion and beatiful smile, and with character. It is much more pleasant to see natural beauty over distracting plastic-surgery-filled faces, not to mention her great acting, especial for newcomer.

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