First Fortune Telling Themed Character Posters for Madame Antoine with Sung Joon and Han Ye Seul

The just released character posters for upcoming jTBC romance Madame Antoine work for me so much I’m a little surprised since the drama wasn’t on my radar too much initially. Leads Han Ye Seul and Sung Joon theoretically make a solid coupling so the casting works for me, but their presence alone didn’t elevate this drama to much watch status. But a creative team behind the helm definitely adds more sizzle to the proceedings, and I much appreciate a visually creative and captivating design team that whipped out these character posters with an immediate nod to the fortune telling aspect of the story. Han Ye Seul’s character is a fortune teller with the moniker Madame Antoine, who crosses paths with a psychologist played by Sung Joon, so it’s going to be a battle of the mind readers coming from different mediums. The posters are lush and evocative of a fortune tellers den, with the kitschy decor and abundance of patterns.

Madame Antoine is written by the Hong sister who did The King 2 Hearts and Marry Him If You Dare, and directed by the PD of Can We Get Married and Can We Love. It airs in January in the time slot following D-Day.


First Fortune Telling Themed Character Posters for Madame Antoine with Sung Joon and Han Ye Seul — 11 Comments

  1. Omo these posters certainly piqued my interest. I didn’t pay much attention to this drama before nor attempt to even find out what it’s about as I wasn’t interested in the cast. Fortune teller versus psychologist? Seems a worth to check out the first couple of episodes.

  2. Not much of a fan of sung jung,but i love han ye seul especially after seeing her in Birth of a beauty.she really is pretty.
    Btw koala,the writer is Hong jin ah not the Hong sisters

  3. Both the writer and director have one good and one terrible drama that you listed. Here’s hoping this will be good, it has potential!

    (Redeem yourself from MHIYD, Hong Jin-ah!)

  4. Han Ye Seul’s dress is Gucci (exact same pattern as Jun Ji Hyun’s dress on the Cannes red carpet this year) – so she’s a posh fortune teller?

  5. I must admit. this drama was not on my radar too but i love the posters..i guess i’ll give it a try. actually i did like sung joon in his previous dramas (sadly HS is not one of them) and han ye sul was really nice in BOAB and the spy drama.

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