Plans for the K-drama The Queen Lives in Seoul with Han Ye Seul Cancelled After Failing to Find Interested Networks or Available Time Slots

There are some stars one just vibes that his or her career is basically over and I sense that from K-actress Han Ye Seul. And I mean only her career as a leading lady in K-ent, she can still be a celebrity in many ways but the decade where she was a top leading drama actress is now ten years in the rear view mirror. The runaway debacle of Spy Myung Wol was not solely her fault and she did have a successful comeback with Birth of a Beauty as her then next drama, but after that it was a drama every few years until her last drama in 2019 Big Issue. She was in talks to headline the K-drama The Queen Lives in Seoul but now the production has been shelved/cancelled after it failed to get any interest from networks and streaming platforms and also no available time slots. I think if she does weekend dramas maybe she could build her way back up or stay in that lane, who knows.

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K-netizens Discuss South Korea’s Top 10 Beauties Which Remain Unchanged Since the Early Hallyu Days

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Gong Yoo, Cha Eun Woo, and Jung Woo Sung Lead Parade of Horribly Dressed K-stars at Louis Vuitton Event in Seoul

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Netizen Poll Selects Go Jun Hee, So Ji Sub, and Hyun Bin as Top Three K-ent Fashion Benchmarks

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