Ki Tae Young Joins the Cast of Return of Superman with His and Eugene’s Baby Girl


Babies are so cute! I love babies which automatically triggers my cooing reflex, but as a television viewer I’m not sure babies make the best onscreen cast member. There appears to be a shakeup coming to hit K-variety show Superman is Back, the show featuring celeb daddies doing their paternal parenting solo and either succeeding or looking haggard. I watch the show off and on, really when it happens to be on TV on the rare occasions I turn it on, finding it sweet and cute but not terribly engaging.

The tots on the show are usually toddlers but now a genuine infant is being added to the lineup – celeb couple Eugene and Ki Tae Young‘s baby daughter will be joining the cast. So it’s really Ki Tae Young who is joining the cast, with occasional appearances by the lovely Eugene for fan service, I’m sure. Their baby is about 8 months old now so at most can sit up and grab stuff. Based on the recent pics of the baby, including the awwww inducing one above where Eugene is cradling her, she’s a total cutie pie already.


Ki Tae Young Joins the Cast of Return of Superman with His and Eugene’s Baby Girl — 16 Comments

  1. Omg, this sounds so sweet! I can’t wait! I’ve missed seeing Ki Tae Young and Eugene onscreen together! They are adorable together!

  2. Btw, the picture above of Eugene and baby Rohee is absolutely beautiful! Eugene looks like she’s in complete bliss with her daughter. Seems like she’s enjoying motherhood a lot! I love it!

  3. Actually, when Seoeun and Seojun were cast on the show, they were around that age too. I’m looking forward to seeing Rohee grow up on the show. It’s always nice to watch the babies/toddlers grow up each week through this show ^^

    • But for seoeun and seojun, it was entertaining because they were twins and there were alot more interaction btwn them. With Ki Tae Young and his daughter, it’s going to be sooo boring considering at that stage babies don’t really do much yet besides sleep, eat, and poo. It’d be more entertaining if she was at least 1.5 years old, since around that time they develop more personality and can speak some words.

  4. I’m now VERY distracted by the devanagari writing on the wall behind her. I can’t see enough letters to make sense of it, or even identify which of the many languages that use devanagari the words behind her belong to, and it’s driving me nuts.

      • I read Hindi well, and can get by in it conversationally, thanks. But the *script* is NOT called “Hindi”. That script is devanagari, used by Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi, Nepali, and one or two other languages. There were so few letters showing, I couldn’t tell which one it was. As it happens, I did find a likely answer by asking on Twitter.

    • I was trying to figure that out too. The double “na” to her left didnt look like the type used in Hindi or Sanskrit. Is it Nepali?

      • The vertically stacked न्न was unusual, but I’ve seen matras formed in many odd ways depending on font. The best suggested solution when I asked on Twitter was that it might be a series of numbers “चौदह तेरह … उन्नीस”, perhaps in a waiting room of some sort. It both fits the visible letters, and solved the problem I had thinking of words starting with ते – both my Hindi-only dictionaries have just 1 page of words starting with that combination.

  5. I love the Return of Superman and all the cute kids on it, but I think it’s more entertaining when the kids are toddler age and can talk a bit and have conversations with their dad (with the exception of Lee Dong Gook’s baby Daebak who has 4 sisters too). It will be nice to see Ki Tae Young and Eugene on the show, but RoS tried this once with another couple who were pregnant and gave birth while on the show and their segment was a bit boring. I just hope the triplets decide to stay on for a while longer.

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