JI Sung Performs Live Sets at Seoul Fan Meeting

K-actor Ji Sung hasn’t been doing a full paternity leave from his acting career like his actress wife Lee Bo Young did after the arrival of their baby girl earlier this year. He hasn’t done a major acting project since wrapping Kill Me Heal Me way back in February, but back then it wasn’t just settling down to prepare for the baby’s arrival that had him happy about the break, he also admitted how draining the performance of 7 different personalities was for him.

Frankly the K-dramas this year were mostly underwhelming any way so I don’t think he missed out on any suitable role while taking a well deserved break. Last week he held a fan meeting mini-concert in Seoul and sang multiple live sets for his fans. He’s also sporting a longer moppish do that makes me wonder if Ji Sung has naturally curly hair. That is apparently hereditary, and maybe little baby Kwak has adorable curly locks too! With his wife Lee Bo Young reportedly offered drama scripts for 2016, one or both may be back on the small screen next year, but sadly chances are low it’ll be in the same drama. 



JI Sung Performs Live Sets at Seoul Fan Meeting — 10 Comments

  1. He has been busy – almost 3-4 CF, fan meet in HK, vampire movie and 3 fan/concert in December. Rumor is that he may annouce his next project near end of the month. ?

    • I am so pumped for anything this man does! I hope his leading lady’s good though. I’d love to see him with Park Shinhye or Jung Somin or Son Yejin. And it would be hilariously awesome if he could team up with Eugene once again.

  2. I’m bummed that he poured his heart and soul into creating 7 personalities but it seems that he was soon forgotten by the Korean public (no major awards for him for that role). Well, his time will come. I thought he did a phenomenal job and was worthy of the accolades that went to less deserving performances.

    Fighting Ji Sung!

    • He wasn’t forgotten. Actually on Naver comments lots of people still love his performance in KMHM and many said his performance is still so vivid in their minds even though it’s been months since KMHM ended. It’s just that the award judges decided to go for popularity instead of talent (which seems to be a trend these days), hence Ji Sung being snubbed so badly. I think only in Baeksang he wasn’t really snubbed because the winners were really good and equally deserving. In the end, I think Ji Sung has already been used to the unfairness so he might not care all that much anymore. Still sad for him though. Such an awesome talent going unrecognized by the Korean Awards.

  3. Adal, U r absolutely correct. Online polls have fangirls voting, awards are given to young/popular (KSH for Producer, gimme a break!).

  4. i just love him ever since khmh
    best acting ever… me think

    wish he will make a drama pretty soon (already watched almost all his past dramas)

    wanna hear him singing too, he has a beautiful voice

    thank you so much for the update!

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