Sung Yuri in Talks as Leading Lady for Monster, Setting Up Reunion with Kang Ji Hwan

The drama gods are so good to me this year I need to pinch myself and throw some salt over my shoulder in case it’s all a trick. Upcoming MBC drama Monster (Tyrant) is shaping up to be a monster of a must watch drama thanks to the casting. Headlining Kang Ji Hwan, the drama is now courting Sung Yuri for his leading lady, this dialing back the clock 8 years and making every Hong Gil Dong shipper (memememe) turn into mush at the mere thought of their reunion. If accepted, it would be Sung Yuri’s first drama in three years since Birth of a Secret in 2013. She’s not a strong actress but over the years she’s grown so much in her skills and possesses that innate watchability factor, making her potential casting here an unequivocal winning choice on the part of the production. Also winning is nabbing Park Ki Woong, who is finishing military service this month in February, for the second male lead role. It’s like someone is awake and in the driver’s seat in the casting department.


Aside from Kang Ji Hwan, Sung Yuri, and Park Ki Woong, Monster is also going to star – Lee Ki Kwang, Jo Boa, Park Young Kyu, Lee Deok Hwa, Jung Woong In, Lee Yeol Eum, and Jung Bo Seok. So much Booyah I can’t even. The drama is going to follow Glamorous Temptation on Mon-Tues starting in late April.


Sung Yuri in Talks as Leading Lady for Monster, Setting Up Reunion with Kang Ji Hwan — 11 Comments

  1. This is the best news for me this year so far. And to get to see Kang Ji Hwan ‘stares’ at Yuri in silence, oh my… i’m a happy lark!

  2. Oh my.. Can’t wait to see them (uri akang “Kang ji hwan” & sung yu ri).. Best chemistry & best drama’s couple.. love them so much..

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