Chinese Television Broadcast of You From Another Star Turns Do Min Joon into a Human Novelist

For those who still have fond memories of hit K-drama You From Another Star, now might be a good time to check an alternate version of it. The K-drama is finally getting television airing in China, which may confuse folks who had heard about it being the biggest thing over there spawning the epic love affair with Kim Soo Hyun as well as fried chicken and beer. It’s a testament to how popular it became despite only airing on Chinese internet portals and now it has a chance to hit every television screen in China even in rural areas, so expect a resurgence of YFAS love from China.

That alone is not really worthy of a post but the kicker is that SARFT regulations prohibiting fantastical themes, including aliens, have led to the broadcast network recutting the drama so that Kim Soo Hyun’s Do Min Joon character becomes a novelist and the entire drama is merely his fictional story to girlfriend actress Chun Song Yi played by Jeon Ji Hyun. So it’s one of those meta takes where the writer fictionalizes a fantastical world where he’s an immortal alien with a fated romance to Korea’s top actress. Holy moly is this going to be lulzworthy to check out.

To be honest, the changes are only going to happen in the beginning and end of the drama making it seem like a story within a story, while the central plot and scenes remain unchanged. In addition, the 20 episode drama will be cut into 30 shorter length episodes, so the ending scenes for each episode will be totally different. I’m wondering how the greater Chinese viewing audience will take to this drama, and whether it’s even going to make a splash when a vast majority has already watched it online two years ago.


Chinese Television Broadcast of You From Another Star Turns Do Min Joon into a Human Novelist — 15 Comments

  1. I’m confused..did they reshoot some of the scenes? Since the chinese people can change the story a bit, probably the korean can change the ending of bu bu jing xin, right? I admit I haven’t seen BBJX, but I heard the ending is not good at all.

    • I’m wondering the same thing. I’m guessing they might not have to reshoot the scenes because they could easily do a voiceover. Do Min Joon had a few monologue scenes in his library they could use.

  2. It’s so unfortunate because my most absolute favourite moment in the entire show was the last last scene before the epilogue. Its where MJ is sitting on the white couch with SY and suddenly he disappears. SY smiles and looks at his empty couch with the Edward Tulane book open on a page that says “Once upon a time there was a rabbit who miraculously found his way back home.” That was the absolutely gorgeous was to end an absolutely perfect show. But obviously the Chinese version won’t have that since they’ll obviously be editing and dubbing new dialogues to make up for the DMJ-turns-novelist story line. Its too bad for those who have not seen it yet, which I guess isn’t too many people haha.

    Ratings is doing well actually. #1, #2 in prime time and within top 15 overall on the days it airs. It will prob increase even more as the run continues. Like JJH and KSH needed even more love from China lol

  3. “SARFT regulations prohibiting fantastical themes”

    Weird. Isn’t time traveling BBJX and Wuxia dramas w/ martial arts and magic considered as dramas with fantastical themes? Define double standards.

    • This reg went into effect after BBJX aired so it didn’t apply to that drama.

      The reg prohibits fantastical themes in real life – like modern day aliens and time traveling and wizardry. It doesn’t prohibit wuxia since that’s set in the past. What SARFT claims to want to do is not have viewers lead unrealistic lives and expectations after watching the drama. No one thinks they are living in wuxia times, whereas a viewer today could watch YFAS and think aliens are real.

      • Ms. Koala thanks for the clarification.:)

        Either way, they’re removing the whole point of the drama. So I guess they won’t be doing a direct translation of the title? You from my imagination…
        My love from my stories…

    • Absolutely double standards. What about the Lost Tomb? Or because the Lost Tomb is a web drama and SARFT doesn’t apply to web drama.

    • Yes! I totally agree! While I was watching go princess go I wondered how LetTV managed to bypass the no time travel rule. Is it because there are no restrictions for web dramas? Maybe Ms Koala can elaborate and explain? I’m so confused!

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