Possible Descendants of the Sun Ending Spoilers Making the Rounds of Chinese Websites


The C-news is reporting on a possible ending spoiler making the rounds for Descendants of the Sun, which has a distinct possibility of being true rather than wholly impossible considering the drama is pre-filmed and the entire drama was submitted to China’s SARFT, or whatever ridiculous acronym it’s going by now, hence someone(s) outside of the production has laid eyes on the filmed ending. I’ll keep it after the jump for those who don’t want to be spoiled.

On a side note, episode 6 of DotS surpassed the highest per episode rating for You From Another Star which was on its final episode, making this the new champion K-drama success story for future projects to beat. Despite the high ratings reached so quickly, for some reason I don’t think DotS will match the buzz that YFAS achieve in China on all levels whether narratively or on the pop culture items like fried chicken and beer. Of the two, I connect more with DotS but find YFAS, all flaws notwithstanding, the more innovative concept of the two.


So the ending spoiler making the rounds in the C-web is that Song Joong Ki’s Captain Yoo Shi Jin will die at the end of the drama, and Song Hye Kyo‘s Dr. Kang Mo Yeon will end up teaching/volunteering in a remote developing area. No word on how this all comes about but reportedly the leaked ending is from the complete drama submitted to SARFT for approval.

I totally could see the leak happen, once a drama is pre-filmed then there is always spoiler potential. If this is the ending imma going to throw a desk, up to episode 6 I don’t care if the OTP doesn’t get a happy ending since I’m not crazy invested in them yet, but between the two I want Shi Jin to live and if one has to die then Mo Yeon is my sacrifice. My flirty soldier boy needs to buck the odds and live on!


Possible Descendants of the Sun Ending Spoilers Making the Rounds of Chinese Websites — 118 Comments

  1. I remember that when I was young, Chinese movies which end with unfulfilled passions or the lead man/ woman dying were not uncommon. They were outright tears jerkers. Maybe they reflect on how pragmatic the Chinese people can be , as in if you want to lead a dangerous life, you can die and leave behind loved ones who have to go on as best as they can( I think many women in the movies go to nunneries after the death of their lover). Shi Jin had no trouble rushing in where angels fear to thread e.g the scene where he approached the man , who was handed to the police for gun smuggling, with drawn gun, without a second thought if that might not be the best solution. Some may say it’s so cool no brave but maybe in another drama, he might have investigated more before rushing forward with a gun.

  2. Well, that’s the risk pre-produced dramas have to take and it wouldn’t surprise but I personally hope it’s not true, Gosh what a lame ending. I’ve only watched the first two episodes and I’m still debating if I should watch it now or wait till it’s done, it’ll be a shame if it’s true. Would this be KES’ first “tragic” ending?

  3. Doubt it. Not KES style. And Mo Yeon dies and SJ won’t be a flirty solider boy anymore so that’s also pointless. Plus either one dies, and MY also is right the whole time that it’s not worth dating him because of the danger.

    • What story? There is no story. KES just puts one scene after the other like on a pearl necklace. Those scenes are written for an effect, not because she tells a story. She wants skinship? She writes this ludicrous landmine scene. Who cares how she got there? The audience is supposed to get skinship at this point of the story, so she does something to make the OTP get skinship.

      I can totally see an ending like this coming, because she wants to do something new. And a tragic love story definitely lingers on in the people’s minds. Think Titanic.

      • Agreed. It’s been 6 episodes and there is no plot. It’s just random event after random event. I’m out.

      • I like the drama at a certain level, but you’re not wrong re: “she wants to do something new” and the plot of this whole drama is pretty thin. Also wasn’t another writer involved??

  4. I comepletely agree with you on that. DOTs was never reaching MLFTS on buzz and success overseas and forget about DOTs ever reaching Heirs International success. Hate heirs as much as you like but DOTs has nothing on that Series when it comes to it’s international megahit level and the fanbase it garnered and tbh I think it has something to do with the concept because Dots is adult military drama while Heirs was teenage feast that actully hit home-run

  5. for GODS sake DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN!! i don’t fucking care if #SongCouple doesn’t end up together for as long as Captain Yoo Shi Jin leaves.

    • In my train of thought I haven’t ever thought about this. You just made me feel a lot better. Thank you friend.

    • Actually, the spoiler(s) I read on Weibo is that she would go volunteer as a doctor in developing countries to treat children after Shi Jin’s death. Which makes sense after the whole conversation she & Shi Jin had about her being a doctor to make money.

  6. I absolutely love Song Joong Ki and his character captain Shi Jin but I have to say I am having terrible second leads OTP syndrome.
    About the ending, not my\our favourite captain! … But on the other side it is not bad ending neither (storywise), it makes it more realistic and it wouldn’t ruin the story for me. Titanic was so great because of its ending.
    As for the megasuccess of YFAS and Heirs, I never really understood why they became so popular as they weren’t that great (in my personal opinion)
    I’m happy the success DotS is having, I love the drama!

    • ME TOO! the second leads OTP are so adorable and their chemistry is more lively, their story is more interesting imho. The main leads are quite boring, or maybe I just don’t click with them.

      I still don’t get the appeal of Heirs, maybe because of the cast. The drama is quite forgettable and I marathoned it in 2 days because my best friend asked me to watch it, lol. I forwarded many scenes so I tried to watch the last episode without skipping, and I fell asleep many times, lol XD

      I think the cinematography of DotS is so pretty, to the point that it skews toward fantasy more than reality and I know it’s a romantic drama with fictitious events but the beautiful visuals make me NOT take the serious stuff in the drama seriously.

      • agree, dad doesn’t want his daughter had relationship with the guy he didn’t approve and since he is the guy superior, the guy back down and the girl chase him because she loves him.
        when a cold beautiful girl meet a humble, nice guy that accidentally has personal moments with her,
        Idk why people like it so much, I find they actually irritating as love story since the guy running away all the time, talk about noble idiocy

        this also my explanation for @coffeenlucia
        especially if you just switch all the gender, mom, son, the girl

  7. DOTS does provide better visuals than loads of drama, though that seems the whole purpose of pre-filming. If I were to look back, the different setting of the drama would potentially the chief thing that I would remember, be it with the effects (the swift crossing between the 2 operations- surgery and military mission) or the location (‘Urk’). I love how all these elements serve to enhance a creative work, but if pushed back, I realised that the plot was nothing ground-breaking for me nor did the characters stand out really (except for the secondary couple which was intriguing at first though I hope they also show that the 2nd female lead is a different kind of doctor- a military one- and move beyond simply portraying her as a lover). YWCFTS did more for the Hallyu wave, mainly through the fantastic wardrobe and beauty products used for the main lead. It was easier to fan-relate to existing products. Character wise, nothing really stands out compared to some other dramas I watched (except the non-human visual landscape as the main character)

  8. I’m just glad Koala is just a blogger and has no chance at becoming Descendants’ writer/producer/director. She would sacrifice KMY? Really? Hah. Hater.

    I used to be a koala fan, but this level of bias is turning me off. But of course you’re entitled to your opinion that’s why this is your blog, just wanna tell you that your opinion on SHK SUCKS.

    • I doubt you’re ex koala fan. in fact I notice there are too many anti-fans in this website expressing disgusting about how koala writes, but they keep coming back over and over. mind blowing.?

      • It’s not really mind blowing, even if what you say is true… Not even surprising in the very least.

        And I said what I said, I won’t really get anything if you believe me or not, because that’s my opinion of koala. TBH I loved when she recapped IAGW, but the bias against SHK to the point that she would “KILL” KMY just because it’s played by SHK is what is as you said “mind blowing”. BULL.

    • I do like Mo yeon and the writer should be thanked for giving us a heroine who is smart and beautiful, practical and intelligent, take responsibilities for her actions and is witty to boot.(None of that troubled, dysfunctional characters that we get so often.) I disagree with the comments that she could not make up her mind. When she first rejected Shi Jin, it was because she saw no future for them and she did it before they became too involved,and in the second instance, she realised that she knew little about him. All good and right and she went on to live her life after every decision. I wish that I am as smart and clear minded as she is.To me, Mo yeon is a really wonderful personality created by the writer.

      • +1 MY in DotS is perhaps the first K drama Heroine with characters that I admire and respect. In most of the K dramas, heroines are either air-headed weaklings or bipolar without consistent reasoning mind in their process of decision making and are always inferior to their counterpart heros either intellectually or financially. Typical K heroines are sometimes so moronic to the extent that I wonder if K writers or K public in general have gender discrimination against women. MY is the first heroine that I’ve watched leading her life with honor and respect to ppl and HERSELF as well.

      • @sweets. Koala is a strongly opinionated blogger although I like her writing style but do not necessarily agree with her all the time. I personally like SHK’s acting in Full House, The Winter That Wind Blows, and here in DotS. I think she is a cool and chic actress, away from exaggerated overacting that I find so prevalent in K dramas. A lot of K actresses are over the top and that’s what I hate most. I think SHK is doing a great job interpreting level-headed Dr. MY.

      • seriously, Mo Yeon’s flip flopping. Her brain tells her “no”. Her heart tells her “yes”. She’s indecisive. Shi Jin asks her out, she dumps him. He ask her again second time. She rejects. Then she says “He just left and didn’t give me a second chance.” She got her second chance already. He asks her a third time and she’s silent. She finally got busted over the intercom with her recording confession.

      • @ Drama2016, did you watch Healer or Signal? Remember? And even Kim Sam Soon from years ago? There are tons of Kdramas where women are intelligent and respectable we just choose to remember those where they’re stupid. Yes discrimination exists in this country but all countries too. Korea is just less hypocritical about it. Societies as a whole are pro-male, not just Korea. Some of those moronic characters are written by FEMALE scriptwriters themselves, and successful thanks to a FEMALE viewers watching those very dramas en mass.

        Mo-Yeon is indecisive and in this relationship she is a bit stupid. As a professional she’s great though, I’ll give her that. But as a woman, she was stubborn for NO REASON which made her look dumb. She protrays the “women can’t make up their minds” stereotype.

      • I could not agree more. It’s funny because women always say that men discriminate them, but actually they discriminate themselves.

      • pohyoke, my comment was to agree with everything you said; somehow it ends up like it was for other post’s opinion. I appreciate the writer for creating Kang Mo Yeon character; she is the perfect example of modern career woman who uses her bran well.

    • +1

      I am also really sadden that she would say such a thing! I get that she dislike SHK but to kill off KMY just because SHK plays the character is pretty harsh. I really like KMY’s character and I thought her character is one of the better well written character in Kdrama so I hope she doesn’t die. No, in fact, I KNOW she won’t because all of KES’s drama always have a happy ending. This story is just a RUMOR and is not base on facts.

    • 15+ alpa for your comment.same sentiment with you.if you think why visit this blog is to read who else being hate.how etc.that is the sole reason for this blog.

      • I’m not getting where all this hate is coming from, she never said she’ll sacrifice Mo Yeon because it’s olayed by Song Hye Kyo so why the hate? If i perferred one charater over the other than I would feel the same way. It’s called personal bias.

        Like right now I kike the 2nd leads better so I don’t care if the lead couple gets a haooy ending or not, i just want the 2nd leads to have a happy ending.

  9. I think the spoilers are true, i had that thought the moment they were talking about the dogs tag, on the first episode when they were on the plane.

      • It may seem strange that a simple romance story ( even though set in disaster area) can garner so strong a reaction, I guess, especially amongst the female viewers. I think it’s because it reflects on our human hearts..deep inside we want love and romance and we live vicariously through the roles played out in the drama. The writer in this case, created a ‘ideal’ man, strong and dangerous but gentle, charming and witty but fearless and best of all, has a heart that pursued the heroine. Mo Yeon, practical and intelligent, rejected him in the first instance when she felt there was no future for them and went on to lead her life. When they met again,it was Shi Jin who actively and obviously pursued her. Which woman would not want to be pursued that way? In the second instance, she rejected him when she realised that although she was attracted to him, she knew little about him and his life, and yet when they met again, Shi Jin expressed such tender care for her, not really letting go.Wow, one would give one’s life for a love like that! One dreams of such love! Its all not true, of course but other than documentaries and research articles on love and marriages, I cannot think of a drama or movie that is ‘true’..it’s just that kind of love and romance live somewhere buried in our psyche and we long for it. Ratings and popularity of dramas, where people spend their time and money watching them reflect on the emotions that viewers relate to and that’s what advertisers capitalise on too. So please don’t think too badly of the drama and the viewers who watch the episodes over and over again.Its different strokes for different folks and one is at liberty to switch channels or reviews for that matter.

  10. If the spoilers are true, I don’t see what the overall message of the drama could be. They are focusing on Yoo Shi Jin’s efforts to try to get closer to Kang Mo Yeon, and them getting to understand each other better in the process. This drama is only 16 episodes, and they are already almost halfway through. I doubt they would make us see Mo Yeon resisting all this time for the end to be like that.
    Idk, I am really wishing for a well justified ending, no matter who dies, the characters cannot have gone through these events for nothing.
    ————End of rational thoughts————
    I/M WAY TOO INVESTED IN THE MAIN COUPLE. Every time Mo Yeon resists, I try to convince myself how satisfying it will be when they finally understand each other, I must be patient.

  11. If this is the ending imma going to throw a desk, up to episode 6 I don’t care if the OTP doesn’t get a happy ending since I’m not crazy invested in them yet, but between the two I want Shi Jin to live and if one has to die then Mo Yeon is my sacrifice. My flirty soldier boy needs to buck the odds and live on!

    lmao!….exactly what I was thinking.
    Please let the boy live…?
    I dont care the 1st OTP coz I cant see any chemistry between them. I keep fast forwarding the cheesy dialogues.. too much for my taste….I also mute the OST kinda annoying sometimes. Dots will never achieve MLFTS pop culture status… but I’m glad it dethroned MLFTS rating-wise.

  12. Someone’s trolling IMO. This would be quite an ending but wouldn’t it be similar to Nice Guy’s ending, which to this day [SPOILER!] I’m still not convinced of SJK’s character’s survival in the final episode :p

  13. Yeah they better not be trolling us. I love SJK’s character here and would really not appreciate it if they killed him off

  14. na i doubt this will actually happen. at most one of the second leads might die but even if the main leads don’t end up together i think it’s highly unlikely that the writer would kill one of them off. then again i’ve sworn off of predicting drama endings after reply 1988 lmao

  15. Oh noes. Good thing I haven’t really started this show. We rarely see a drama now that can maintain to be oh-so-good till the end. Post-Reply 1988 trust issues here.

    Sad endings doesn’t really seemed to be KES’ style. But just like in Reply 1988/CITT, if ever this drama take a week break or something to address this issue and something went off after they’ll come back, you’ll know what to blame. 😀

  16. A ton of people are refuting it and someone who was at the finale shooting says not to trust them and if you do you will miss the surprise ending.
    Baseless rumors.

    • What else are they supposed to do? Confirm the ending and drop to ratings of 5%?
      They have to deny it.
      Let’s wait and see.

      • In my country it is not unusual to shoot several different endings for a film and later choose the most appropriate ending. Have actually heard actors mention they shot several scenes and do not know which one will be chosen.

  17. Can they possibly have two different endings? One for the C-drama which has already leaked. An another for the k-drama viewers?

  18. This may be an unpopular opinion amongst female K-viewers but I feel like SJK’s character is to fictional compared to KES usual male characters especially in Kim Tan and Hyun bin’s character in Secret garden.

    Let me definite what I mean by fictional even if real life girls encounter a character like SJK it would be difficult for them to start something serious because his behaviours are unlike real men and his more robotic because it’s seems like he loves Mo Yeon but can’t take her or even make her his. Men has to think you belong to him before starting any emotional feels towards you or before you even know he loves you and if he dosen’t have these feelings he dosen’t love you period. if it was Kim tan or Hyun Bin’s characters in there with Dr. Mo Yeon this drama would have been a blast they would have tried to pull out something interesting because she is also strong headed. But you also have to know that KT and HB characters were emotionally men and acting like men while SJK seems not human character even tho he is human. because these characters had emotions, hurt, sorrow, happiness etc etc SJK’s character has none of these

    • Hi Arinny,
      I just thought I should respond to this as a female K-viewer.
      There is a difference between the feeling of belonging to someone and feeling of being owned by someone. KT and JW tried to own their ladies by constantly butting into their life (when not needed). Because it was a K-Drama the ladies capitulated. In real life its called stalking. Imagine KT or JW as normal looking non-chaebols, mute the background track and view their actions again.
      While YSJ is a “too perfect to be real” character, at least he treats MY as a person and not an object to be owned. He is respectful of her choices. And he trusts the choices she makes. I don’t know how his character will change in future, but letting her ago after she rejected him is what real men do. They don’t throw a fit.
      In real life I hope girls (and you) meet a guy like YSJ rather than KT or JW 🙂

      • psychologically A man who thinks like KT and JW has the best interest for females and there well being because they can love and give alot of love and take responsibility for them unselfishly. the most important thing for a woman is to be loved and these characters do that to the fullest but I admit they might have jerk behaviours but protective to the last breath and there was no hypocrisy in there love and they loved there women to the bones despite being a jerk but YSJ has left her for stray and she wants a man who dosen’t leave her just because she says so example when he wanted to tell her he was leaving she thru a hissy fit and left he didn’t cared to follow her to tell her this important informations and tbh he may not be a jerk but he has neglected his woman and left her to stray and she obviously suffers with him and he dosen’t seem like an actual human and yes I agree some men are to shy and can pull these things off but 100% of the time it ends with the relationship being broken or ended because they have left there woman for stray and neglected because they are not giving her the love she is worthy

      • @Arinny
        nah . .. KT and JW just doesn’t has a job, when YSJ had job and life outside the girl, so YSJ is way more real,
        no man think about girl that much in their life if they are handsome and rich, they could play video games all the times

      • I should have followed up sooner.
        @denz, you are abosolutely right.

        You say they have best interests of their ladies and their protectiveness is an expression of their love. I call this controlling behaviour. I also don’t undersand when you say, the most important thing for a woman is to be loved. I don’t know how to interpret it. Every human being needs love. It need not be romantic love, you love your parents, your children, your siblings just as strongly. But love is also not a one way street, where the guy simply gives and gives and women just have to receive it. Also what use is love when there is no respect attached to it.
        Have you ever wondered, about KT and JW, how did they ever get work done? Especially JW since he was the CEO and yet spent most his time chasing his girl. Trust me, in real life, people have a lot of work and you actually have to make an effort to find time.
        The scene you state, where he didn’t follow her after her hissy fit, don’t you think he, as the captain of the forces had things to do on his last day of deployment? Hand over command and all? He can’t have so much free time as to chase her around the camp. And why should he? Her reaction to the kiss wasn’t confidence inspiring.

        In the end, Arinny, the guy who loves you should not be a controlling jerk, who thinks no means yes, and the girl means stay when she says leave; so don’t ever mistake that to be romantic behaviour.

        Sorry for boring you if I did 🙂

  19. I watched a MV of DotS OST “Always” a few days ago. In the beginning of the MV, Dr. MY visited a graveyard briefly and then it was followed by a sequence of flashbacks of romantic moments of our OTP. I instantly had that ominous feeling…what the heck are they gonna make my man Captain Yoo Shijin buried in that graveyard at the end? I hope that’s only the MV uploader’s sentimental edit to randomly put things together. It sucks if he’s gonna die at the end.

  20. i’m actually more leaning towards DY & MJ not having their happy ending. but urgh it breaks my heart into billion pieces. I adored our second OTP so bad, and I want them to have their own happy ending. i doubt they will kill SJ off in the end, though it might still be considered a good ending if she can write off his character in a good way. personally i think it wouldn’t matter whether they killed off SJ or not, though it would be so heart-breaking if MY-SJ didn’t get their happy ending (and this also proves that MY’s fears did come true, about him dying in the end).

    anyway, i might be one of the minority that didn’t enjoy YFAS and Heirs. hell, i can’t even stand to finish both. i tried watching Heirs because KWB is in it and his performance in School was awesome. i don’t know why both got so many attention. for me those two are the most over-rated dramas.

    thanks for sharing the info koala!

  21. If they want to have a tragic ending, our cutie Captain might be died at the end. Oh noo. I dont want any of them to die, but if I may choose between SJ and MY, I will choose MY to die ;(

    In anyway, I just want our second couple to have a happy ending.

  22. …i hope there’s nothing true to this!this is such a great spoiler, if there is anything so good about this drama is it because of Song Joong Ki’s episode as Capt. Yoo Si Jin. He made the drama more enticing and lively. This isn’t my drama genre but i survive streaming the 6 episodes so far because Song Joong Ki was so good in his role.

  23. I both wanted and didnt want to scroll down to see the spoiler. But i did. And its so shattering i regret doing it. Oh NO NO NO NO. Thats all i can think and say. That would be absolutely terrible. I LOVE MY CAPTAIN SHI JIN. I thought the very fact that the drama would end at some point was bad enough but if Yoo Shi Jin dies.. i will be devastated! Why do perfect men have to die? Malduandwae.

  24. To be honest DOTS is really popular in China, even reply 1988 is not that booming, but almost all my Chinese friend is watching DOTS, and even on China socmed DOTS is basically everywhere! I personally love it, esp in 6th eps, it’s full of humanity for me and i think it’s really appealing.

  25. I suppose tobe sad when I read the ending spoiler will be, but in fact I laugh so hard bcos of this line ” My flirty soldier boy needs to buck the odds and live on! ” quote
    Hahaha,and I’m so much agree with u miss Koala

  26. I actually can see Yoo Shijin dying in the ending. I mean just look at the drama trajectory. While YSJ and KMY have yet to get together, it’s still early in the drama and I can totally see them dragging this out for maybe a few more episodes before we get like to the nice sweet happy stuff- and then bam sad ending…

    In return I think we will get happy ending for second lead couple.

    I mean seriously a drama set in a war torn area- it’s really hard to imagine one of the main characters not dying. It would be cheesy yes, but then again many of the story setups so far in DOTS have been very cheesy (car falling off cliff, cpr scene).

  27. I can believe he’ll be killed off at the end. He’s in Special Forces. Remember in Ep. Four, when he told MJ that where they (soldiers) die is where their grave is and their uniforms are their shrouds. There was more to it then that, but that’s when she left him on the side of the road. Hard to hear, but that is his world.

    I’ve read others that have said, what’s the purpose of the story if there is no happy end? I say it’s just a few chapters in the lives of two people. This is life.

    OTOH, I’m going to be seriously upset if he does die.

  28. If the spoiler is true, lets hope it ends so tragically heartbreaking that everyone would remember it for years. Just don’t end like Stairway to Heaven or Sad Love Story, where they all of suddenly just die out of no where. My favorite tragic korean drama is I’m Sorry I Love You.

    • Or let Do Min-Joon from MLFAS take my Captain Yoo to another star..as long as he lives forever somewhere in the universe, I’m ok. Just don’t perish into ashes…

    • LMAO! OMg, that article was hilarious. Yeah, Do Min Joon should take Captain Yoo to his universe! They can talk about thier love story while sharing a beer and eating chicken.xD

    • These crazy couples who divorced and went through surgery over kdramas were already mentally questionable from the start, it has nothing to do with kdramas. LOL!

  29. Now I’m really glad I didn’t start this drama. I’ll wait and see if this is the ending or just a rumor, because I’m not a fan of sad ending.

  30. if Captain Yoo Si Jin will die.. i will cry but if really that’s the ending so be it… sometimes happy ending does not happens to everybody and every love story even in real life or fiction…but anyways I still prefer the happy ending for their love story-Captain Yoo deserves to be happy for all the good things that he has done to fulfill his duty as a soldier…I just hope that the writer does not have the Shakespearean blood on her wherein every OTP will die in the end and leave the viewers all anguist in sadness and lost hope in believing in love and happy endings.

  31. I think the rumour is true because in the my for yoon mirea always had a picture of a grave and her playing with kids after I hope it’s not true or else I’ll cry my eyes out

  32. i’m sorry for the offensive language but that is some bullshit. i’m so tired of kdramas after 1988 and citt, i can’t go on if this happens tbh. the last drama i enjoyed was marriage not dating everything else has flopped for me.

  33. Because, of course, it takes the Captain dying for her to realize, “gee I became a doctor to help people”….really?! I’m sorry but that’s as contrived as a chunk of this drama already.

  34. That spoiler can be very true but who says that the ending of the Chinese version can’t be different from the one shown in Korea? It wouldn’t be the first time that endings from non-chinese dramas and movies differ for the Chinese market.

  35. to those saying this drama doesn’t have a plot, well i’d have to oppose. the plot revolves around the conflict in the characters’ personal interest versus their call of duty. Yes, there isn’t this rich boy vs poor girl shit, or amnesia trail, or troubled guy meets quirky girl, or forced marriage, or unrequited high school love, or family feud with revenge on the side. Of course the writer would throw these scenes one after the other because it’s a story and it leads to something bigger. And these scenes catered how much they’re trying to put their respective jobs first before their lovelife. Because in the end they have to choose, and that’s what we’re after. What. Will. They. Choose. How. Will. They. Do. It.

  36. I just hope nobody will die in this DOts…. Not the captain nor the doctor…. Even I still confuse how they will become a couple since their jobs required their time and physics. But I do like the slightly romance between them so much. So i hope a better ending. For the director or script writer .. Please consider the fans of Dots when decided what will be with this couple. It’s not fair since our emotion forthis couple are upside down… Wishing a happy ending story

  37. Somehow as sad this possible ending sounds it could make sense and for some reason i don’t discard at all Si Jin’s death even more with all his enviroment and even more with all that aura it had before starting when the foreign guy was saying in his monologue not to stay close to a man like him,that is most likely to die…I would be soooooo sad as i really want him to have a happy ending but i fear the spoiler might be quite true in the context of the drama storyline 🙁

  38. got mixed feelings here.. in reality it’s possible one of the main leads dies whereas in the fantasy world they all have an happy ending after!!! really dunno which to opt for… guess am gonna keep my finger crossed!

  39. No wayyyyyyyyyy is it going to make a sad ? ending. I just won’t accept it. It’s a love story ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥. I’ll accept it if they die together though.. Wahahaha

  40. no dying plss.. mr writer who are you please dnt make DOTS fans be miserable at the end of this story…Im head over heels of this story so pls let me satisfy and happy to the ending part..

  41. Gosh some of you guys are talking like she’s wishing death on a real person. One character is supposedly going to die, she would prefer the other to. Big deal! Stop being overly dramatic and get over yourselves. I don’t care who dies anyway, if both do who cares? This is a show, not a real warzone. The country itself isn’t real. I’m sick of this drama. As much as I liked You From The Stars, I really don’t see the hype about this one. Dropped it already!

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  43. They both good on screen and off screen it would be better if they finally make it real in life………….hay…………gosh so in love with both of them………….

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