Annie Chen Dons Period Garb in Time-traveling TW-drama Nie Xiaoqian Based on A Chinese Ghost Story

Taiwan doesn’t make period dramas anymore, not since China started churning them out twenty years ago with bigger budgets and the resources for vast location shoots. Many Taiwanese actors and actresses have since done period C-dramas but a few haven’t worked that extensively in the mainland so still hasn’t tried out the flowing robes for size. That’s about to change for Annie Chen, who has done a C-drama but just not a period one – her upcoming new TW-drama Nie Xiaoqian allows her to don the period goddess costume and look gorgeously perfect in it.

Nie Xiaoqian is the name of the famous fictional female ghost character from classic 1980’s HK-movie A Chinese Ghost Story with Leslie Cheung and Joey Wang, and launched Joey into super stardom.  The drama Nie Xiaoqian tells of the titular character played by Annie who time travels 500 years into the future and meets up the her incarnated loverboy played by Morning Mo and Christopher Lee as a doctor who in the past life was the Taoist monk who tried to help them. I like the leads and this actually looks pretty interesting, and will have a guest appearance by Damian Lau as the vengeful demon who still wants to control Xiaoqian’s life. The drama premieres at the end of February on the 27th.

Preview for Nie Xiaoqian:


Annie Chen Dons Period Garb in Time-traveling TW-drama Nie Xiaoqian Based on A Chinese Ghost Story — 4 Comments

  1. Omo! It looks interesting. I was wondering what would be Annie’s next drama since I really like her a lot and she has a great chemistry to all her leading men (though I really root for Annie and George pairing, My OTP! :))

    There’s a lot of kissing scenes I guess and is that Kingone Wang?

    I agree Annie Chen looks gorgeous in her period costume. Thanks a lot 🙂

  2. This actress looks really beautiful in C period garment. Thanks Koala for updating us with more information about T-drama.

    I started taking interest in T-drama thanks to Bromance, just as I started getting into C drama thanks to Nirvana in Fire. Before then, I only watched Aaron Yan and he might have been the only T actor I knew. Now I found quite a few fun T- dramas to watch. Some T drama storylines are actually very good, although a bit draggy sometimes because there more episodes than K dramas. But there’s less nonsense, less noble idiocy, less air-headedness and stupidity of heroines, less agony to see jerks and bitches in families/relatives, and a lot more sweet heart-fluttering romance. Besides, Taiwanese guys are hot without much plastic looking of course….Hahahaha… Also, I found English in T-dramas and English subs of T-dramas are more decent in general than K-dramas. Why is that?

    Well, I’m gonna give this drama a shot even I’ve got a long list on my plate to catch up. But where to watch online?

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