Sung Joon and Han Ye Seul are a Visual Drama Heaven Match in New Stills From Madame Antoine


Holy heck why so cute Madame Antoine? The production of upcoming jTBC romance drama Madame Antoine just released another poster and this one wins like a home run. Featuring the two leads Han Ye Seul and Sung Joon, OTP posters come and go but this one hits the spot with a combination of great visuals and adorable charm. I’m already loving the gypsy den decor for the fortune teller’s residence that serves as the backdrop for the individual character posters released early, but throwing the two leads into the same frame elevates it to a whole ‘nother level of pop. I like that they are not looking at each other but instead communicating with the camera, with Han Ye Seul’s cute whatever expression contrasting with Sung Joon’s intense growly look. Han Ye Seul’s dress is perfectly selected for the shoot as the acccordian pleats of her skirt fan out beautifully. Keep the pretty coming, drama, I totally can’t get enough now!


Sung Joon and Han Ye Seul are a Visual Drama Heaven Match in New Stills From Madame Antoine — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Koala, please don’t use the word g*psy, it’s seen as a slur for some people. I just wanted you to know if you incase wasn’t aware of it 🙂

    • I haven’t watched High Society, but I watched SUFBB, “Can we get married” and “Gu Family Book” and he was great in the first two but cringe worthy in the last one, maybe he’s just inconsistent.

      • Yah I think sung joon has great chance to turn out the dark horse this time,he’s nailing the character on the two stills,if I should say.

  2. I like this a lot. The fact that it looks very staged is even meaningful for the heroine: Hiding herself in a decor to protect her from reality. Reminds me a bit of the King of Dramas ‘blue’ posters but in copper version.

  3. I just hope the two leads have a great chemistry. I actually Loved Sung Jun in Can We Get Married because his amazing chemistry with Jung So Min.
    But in High Society, he have ZERO chemistry with UEE. Soooo meh!

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