Madame Antoine Drops Three Flower Boys in Han Ye Seul’s Fortune Telling Den

The choice is in the hands of Han Ye Seul‘s character, but I wonder which of these three good looking young men will the audiences fall for when jTBC drama Madame Antoine premieres next Friday. While Han Ye Seul is a fortune teller who doesn’t have any secret ability up her sleeve beyond a great eye for reading people, her choice of men will involve three guys all connected with each other. Sung Joon is a psychiatrist who doesn’t believe in love, Jinwoon is Sung Joon’s character’s younger brother, a former professional baseball player with an easygoing personality, and Lee Joo Hyung is a psychiatry student. There’s more than one sibling set involved as second female lead Hwang Seung Eon is Han Ye Seul’s character’s little sister, and chances are will have her own love line with one of the two supporting male leads. My pre-drama choice is Sung Joon, of course, his smirking is already eliciting my chuckles, but the end decision will as usual end up in the hands of the screenwriter in how the characters are fleshed out and the ephemeral chemistry between the cast members. Continue reading

First Fortune Telling Themed Character Posters for Madame Antoine with Sung Joon and Han Ye Seul

The just released character posters for upcoming jTBC romance Madame Antoine work for me so much I’m a little surprised since the drama wasn’t on my radar too much initially. Leads Han Ye Seul and Sung Joon theoretically make a … Continue reading