Namgong Min Turns Romantic Leading Man in Chosun TV Drama One and Only You

Namgong Min is one hardworking bloke, but with his acting career on such an upswinging roll who can blame him. He’s currently doing his best psychopathic acting as the antagonist on the SBS drama Remember, but once that’s done he’s already lined up his next gig. Namgong Min will be the male lead in entertainment industry romance drama One and Only You on cable network Chosun TV. I’m going to need to metaphorically rinse my eyes out after Remember to picture him as a top star who doesn’t believe in love who gets entangled in romance with a starlet who has sold out on love in the past. His leading lady will be rising newbie actress Lee Yeol Eum, while a few idols will be in supporting roles playing fictional idols on the drama. Kevin and Eli of U-Kiss and Kangnam will be members of an idol group that gets into conflict with Namgong Min’s top star. The drama is adapted from a manhwa of the same name and aims to air in early 2016.

Directing will be the PD of God’s Quiz Season 4 and oldie but goodie medical drama New Heart. My expectation is so measured here that this drama has nowhere to go but up in surprisingly me pleasantly if it turns out to be good. Much like another Chosun TV drama I ended up loving – Bride of the Century.


Namgong Min Turns Romantic Leading Man in Chosun TV Drama One and Only You — 15 Comments

  1. So glad for this! He is one of my faves and he does the bad guy well….but I like him as the good guy far better! AND…he’s the lead, not the second lead. Yay!!!

  2. Give the man a decent role (at last,a rom-com is such a wonderful change)and a leading lady who can act and, at the same time, be around his age. How difficult is that, K-dramaland? I still remember his scene with Yoon Jin-seo in his previous drama and the overwhelming feeling as if I was actually watching two actors in a film. Sure, he can be a villain quite easily but he’s so much more talented than just that…

  3. It’s about time! I’ve loved him since Can You Hear My Heart and he should have had a first male lead role years before this! I hope it’s good because I know I’ll watch just because he’s the lead.

  4. VERY happy to see Lee Yeol Eum score a lead. It’s been a good year for her, with 3 very different roles in King of High School Savvy, Divorce Lawyer in Love and Achiara’s Secret. Great to see her career progression continuing.

  5. Who is the scriptwriter please?
    I am excited for Namgoong Min in the lead (finally). I am hoping it is a good drama.

    Lee Yeol-Eum was good in Achiara Village.

  6. Glad for NGM! don’t know if it’ll be great but i hope it does cause he’ll be there and the female lead is decent. i think i’ll watch it for sure. still need to catch up with remember but watched first ep and NGM is really scary there..

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