Kisses and Bites Aplenty in Episode 7 of Marry Me or Not

Wahhhh, things are getting intense fast in Marry Me or Not on all fronts. I wished the drama would reveal what really went down in college between Huan Huan and that asswipe Jiang Qian Yao, because right now I don’t have a good about him other than if he gets between Huan Huan and Justin then he’ll get a good smackdown. I wish the drama would develop the second leads more, and there was some movement in episode 7, but it’s hard unless Sheng Nan stops acting like a fourth grader in love.

On the other hand, the OTP went from hot and heavy to smacking and biting, and not during the same night lol. I love how Huan Huan tries to be a player around Justin but can’t help but show off her true colors, and he likes her no matter what. Except their pride keeps getting in the way, and one of them has to take a step back before this latest impasse gets resolved. Luckily adorable fat furry dachshund Ah Fu is back and I fully expect the pooch to continue to play matchmaker.

Previews for episode 8:


Kisses and Bites Aplenty in Episode 7 of Marry Me or Not — 7 Comments

  1. I actually think that Ep 7 is finally giving us a glimpse of the 2nd leads.

    I get the feeling that Qian Yao is not one dimensional no-gooder 2-timer. He seems to have a backstory of being the unfavoured (or illegitimate) son of a rich family.
    And the college flashback scenes of him and Sheng Nan show he has a soft spot for her. He might even like her a little?

    I don’t think QY and Huan ever had anything going… but not sure how and where the supposed flirtation between them back then came about. Curioser and curioser.

  2. My theory is that QY was showing Huan Huan how she misunderstood him when he was “flirting” with all the other girls. He was replicating the actions that looked like flirting from a certain angle and explaining that he was not a player – but then from Sheng Nan’s angle it looked like he was seducing HH.

    • My theory is that he spread a rumor that he liked HH to protect SN from his brother’s attention. He does seem to genuinely like SN, but it looks like he used HH in college for whatever reason.

  3. Wow, that’s a VERY different read of QY to mine. No “asswipe” here – after 2 eps, he’s come across as a nice guy, genuinely interested in Sheng Nan, and being exploited/victimised by his step brother. Now THERE’S an “asswipe”. I’m certain he’s going to end up with Sheng Nan, though why he would want to escapes me. Right now, I dislike here ALSO as much as her hateful, selfish dictatorial douchebag of a mother. Hoping for the truck of Doom to put that bitter hag in hospital, and out of the OTP’s way. While she’s there, maybe her daughter can gro up enough to finally leave kindy.

  4. Finally started watching and I’m still behind but I agree, it’s SO GOOD! Thanks for putting the spotlight on it and I REALLLLLY wish you could reconsider recapping it since you obviously love it. It’s never too late!

    Anyway, some people seem turned off by how scheming the female lead is and I guess they aren’t so used to it but for me it’s hard to hate Huan Huan because her rampage (post wedding ceremony) is sort of understandable. Secondly, she’s just so clever and smart at whatever she does that she’s a treat to watch and it’s also fun to see her plans get so disrupted by her growing feelings for Justin.

    I think the writer and director did a good job balancing the scheming out with zippy writing and hilarious comedy. If the latter wasn’t so well executed, the drama would be more of a hatewatch for me haha.

    Right now, this is so far the best rom-com of the year for me. It’s sad to see it overshadowed by Oh my Venus but not surprising.

  5. I think Qian Yao tried to date two best friends at the same time in college. Huan Zhen tried to tell Sheng Nan about him, but she didn’t want to listen.

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