Lee Min Ho Visits Taiwan to Promote Popular Ferrero Rocher Chocolates

The winter weather has descended on Taiwan in full force, but a warm gust blew in along with it in the form of Hallyu star Lee Min Ho. It was his first visit to Taiwan in over a year but his popularity hasn’t waned in the least judging by the massive crowd that showed up for his promotional event in front of the Eslite Flagship store in Taipei. The local media pointed out that he seems to have gained weight, but then followed up with how it doesn’t affect Lee Min Ho’s star aura in the least as he’s still got the “it” factor. I think this new hairdo is doing him no favors, I like as it makes his head look smaller and emphasizes his rounder cheekbones. Lee Min Ho has recently wrapped primary filming on upcoming C-movie Bounty Hunter with Wallace Chung, but has no K-drama or movie lined up for next year, which might be his last year before enlisting for military service.


Lee Min Ho Visits Taiwan to Promote Popular Ferrero Rocher Chocolates — 6 Comments

  1. There’s one thing that is permanent – Lee Minho’s popularity. I don’t think it’ll wane even when he go to military for 2 years.

  2. Though I do like him best when he looked lean and sharp but he does look good a bit of fat on him.

    Anyway, Is he really gonna enlist next year? I read it in an article that he is the Honorary Ambassador for Winter Olympics in 2018?
    When does he plan to go to military and come back for that if he enters late.

    On the other side, maybe he might enlist considering he seems to have spent this past year doing all the things he wanted- he got into a relationship after spending so long talking about how he would like to have a girlfriend, had a comparatively less packed schedule without any dramas, strengthened his base outside of SK and focused on his movie career. Looking at his chubby cheeks, he also seems to be letting himself eat whatever he wishes to at the moment… Lol.
    Maybe he is finally ready to go off into the military.

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