K-media Suspects Additional Three Members of Jung Joon Young’s Sex Video Sharing Chat are Singers Kangin and Jinwoon and Model Lee Chul Woo

If there was anyone who reacted decisively and took on full responsibility the quickest in the Seungri and Jung Joon Young scandals, it would be former BEAST/Highlight member Yong Jun Hyung. He admitted being a part of the hidden camera sex video sharing and has quit his idol group. Early in when the group chat first leaked on the media is was just reported on Singer Y and he came clean first. The latest search results on Jung Joon Young’s multiple groups shows that he had multiple chat groups going where he shared hidden camera sex videos, and so many he has even forgot about it, and from all sorts of places like airplanes, hotels overseas, etc. With the discovery of more than one chatroom, there are now three more stars involved reported as Singer K, Singe J, and Model L. K-ent is openly reporting that the stars in question are Super Junior‘s Kangin, 2AM‘s Jinwoon, and Model Lee Chul Woo, and that thread came from the three costarring with Jung Joon Young in variety show Hitmaker. The police have also stated that Jung Joon Young turned in some cell phones that had been wiped to factory settings but they will be able to restore all the data. I’m guessing another shoe will drop soon. Continue reading

SBS Weekend Drama About Her with Nam Sang Mi, Kim Jae Won, and Jo Hyun Jae Round Out Decent Supporting Cast

The moving parts that went into assembling the next SBS weekend drama unexpectedly rounded up not just leads I like but a supporting cast that’s also quite solid. Currently SBS drama Secret Mother is piling on the lies, makjang, and … Continue reading

First Fortune Telling Themed Character Posters for Madame Antoine with Sung Joon and Han Ye Seul

The just released character posters for upcoming jTBC romance Madame Antoine work for me so much I’m a little surprised since the drama wasn’t on my radar too much initially. Leads Han Ye Seul and Sung Joon theoretically make a … Continue reading

Cosmo Korea Rounds Up 13 Rising Male Stars To Discuss Love and Dating

Sometimes fashion magazines send famous stars to far flung places for a photo shoot, spending lots of travel moolah but forgetting to actually incorporate the pretty location into the pictures. Cosmopolitan Korea decided to focus on the flower and not … Continue reading