KIm Soo Hyun and Kim Yuna Win Daesang at the 2015 National Brand Awards for Promoting Korean Image


For those wondering when the Korean love affair with Kim Soo Hyun will end, the answer is not anytime soon. Kim Soo Hyun and retired champion figure skater Kim Yuna have just been awarded the Daesang (Grand Prize) at the 2015 National Brand Awards. It’s no surprise a country as patriotic and proud of its culture and heritage would have such a ceremony, and the grand prize is given to the famous figure that best promoted and enhanced Korea’s image. Kim Soo Hyun won for the culture category while Kim Yuna was chosen in the sports field. I can;t say these two didn’t deserve this particular award, Kim Yuna remains one of the most famous figure skaters of her generation even after retirement, while Kim Soo Hyun’s insane popularity thanks to You From Another Star has propelled his overseas name recognition to insane heights.


KIm Soo Hyun and Kim Yuna Win Daesang at the 2015 National Brand Awards for Promoting Korean Image — 23 Comments

  1. Kim Yuna is not just famous but arguably one of the best figure skaters in the world in recent memory. Who disagrees that she was robbed of gold in the last Winter Olympics?

    Kim Soo Hyun, ok I suppose, he is for now very recognisable domestically and in asia.

    • I don’t think she was robbed. I think they both skated well and either could have won.

      What left a bad taste in my mouth was how some of Yuna’s fans cyberbullied the Russian girl,flooding her instagram, making death threats, saying she should kill herself, etc. It was disgusting behavior from some of Yuna’s fans.

  2. Kim Soo Hyun is huge, and has been for quite some time now. Because he’s not a bubble and has tons and tons of talent to back up this insane popularity, I doubt the love affair would die at all. Maybe he’ll move on to movies after a while though. He is after all, just as successful in that.

    Love Kim Yuna and I’m thrilled she’s always getting recognition even after retirement. Maybe she’ll change her mind like Michael Phelps did. Or not. Either way, deserving winners!!

  3. I am still confused on how huge Kim Soo Hyun’s popularity, not only in Korea but in many countries. But good for him, and he seems to deserve it. Even I am not too fond of him, but acknowledge the fact that he has a talent and hardworking.

  4. Insane or not Kim Soo Hyun deserves this award. Till date’he is the only one much sought after actor who are not blinded by money or fame and remains loyal to his country by not accepting any c drama/movie and only sincerely concentrating his career in his own country.

  5. Kinda tired of seeing him getting another daesang whether he deserve it or not I’m not sure but he is popular I admit that. Let’s see what happen in 2-3 years.

  6. Isn’t this another excuse to put the guy on a pedestal? God help Kim Soo Hyun that he never says or does anything that would ruin his image! The backlash would be so intense. What a weight to carry!

    • Lol, he’s already on the pedestal. Here he’s being awarded for his role and contribution in enhancing Korea’s brand image through his own brand image (domestic and international success, positive image, massive fan base, media interest, influence on consumer buying, etc.)

  7. Yeah this daesang actually makes sense. I really like KSH and it’s not his fault the Korean entertainment has a love affair with him anyway. He’s just exposed what’s still most important to them (Even awards that like to look prestigious) above actual talent after all this time.

    I hope to see him truly get better and better as an actor but I’m guessing if he gets to the level where he truly deserves all these daesang, the industry will have long moved on to another young, popular golden boy. It is what it is.

    Anyway, he looks adorable and squishy as usual, especially in the ad with Yuna…aww…

    • When he reaches the level of truly deserving a Daesang – as you would term it – then he’ll most likely be an A-list movie star churning out hits the way other A-list movies stars continually do. Already now, he hasn’t had a single misstep so while the next it-boy may come out, he doesn’t need that status. Simply because then he’d just be a fantastic veteran.

  8. well.. i like him.. but daesang??? emm… okay, perhaps nowadays, daesang = popularity…
    talking about popularity, lee min ho deserves so called ‘daesang’ too, right??? haha…

    well.. he’s a good actor tho. but i just being a lil bitter cuz there are some actors who acted super well this year but not as ‘popular’ as KSY. chukae KSY-ssi. hope you can comeback with great project, so people like me, won’t say that you deserve daesang just bcuz you popular 😀

      • but big meeeh for You Who Came from the Stars! he should be consistent, and not just ride with his one time big time acting from his previous works.

      • How’s he riding on his one time fame? All his work has been consistent hits from dramas to movies. Even his CFs are successful in bringing in more sales. Please get your facts straight before bashing.

      • @Saint Tropez

        WTF are you even talking about? KSH is probably the last person who can be accused of being a one-hit wonder. Starting for his first lead role in DH, he was already huge. He had a record number of CFs before even the humongous storm called Moon Embracing Sun. Then he did Stars and after that the big hit this year – Producers. In between he did Theives (>10M admissions) and Secretly, Greatly (7M admissions). Did I miss anything? If I did, point it out. He hasn’t had even one average performing drama or movie. Whether you like his projects or not, ratings and popularity are what investors and the public look at. It’s just beyond ridiculous how anyone in their sane mind can say KSH is riding on one hit.

  9. who told you lmh is not known for his acting skills i can tell u that guy is excellent and natural in acting i have watched both lmh and ksh project i preffer lmh a million times

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