Marry Me or Not Puts the Familial Pressure on the Sweet OTP in Episode 10

Marry Me or Not took a turn into more serious territory in episode 10 but that didn’t dampen the enjoyment in the least. I appreciate the chance to flesh out other characters more, even one as unlikable as Justin’s self-absorbed mom who can only see slights against her and never her own actions towards others. Justin may not be experienced in love but he’s such a thoughtful perceptive person that I know once he’s decided on Huan Huan he’s not a risk for waffling.

I worry she’ll fold under pressure because deep down she is a really good person who wears her strong female persona like protective armor. Second leads Qian Yao and Sheng Nong continue to be hard to like, not hateful, but his shady ways are wearing thin on me as is her propensity to believe him over her former best friend. I did love the pool scene, complete with sweet kiss, and the OTP’s movie at home date that ended with Justin shedding tears and then getting kabedon-ed on the sofa by his girl. Rawr.

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Marry Me or Not Puts the Familial Pressure on the Sweet OTP in Episode 10 — 8 Comments

  1. I really liked Huan huan’s talk with her dad. It was really sweet. A little bit of fate intervening for her parents to together in the beginning… Really sweet. I like her parents interaction so far.

    Justin’s mom – I don’t know her entire backstory but she needs to give herself a chance. She made the choice in the beginning to marry their father for money so I feel like she didn’t give the marriage a chance. I have not much idea of what kind of dad and husband his father was… Likely both parties killed this marriage by not investing in it despite it being “loveless” from the start. But they had two beautiful children, their health and much to be thankful for. I hope she does divorce him or try to make amends.

    Huan Huan is definitely going to break down somewhere in this. She is quite fragile on the inside and needs tlc from Justin. There must be some misunderstanding there with qiao qiao’s character – the other qiao qiao.

  2. Alice Ke plays Huan Huan so well. I can definitely see her insecurities and her attempt to be strong on the outside.
    I find her role in Office Girl cute, but doesn’t require a whole lot of acting skill. Huan Huan is definitely a harder character to portray, and she does such a good job with it!

  3. This is a little bit off this drama but is this for real? Hear that Roy Chiu will be reunite with Goa Yao who is also from the (Office Girls) drama that Roy play in will be in a new drama?

  4. Not only that Justin’s mom is a selfish and annoying character, the actress is also below par in quality. TV producers and scriptwriters should learn from Hai Yan, author of Lang Ya Bang aka Nirvana in Fire. HY’s evil characters are evil for a purpose and not just annoying for the sake of being annoying and pitifully petty.

  5. IMO, Alice Ke’s natural character is more in line with her Ofc Girls’ character. Her acting there looks more natural. In MMoN, AK sometimes seems out of her element. I know some of the acting is supposed to convey that she’s up to something, but still, the exaggerated yell, eyebrow move when she was by the cliff in wedding gown, when Justin’s hand was on her chest. There was a good sprinkling of that kind of acting from her. I find it hard to take. Generally, the top Mainland actors/actresses are better with being subtle with that sort of scenes. AK can be just a tad too much at times. Hu Ge et al are better with doing comedic roles without going overboard.

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