Lee Seo Jin and UEE Pretty in Posters for MBC Weekend Drama Marriage Contract

With a drama title like Marriage Contract, how can I not applaud the directness of this drama in wearing a vaulted K-drama trope so openly. Upcoming MBC drama Marriage Contract premieres this weekend after My Daughter Geum Sa Wol wrapped, but unlike that 50-episode behemoth this is just a comparatively short 16 episodes. Starring Lee Seo Jin and UEE, the age difference is built into the story as he plays an older rich bachelor while she’s the young single mom that enters into a contract marriage with him.

To pour on the K-drama trope sauce thick, this drama doesn’t just utilize one major element but adds a second one just for kicks – UEE’s character has a brain tumor and agrees to the contract marriage to find a guardian for her daughter. I hope there are additional yet unannounced tropes that join the party – Lee Seo Jin should get amnesia and go abroad (to carry luggage for grandpas), while a tumor is not enough as UEE should also cross-dress and find out that she’s the secret long lost daughter of a rival chaebol family. All joking aside, I really do like the posters for drama with its moody prettiness.

Teaser for Marriage Contract:


Lee Seo Jin and UEE Pretty in Posters for MBC Weekend Drama Marriage Contract — 9 Comments

  1. Believe it or not, i really might tune in for this drama. Because LSJ is such a hottie ahjusshi, and UEE is watchable if you buried any sort of memories about HS.

    Contract marriage is my guilty pleasure. LOL.

  2. I really like that they don’t pretend to me more than the tropes. I think it’s okay for a drama to play with them as long as they don’t try to hide it. I’m totally in the mood for this kind of drama. Also I have a weakness for relationships with an age gap. So I guess I’ll tune in this weekend. 😀

  3. The plot sounds like super daddy yeol, but that drama was boring af, so I hope it does that type of plot better here .

  4. Prime Minister and I is the sweetest romance among all the age gap + marriage contract. So I don’t mind all the cliches as long as they can make my heart flutter for a few moments. LOL….But this one does not sound like a rom com with that brain tumor prescribed in the plot. May watch just to reminisce about the charisma of a hot veteran actor like LSJ.

  5. Marriage Contract is a lot more watch-able than first anticipated. This is the first time I’m coming across the male and female leads and they are both superb. So is the little girl who acted as the daughter. While not a Kdrama veteran, so not familiar with the usual storytelling plots and such; this is worth the time purely on the performances of the lead actors. Uee deserves an award for this – she shows great emotional depth for one so young. Bravo!

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